End of World’s Businessman Chapter 18.2

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Chapter 018.2 — Time of Departure [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
This was strength.
Wu Ye felt a bit complicated. Finally, he had witnessed how it was for people ‘respect strength’ just as how he had read in the novels before. This respect couldn’t be ‘bought’ at auction for eight millions at random. Unfortunately, this fear and awe was not for him.
Setting up the riffle on the trench, Wu Ye immediately suppressed his fantasy and pointed the rifle’s muzzle at the head of the first zombie he saw through the scope. He pulled the trigger and made a big hole in the middle of the zombie’s head, making the zombie fall heavily on the thousands of holes in the wasted soil. The body rolled a few times before its empty grey eyes stared lifelessly at the sky, leaving an impression of a soul imprisoned by death, finally free. 
As the gunshot rang, the zombies fell one by one.
“He really is the boss. He’s made rapid progress in his marksmanship!” Ji Yun raised his thumb up at Wu Ye while reloading the cartridge.
Wu Ye also felt puzzled. A day ago, he was still at the level where he would hit 6 to 7 marks out of 10. How did he become a sharpshooter with a hundred shots today? Even if the marksmanship was accurate, it shouldn’t allow him to be able to use the legendary ‘prediction’, right? However, today, as long as the muzzle of the rifle is aimed at the zombies, he could judge the next movement of the zombies, and then naturally choose the best position to shoot, without any deliberation. It’s all natural, like that instinct you get after thousands of times of tempering.
Although his arms could feel the recoil force of the rifle after firing a clip of bullets, it had no obvious effect on his arm at all. He did not feel any numbness that was usually felt after using the gun.
After a careful observation, Wu Ye found that his eyesight had also improved. But it shouldn’t be since he used to love to surf the internet, read novels, and play online games all night. While his ancestor had blessed him with no myopia, 5.0 vision was not something he’d ever have. But now, he could not only see the five features of a zombie hundreds of meters away, he could also see the English letters on the buttons of its clothes.
“It’s not bad.” Wu Ye in Ji Yun’s view smiled, however while he was changing the clip, he directed his attention to the system and asked,【Is my body changing because of gene enhancement?】
【Well,】the system, who’s in a rare mood, patiently explained to Wu Ye,【If you persist in practicing the ‘Basic Breathing’ method, you will become stronger. And if you unlock the level 1 gene chain, you can also receive abilities that are very powerful and pure. There will be no need for you to envy others.】
Second young master Wu touched his chin and broke into a boyish grin.【Why do I smell a conspiracy?】
The system had a guilty conscience and decided to feign death to avoid the topic.
All men have a hero complex somewhere deep inside, and second young master Wu, who loves to read X-dian’s chicken blood plot, is no exception. The awe he  felt just now just made him realize the charm of power. Truthfully, he had not really enjoyed the glory brought by his own strength, but he already felt the terrible temptation behind its charm.
He’s not an evolved person yet. Thus he hadn’t experienced the feeling of having an ability at the tips of his hand, but he had a hunch that the ability he would receive would be far more superior than ordinary people’s ability. Furthermore, he had a feeling that even a single power-up would be much more difficult to give up than giving up on drugs. If you unlocked the first-level of gene chain, you would become eager to unlock the second-level gene chain, then the third-level, and then the fourth-level. In this world where strength is respected, when shortcuts exist, who would not desire for more and more powerful ability?
Wu Ye had never considered himself a particularly strong-willed person. Since he’d decided to go home and be a comfortable rice bug waiting for its death, never returning to this world, he’d better not touch the power of this world that did not belong to him.
Wu Ye is not a fool. Since the system didn’t hide its ‘intentions’ at all, he knew that the system actually wanted him to stay in this world. As a result, he’s even more reluctant to unlock level 1 gene chain.
Changing the magazine clip, Wu Ye gathered his thoughts and continued to hunt for zombies. This is a bit heartless, but Wu Ye felt like he was playing a large-scale real-life zombie game. Exciting. Horrible. He could die at any time. However, he didn’t feel that he belonged here. He shook off that feeling and thought to himself. In two days, the game will be over. Right now, just cherish the moment.

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