End of World’s Businessman Chapter 18.4

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Chapter 018.4 — Time of Departure [4]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: Dry
Yang Qi naturally had the same mind as Yang Li Na. Both of them had a large number of people who were waiting for their support. If they had a stable and reliable team, the pressure they felt would be lessened by more than half. Otherwise, sooner or later, they would have to serve the forces in Lan Cheng base. Although that was also a way out, how could they be comfortable working as other people’s dogs?
Wu Ye looked at Yang sibling’s eager eyes and felt slightly regretful, but he still smiled, “If you want to, you can immediately follow in the future. Of course, whether or not you’re accepted is up to him.”
Yang Qi and Yang Li Na immediately responded happily, but Qin Wuhua felt that Wu Ye was acting strangely tonight.
They chatted with one another for a while before sending Yang Qi and Yang Li Na away. After that, Wu Ye took some red crystals, and asked Ji Yun, and Qin Wuhua to find ways to exchange for some gold.
He hid in his room alone and traded for 4 vaccines using 2000 points and 400 red crystals; 60 low-grade nutrients with 300 points and 6 red crystals; 30 bottles of zombies repellent with 300 points and 6 red crystals; leaving enough ‘fare’ for him to go home, while exchanging the rest of the crystal nuclei and points for salt. The amount that was left was not much, only enough to be traded for 120 catties of salt.
Unwittingly, he earned so many things, making him feel quite accomplished.
Ji Yun found some ways to exchange 10 kilograms of gold for Wu Ye. At this level, 5 grams of gold were exchanged with one level 1 crystal. 20 kilograms of gold is equivalent to 4000 level crystals here. Wu Ye could buy it with more than 30 catties of salt. And, even if the price of gold fell sharply during this period of time in his home world, one gram of gold could be sold for at least 200 yuan, and the total he has right now could be sold for at least 4 million yuan.
For ordinary people, that amount was quite a lot, yet for the second young master Wu, four or five million was really nothing. However, because of that lost and pieced together memory he had, Wu Ye always had some bad premonition in his heart.
After learning from the system that he could carry no more than what he’s capable to carry through the wormhole, he decided to bring back some gold. Regardless of what happened at home, the gold he brought with him was bought in exchange for his life. In addition to the gold, he also planned to take the tablet back. There were a lot of primary learning software that was installed in it. When he got back, he would find someone to learn the technology from the primary learning software. Why would he be afraid of having no money?
He could now aim to become the second Bill Gates!
See what the old man would say about him now! With the tablet, he would also bring a gun, and a hundred rounds of ammunition. After all, after being used to the touch of a gun these days, Wu Ye has acquired the habit of feeling insecure when not carrying one.  
After Qin Wuhua and Ji Yun came back from exchanging gold, they entered the house, and saw a lot more things in the room.
“You’re finally back. Have you got the gold yet?” Wu Ye asked.
Qin Wuhua nodded and handed over the heavy mountaineering bag to Wu Ye. Wu Ye opened the bag, and stared at the golden shimmer.  His smile showed his money-grubber nature.
Later, he carried his mountaineering bag on his back, straddled another bag with tablet computers and other things on his chest, and put a large metal box with code security in front of Qin Wuhua. “The password of this box is six 1.” 
Then he opened the metal box. The box was overflowing with traces of cold gas. In it lay four syringes containing liquid on the black velvet seat. “These are D virus vaccines. There’s four in total, all at your disposal. Ji Yun had experienced trials and tribulations with us, I hope you can keep one for him.”
“These are low-level zombies repellant. They smell weird and interfere with zombies’ sense of smell. However, experience has proven that it only interferes with their sense of smell. It’s useless to use it if big living people stand in front of the zombies.”
“These are low-grade nutrients. It tastes super bad, but the anti-hunger effect is similar to having meat, and complete vitamins. You can eat it without fear of diarrhea.”
“The rest of the pile is salt. It’s all up to you.”
In Wu Ye’s heart, Qin Wuhua and Ji Yun were more dead brothers than little brothers. However, he couldn’t help out more than this. And, he could only give these things to Qin Wuhua. Only he could keep them; after all, handing them over to Ji Yun was the same as harming him.
Qin Wuhua looked at Wu Ye’s smiling face and felt some pain in his heart. He coldly asked, “Are you leaving?”
“Yes.” Wu Ye looked at Qin Wuhua’s solemn and stern face, his smile becoming a little strained.
“Are you coming back?”
Wu Ye patted the gold on his back, and grinned, “Selling these stuffs were enough for me to have a good life. In theory, I won’t come back again. Take good care of my buddies. I’ll miss you.”
It was rare to make friends with two little brothers, but Wu Ye was leaving, and no matter how rough Wu Ye had been, his nerves couldn’t help get sentimental.
Qin Wuhua knew that Wu Ye had a secret, but he didn’t expect the result to be like this. He clenched his fist and loosened it. He looked straight into Wu Ye’s eyes and asked, “Can you tell me where you’re going?”
“Going home of course.” Wu Ye was leaving soon anyway. He didn’t mind revealing his secret. “You should know the theory of parallel worlds, right? Now you can proudly tell others that this theory is absolutely true! Because I’m from another parallel world.”
“Since it’s a parallel world, have you not been infected with D virus there?”
“That’s not true. When the D virus broke out in your world, there was a lot of noise in my world, saying that the end of the world was coming,” Wu Ye shrugged. “But, nothing happened.”
A peaceful world, a chaotic apocalyptic world.
Qin Wuhua couldn’t find any excuse for Wu Ye to stay here.
“Take care.”
“Unfortunately, the wormhole can only take me to shuttle alone. Otherwise, I would like to take you to my world.” Wu Ye raised his hand and patted Qin Wuhua’s shoulder. “Take care. Say goodbye to Ji Yun for me.”
Wu Ye pressed the ‘portal’ on the control panel, and a white light flashed. In the small room, only Qin Wuhua stood there, silently, with his lips tightly pressed. His right hand on the left shoulder that was patted by Wu Ye. He seemed to feel the residual touch Wu Ye left there. His resolute eyes revealed loss and reluctance that he had not even noticed.

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