End of World’s Businessman Chapter 13.2

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Chapter 013.2 — A Small Trial Knife [2]

Author: He Feng Yan
Translator: HeXie
Editor: tattaro
“Oh.” Wu Ye was still in deep thoughts over the fierce attack made by the machine armor just now. He lay in bed and switched off the light. It was silent for a while before he asked, “You know how to play games?”
At that time, the light penetrated through the window, and Qin Wuhua could clearly see Wu Ye’s disbelieving, round eyes.
Really, so foolish but so adorable.
“This is an old game that I used to play when I was a kid. Okay, go and sleep now.” Qin Wuhua said, losing his usual cold voice and revealing a helpless tone in it.
Although his pride was a bit hurt, Wu Ye suddenly drew closer to Qin Wuhua. It felt great to finally realize that this outstanding man was also human.
“I can’t sleep.” Wu Ye’s voice showed a hint of excitement, unknown whether it was because of the game just now or because of the unknown risk he was about to take tomorrow.
“Close your eyes and count sheep.”
Wu Ye obediently closed his eyes. But instead of counting sheep, he tried to see whether he could practice the Basic Breathing Technique while lying down. As he silently meditated on those obscure words, a small force rose within his body, slowly flowing along and around his body’s meridians, over and over again.
Before dawn, Wu Ye was awakened by Qin Wuhua. Still  dazed and half-asleep, Wu Ye heard a cold and magnetic voice saying, “Wake up, it’s time to get up.”
Out of habit, Wu Ye burrowed himself under the thin blanket and said, “Three minutes, let me sleep for three more minutes.”
For the past 20 years of his life, Qin Wuhua had never anyone who dared play tricks on him. Hearing Wu Ye’s words, his face turned black. His rational self could actually wrap this person like a silkworm and throw him outside or pour a basin of cold water to wake him up. However–
“Only three minutes, if not, you won’t go out with me today.” With that said, he went to wash himself. 
Wu Ye was actually awake, he was just used to staying in bed. As he crawled out of the blanket, he thought, Qin Wuhua is not as ‘cold’ as he looks. Compared from his mother and father, he was actually easier to talk to. If it were his old lady and old man, they would already pick him up by the ear.
With an inexplicably lightened mood, he whistled a tune, put his clothes on, and casually unzipped his pants right next to Qin Wuhua to take a p**. After brushing his teeth and washing up, Wu Ye ate breakfast at Ji Yun’s house next door before hopping into the truck they had rented. On the road, Wu Ye discussed the game he played the night before with Ji Yun, before they arrived at the Zombie Hunter Union.
The Hunters Union was built near the trading area, together with the other chaotic offices in Lan Cheng. It had a total of three floors, each floor measuring no less than 3,000 square meters. Red bricks lined its walls outside, while the wall stood bare inside, with no decoration at all. Even before it turned 6 A.M., the union floor was already full of people, as an ultra-thin LCD screen on the wall flashed with various tasks. Qin Wuhua headed there to look for a task after asking Ji Yun to help Wu Ye with registration as a zombie hunter.
Qin Wuhua happened to see the collection task that Wang He’s party had failed to return from. According to the union’s records, the number of failures for this task had exceeded 50 attempts, while the number of successes remained in single digits. This task’s level had long been upgraded from the original E rank to C rank, raising the reward correspondingly. In addition to the fixed 2000 Level 1 nuclei reward, the task participants would also receive base contribution points, ranging from 200 to 1500, depending on the degree of task completion 
Base contribution points could substitute for crystal nuclei and gold, its purchasing power equal to one Level 1 crystal nucleus. It could be used to buy equivalent goods in the store managed by the base and also to deduct various taxes and rents. When the base contribution point had accumulated to a certain amount, it could even be used in exchange for permanent residence that have base reward of a high-end apartment, and a variety of other stuff that was too much to be mentioned individually.
After Qin Wuhua took the task, he left a notice for a temporary formation of a team, including the number of team members needed and the meeting place. Once that was done, he left the mission hall.
Not long after he went out, several groups of people came over to inquire of him. Obviously, there were many people who were interested in this task.
Qin Wuhua’s insight was quite sharp. After probing each person’s strengths, he was left with three men and two women, and a team was fixed. All of them were evolved people who complement each other’s strengths. They also had their own cars and were well-equipped. There was a woman who he didn’t want to take into this temporary team, but the other two men said that they wouldn’t join the group if he didn’t take her in.
This woman had a rare healing ability, and the team was adamant that he took her in, so he had to give in. After all, Wu Ye and Ji Yun were just ordinary people.

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