End of World’s Businessman Chapter 18.3

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Chapter 018.3 — Time of Departure [3]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
In the afternoon hunt, Wu Ye gained more than 300 points, more than 100 first-level crystals, more than 10 powder crystal (second-level crystal nuclei), and 4 red crystals. It yielded a considerable profit. Wu Ye excused himself, and quietly exchanged 50 jin of salt. While nobody was around, he took his bulging backpack back to the car and found some place to hide it in.
When Yang Qi began their unfinished work, Wu Ye called the pair to the car and gave them five packs of salt. “This salt is your reward today. Of course if you don’t want it…”
“Yes, yes, of course we want it!” Yang Qi smiled and busily took the salt. Salt is a good thing. However salt in Lan Cheng base is controlled by several big forces, hence they could sell as much as they want, and even raise the price someday. With these salt given to them, they could stock up and saved them the effort to buy it.
Wu Ye asked, “Are you willing to continue working with me in the next two days? The commission is the same as today’s.”
Yang Li Na and Yang Qi looked at each other and smiled. “ No problem. Is the mission the same as this morning?” This task might seem dangerous, but in fact, as long as it’s well coordinated, it is much easier than other tasks of the same price. After a half-day’s work they could still hunt in the afternoon, and hunting in the afternoon would earn them more than 300 level 1 crystals. At the end of the day, they could earn around 600 to 700 crystals. After deducting the costs, their profits would be around 400 to 500 crystals. They couldn’t wait to do this kind of good thing every day.
“Alright then. We promise to be here early tomorrow morning!” Yang Qi promised as a bright smile graced his face.
When no one noticed, Wu Ye quietly engaged the system and traded for ten catties of salt to fill the empty space in his backpack. On the way home, they circled around to the black market first. As Wu Ye’s request Qin Wuhua sold the salt and to buy all the materials needed to create another zombies BBQ like today.
For the next two days, they would create zombies BBQ in the morning and hunt in the afternoon.
At the end of the evening, Wu Ye still paid the Yang sibling’s commission with salt, and asked Qin Wuhua to go to the black market to help him sell another 100 catties of salt. This time, he emphasized that he didn’t want those BBQ materials, but crystal cores. As long as it’s crystal cores, preferably the red crystal, it didn’t matter if its slightly cheaper. In addition, he also asked him to buy more meat for a big meal tonight.
Qin Wuhua had never said anything about his request. He didn’t ask for the reason. He just directly carried the salt to the black market and sold it there. He had sold it in the black market for several days in a row. Having sold dozens of catties and hundreds of catties for days now, it had attracted several people’s attention and interest.
On the day he sold 200 jin of salt, the salt supply had been cut off by the high-level management of Lan Cheng base, and only a few people were selling salt in the black market. And everyone knew that these people were spies planted by the senior executives of Lan Cheng base in order to stabilize Lan Cheng’s influence on the evolved people.  
The regulation of salt supply, had turned salt into a scarce commodity, even for the people in the black market. That’s why Qin Wuhua’s able to sell out his salt in less than an hour.
Due to the preferential discount given to those trading red crystals, Qin Wuhua’s backpack was filled almost entirely with red crystals after he had sold out the salt. He circled around the black market, replenished some bullets, gun oil, and grenades using his crystal core. Then he bought a mutant chicken weighing more than ten catties according to Wu Ye’s request, and he also bought five to six catties of mutant boar wild pig before he left the black market.
In the evening, Wu Ye left with the Yang siblings and had a big dinner together.
Professor Li’s cooking skill absolutely left people speechless, especially in this apocalypse. Yang Qi finished eating and swiped the oil on the corner of his mouth as he said, “It was a great meal. At last, I finally had a full meal. After the outbreak of D virus, this is the first time I had eaten so much meat.”
Ji Yun grinned as he said, “That’s right. Our boss said to follow him if we want to eat meat.”
Yang Li Na asked laughingly, “Well, Big boss Wu, are you still accepting more little brothers…I mean a little sister as your lackey? Are you willing to take me in? I’m a strong woman who is capable of handling herself, and I’m made of good stuff too, just like stainless steel that will never rust no matter how long it’s exposed to air!”
Yang Li Na said it like a joke, but truthfully, she really wanted to form a regular team with Wu Ye. Apart from the fact that Wu Ye might have abundant materials in his hands, Qin Wuhua himself was a powerful member. And despite Wu Ye and Ji Yun being ordinary people, Wu Ye’s shooting skills had been comparable with those with abilities. Also, while Ji Yun’s shooting skills were not bad, he was extraordinarily smart and practical. He could come up with a practical device like the zombies detector and was currently researching about intelligent ‘crystal harvesting’ robot.
What moved Yang Li Na the most was Wu Ye. He, as the BOSS of this team, was generous, straightforward, and approachable. She could get along happily with him with no problem. Furthermore, after coming into contact with him for some time, she could feel that he was not someone with profound scheme. There was no need to worry about whether she’d be sold out or be replaced with other people. Such a person was definitely someone who’s suitable for cooperation partner at this era of apocalypse.

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