End of World’s Businessman Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 013.1 — A Small Trial Knife [1]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
Wu Ye apparently didn’t expect Qin Wuhua to say that, but after thinking over his words, he realized that what Qin Wuhua saw was reasonable. This made Wu Ye wonder whether the way he thought of everything was too simple? He had taken a big gamble by confessing his secret to Qin Wuhua, but his reaction was beyond his expectations. This made him feel estranged.
Qin Wuhua took Wu Ye’s expression in his eyes, patted him on the shoulder, put the salts in his backpack, and said nothing more.
After dinner, Ou Chen took advantage of the darkness to come to Ji Yun’s house with a large canvas bag. In addition to the tablet computer Wu Ye wanted, he also brought other electronic products. As Wu Ye listened to his hype, he looked over the stuff he brought and found that Ou Chen also brought a bunch of software and data packages. Seeing these, Ji Yun’s interest was piqued, and he began picking out some suitable products and equipment. Meanwhile, Ou Chen surveyed Ji Yun’s room filled with electronic equipment and concluded that he was a knowledgeable person. Also, seeing the slum area where they lived, Ou Chen knew that they had little money, hence, he immediately gave them a fair price of 65 crystal nuclei for the total payment.
Wu Ye did not have a crystal nucleus in him, but he didn’t want to ask Qin Wuhua for some, so he asked Ou Chen, “Can I trade something with you?”
“What is it?” Ou Chen said, “Let me tell you something first, I will only accept food if you have something to trade.” Times were tough on everyone nowadays. Except for food and weapons, nothing was easy to sell, and what he sold was not very profitable. As a professional peddler who lived on buying and selling things, Ou Chen didn’t want to do a losing business just like all businessmen.
“I don’t have any food, but I have salt.”
Hearing this, Ou Chen’s pair of eyes sparkled. “How much? You can sell it to me as much as you want. We’ll negotiate the price.”
Wu Ye kept his cool and spoke, “What are you saying? If I had so much salt on my hand, would I have to squeeze in this shack with my friends?”
“How much do you have? I wouldn’t trade these things without at least a kilo of salt.”
Now, according to market price, 1 kilo of salt was worth 100 nuclei. With his small stall, Ou Chen certainly couldn’t afford such a high price.  He certainly wanted to use this opportunity to earn a little, so he did not demand an exorbitant price from them.
Wu Ye nodded very quickly in agreement, and said, “Ji Yun, you collect your things. I’ll go next door and get him some salt.”
After a while, Wu Ye came over with a bag of salt. Ou Chen opened the bag and checked it on the spot. Finding no problem with the goods, he put the things away, and asked Wu Ye, “Is there really no more? If there is, we can negotiate the price again.”
Qin Wuhua, who had been quietly sitting next to him, suddenly opened his mouth and said, “The deal is over, you can leave.”
“Big brother…”
Qin Wuhua did not speak further but let string of electric current crackle on top of his palm, startling Ou Chen. Hastily, he said, “Excuse me, sorry, I’ll go right away.” Man, how ability users still live in such a broken place? I’d definitely judged things wrongly. If I had known earlier, I would have asked for a higher price.
Once the tablet was on his hand, Wu Ye rushed home, sat in bed, and played the game that he had not finished in the morning.
“I died again. This game is too difficult to play.” Wu Ye was playing the single-player version of Star Wars game. He found the clear and sharp graphic display of the game attractive. Its unique gameplay could easily hook people into playing. Wu Ye was not only a web-novel reader, he was also an online gamer. Although he had always been a RMB player, he had boasted of his good gaming skills as well. Unexpectedly, his illustrious reputation had fallen head first in this small single-player games.
“Stop playing. We’re going out early tomorrow morning.” He did say that he was 23 years old, but his actions clearly showed that he’s an underaged child. Qin Wuhua shook his head silently in his heart.
“Let me play for one last time tonight! After I clear this stage, I will close the game.” Afterwards, the game’s superb soundtrack started to play again. And in a short time, Wu Ye’s machine armour was gnawed by a ferocious giant cockroach, and the screen displayed a big KO.
Suddenly, the prince’s chubby face appeared through the bottom of the screen. With an adorable smile it said, “Come on Master, you can do it! you can clear this stage!”
“One last round! Don’t you think I, your father, can’t kill you!
“Give it to me.”
Qin Wuhua snatched the tablet from him and clicked on the ‘start’ button to begin the stage again. Wu Ye was dazzled. Only in a few moments, Xiao Qiang*, who had abused him 800 times before, just burst open with a bang, splattering green mucus on the screen as if it’s about to spill out. 
*The giant cockroach from the game
Ok, I’m tired.
“Sleep,” Qin Wuhua switched off the tablet and put it inside the bedside drawer.

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