End of World’s Businessman Chapter 12.3

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Chapter 012.3 — Salt [3]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: tattaro

Ji Yun shook his head. “Boss, I know of a few people like Ou Chen, but those guys are dubious and unreliable. If we chanced upon a snitch, we’d be likely be eaten clean with nothing left, not even our life.” Ou Chen is the tablet seller from this morning and he along with some other sellers were all covered by someone from above so patrol guards wouldn’t touch them. Which one of them were not corrupt? If they knew they had so much salt in their hands, the would definitely collude with one another to eat them up. Should they try evading taxes just like those hawkers? It’s impossible! Were those patrol guards there just for decoration?

“What should I do?” Wu Ye’s sprightly mood was already half-extinguished.

“Why don’t we wait until Qin-ge comes back so we could discuss this with him?”

“Wait for me to discuss what matter?” Qin Wuhua suddenly pushed the door open, his face covered with dust and zombie pus, and fatigue was evident between his brows.

“You’re back.” While Wu Ye welcomed him, Ji Yun had already brought a chair for Qin Wuhua, fixed a glass of cooled boiled water, and served it respectfully into his hand.

T/N: Is Ji Yun the wife of Qin Wuhua or Wu Ye?! Fight Wu Ye! Don’t be defeated by Ji Yun! Protect your Gong, don’t let him be snatched away!!

Qin Wuhua was really thirsty so he drank all the boiled water in two gulps, as his probing eyes looked at Wu Ye.

Wu Ye explained about the rising price of salt and then put the ten packs of salt in front of Qin Wuhua. “How do you think we could sell these?”

“Why don’t you take it outside Lan Cheng base and sell it there?” To quickly familiarize himself with Lan Cheng base and its neighborhood, Qin Wuhua registered to be a qualified zombie hunter at the Zombie Hunters Union, and formed a temporary team to do a small task outside the base. While doing their task, he saw one team member exchanging goods in private. He had a hunch it was to avoid paying trade taxes.

Seeing that Wu Ye was still confused, Qin Wuhua said, “When I leave for the mission tomorrow, I will exchange the salt with the other zombie hunters.”

Aside from gold and crystal nuclei, food and salt were hard currencies among the zombie hunters, with some preferring to trade for the latter than the former.

While Wu Ye was still a bit reluctant to kill zombies, he knew he needed to earn points on top of crystal nuclei if he wanted to go home. And the only way to get points is to go out and killed a zombie. So even if he didn’t want to, he had to go out and kill zombies.

“I’ll come with you tomorrow.” Wu Ye said.

For a moment, Qin Wuhua was silent until he said, “good.” It was better to teach a man to fish than to fish for him. In this light, it would be both protection and reward for Wu Ye not to be enclosed in the safe zone, but be trained as a strong reliable man instead. This way, even when he faced desperate situations, he would still be able to fight for himself. After all, in this apocalypse, how long could one keep his promise to protect another person?

“Boss, Qin-ge, I’ll join you.”

Qin Wuhua gently hummed, handed a bag of crystal nuclei to Ji Yun, and said, “Go get three silencers, buy as many bullets as you can, rent a pickup truck, and fill the tank with petrol. Tomorrow will be a big day.”

Ji Yun peered into the cloth bag full of red shimmering crystal nuclei. He took a deep breath and patted his chest to assure them, “I will go right away! I know of someone who could get us these goods at 20% discount.”

After Jin Yun left, Qin Wuhua went inside the simple bathroom behind a curtain to take a bath. When he finished, he came out in a clean pair of trousers and left his upper body bare.

Those pects, those abs, that V-line, and even the scars left on his body looked hot and tempting. Just seeing that body just drove Wu Ye into indescribable waves of emotions, that even envy and hatred could not explain.

“… Put on your clothes. You look indecent.”

His sour tone made Qin Wuhua break into an amused smile. He took a black vest and put in on his body. However, the elastic tight vest highlighted his good figure even more that Wu Ye could only curse inside. Goddamnit! How come he looked even sexier now than when he was naked?

Second Young Master Wu’s distracted brain couldn’t process the view of Qin Wuhua’s body, so he averted his gaze to the bag of salt on his hand and asked, “You don’t wonder where I got these salt?” Ji Yun did not know what was in his backpack. But Qin Wuhua helped him pack his backpack, and he knew its contents more than anyone else.

“Curious.” Qin Wuhua nodded truthfully. “But everyone has his own secrets. You don’t have to tell me or anyone else about it. In this apocalypse, don’t trust anyone, including me.”

T/N: OMG, you make my heart bleed Qin Wuhua! Your little ‘shou’ should trust you! He is your future WIFE for god ‘s sake!!!

HEXIE: Thank you for your continued support for this series, and do wait for the promised 5 chapter bonus~ I’ll be sure to deliver it next month! Thank you so much~ Please do check out my patreon too~

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