End of World’s Businessman Chapter 5.2

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Chapter 005.2 — Rainstorms[2]

In the evening, Wu Ye took a cold bath in the yard using well water. He also boiled some water and let it cool. When it was warm enough to drink, he ate a few mouthfuls of nutrients and washed it down with warm water. He then pried open Qin Wuhua’s mouth to also feed him with the same water and nutrients.


“Really, why won’t you wake up?” Wu Ye had asked for countless of times but the system pretended to be dead, and stayed silent not giving him any answer at all.  After seeing that Qin Wuhua had finally regained his normal body temperature, his face had recovered its healthy color, and his wounds had completely healed, Wu Ye was reluctant to leave him.


The vaccine was expensive. The system would require him 500 points and 100 above-lowest-level nuclei to manufacture it. Even if he wanted to buy it now, what he had in his possession did not even add up to a tenth of the vaccine’s cost. He had bet his free vaccines and used them on Qin Wuhua but he still had not stirred until now. This had not only ruined his potential profit from his investment but had also dissipated his fortune.


T/N: Dissipate one’s fortune aka bankrupt.


Of course, Wu Ye had considered many times what would happen if Qin Wuhua woke up not recognizing people.


However, he remembered how Qin Wuhua had pulled him up when he fell, how he had helped him block the zombie’s mouths with his bare arms, and how he had used himself to divert the zombie’s attention before falling into coma. Qin Wuhua knew then that he had been infected, but he had desperately fled, unwilling to become food for the zombies. Still, Qin Wuhua willingly gave up all his effort to escape, to help a stranger like him. This is enough to assure him that Qin Wuhua was not a cold-blooded man.


Wu Ye had killed some zombies, but he did not think this was the real apocalypse. Even before he came to this world, old people had lamented how society had lost its morals. What more in an apocalyptic situation like this?


Rabbits bite when cornered, not to mention people who were pushed to their limit. One must not only be wary of zombies, but also the wicked minds of people. With his current ability, he wouldn’t be able to save all those 1000 points and 1000 nuclei for that return trip back home, even if he offered his life. He must have a team. Also, instead of putting his trust on a complete stranger, might as well work with someone who had saved his life and also owed him one.


Sleep, sleep, don’t think too much. Tomorrow, he would need to find a way to get more points and crystal nuclei. People in debt can’t afford to be hurt. After running all day, Wu Ye’s entire body felt uncomfortable. He fell down on the broken cotton wool that he had collected and was asleep like dead in minutes.


In the middle of the night, Qin Wuhua woke up again and accidentally touched the warm “octopus” wrapped around his body. In fact, for half a month, he would always wake up in the middle of the night, and three days ago, he felt that he had gotten better. His had gradually recovered his strength with a mysterious force slowly filling up his body.


Although he had heard that some people who had been bitten by zombies survived and woke up with new power, that rumor has not been confirmed. Qin Wuhua did not expect that one day, he would meet good fortune because of his bad luck. He also did not expect that this little guy would take care of him all the time while he was indisposed.


He had always hated touching people. In the past, if someone had dared to lay on him like this, that person would have been sent flying. But now, he felt that the feeling of holding this little guy in his arms did not seem so annoying.


Had he become vulnerable because he had been weak?


Qin Wuhua hesitated for a moment before raising his hand to put it on Wu Ye’s back. In the quiet room, while listening to each other’s breathing and heartbeat, Qin Wuhua felt at ease.

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