Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 40.1

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Chapter 40.1 — The conclusion of the black-hearted dog shelter

Lu Chenghe didn’t even need to use the level of energy to kill an ant to deal with the little dog shelter. Although he needed to tell his assistant Qi Wei about what he had done that night, the rest did not require his concern.

Qi Wei had both the capability and the skills to stay in the position of Lu Chenghe’s assistant. He would have only needed to make one phone call if he had wanted to make the dog shelter disappear completely in just one night. But he didn’t do that. Because it would have been too easy for the dog shelter.

Qi Wei also owned a pet himself. It had always been cute and smart and was his heart’s treasure. Compared to an intellectual like Lu Chenghe’s when raising a dog, Qi Wei was like a poop picking officer, a slave to his dog. Although his Weibo description said he was Lu Corporation’s assistant, every post was about his canine son. He had been laughed at by netizens many times because it was like a pet blogger who had been held back by his perfect abilities. He could rely on his son’s cuteness to live but he unnecessarily used his own ability to struggle through the world.

He used his connections to investigate the incident after receiving a message from Lu Chenghe in the middle of the night. In the end, he couldn’t sleep because of how angry he was at the shelter. He could have quietly solved the situation but he did not want to. He wanted to make a big ruckus and let that dog shelter get a taste of justice.

Qi Wei was Lu Chenghe’s assistant but his Weibo also was quite popular. Because of this, many big verified influencers paid special attention to him. They would get notified the moment he posted something. When Qi Wei posted the exposé, not only did a few late-night pet lovers forward the post but a few big V’s also forwarded it. After a night of fermenting the news had become the number one trending story. It had even managed to push down the news about a famous singer’s new chart-topping single.

The post showed them monitored on traffic cameras going from the dog shelter to a sinister slaughterhouse. There were also pictures from inside the slaughterhouse. The background was dark and the focus of the picture was lit up by the flash. The pile of dead dogs looked very frightening. There were also a few pictures of skinned dogs hanging from the ceiling. On the ground underneath them was a pile of dog skins. Even people who did not like cats and dogs felt that it was just too cruel.

This exposé was about a particular subject. Love Pet House was the name of a dog shelter whose mission statement was to help stray dogs for the good of the public and did not refuse to treat the strays sent to them by the compassionate public. They then picked a dog who was not too old, with a good outer appearance, no bodily defects, or beautifully packaged dogs that were not too damaged, before appealing to people to adopt them.

But for those that were terminally ill, had serious physical injuries, were too old, or had never been adopted would be euthanised or sent to an unlicensed slaughterhouse. Because the meat would be sold so the dog shelter used a synthetic poison that kills the dog by smell and wouldn’t remain in the dog’s body. This way of dying meant that the dog’s skin would not be damaged and it also wouldn’t leave a bloody scene of a struggle in the kennel.

After the kennel took care of the stray dogs, they would get the slaughterhouse to come pick up the dogs. Although a carful of dogs was cheaply sold, it was a long term business. As the dog shelter’s reputation grew, this kind of business on the sly was also increasingly profitable.

This kennel’s behaviour could only be described as crazed cruelty. Many people saw the kennel’s Weibo through the news and discovered that the commonly held view was very positive. In this society that was full of ‘weekly dogs’, this kind of dog kennel that sold good dogs was like a calm stream of water and was sought after by many dog lovers.

The dog kennel’s boss was also described by netizens as being honest and dependable. But who would have thought that in the end, the boss would be even more ruthless and cruel than those vendors who sold ‘weekly dogs’!

【I can’t believe this is real. My NiuNiu was bought from this shelter. Many people recommended them and I have also observed them for a long time. This shelter sells good and healthy dogs. I especially drove over to pick up my dog. Never thought that this was happening in the back. My blood is running cold just thinking about it.】

【This is too creepy. If the truth wasn’t exposed who would have thought that there would be a snake behind this kennel. Karma will get these people later!】

【It is a case of the more you live the more you see. Because I was afraid I could not be responsible for a small life, I never raised a dog. But I kept up to date with this dog kennel in case I would in the future. I never imagined that they were so black-hearted. How many innocent dogs have died in their hands? If they weren’t so far away I would fly my car over to vent my anger!】

【Motherf-cker, are these dog shelter people not afraid that their family line will be cut short?! Sooner or later there will be karmic retribution! I curse that none of them will have good deaths!!!】

【If it wasn’t that so many verified users posted it and if the pictures weren’t so real then I really wouldn’t believe it. Last week I went to that shelter to volunteer and thought that the dogs were fortunate when I saw them. At the time I even said that although you were abandoned by the original owner since you had been rescued and sent here the rest of your life will go smoothly. Now that I think about it, it’s better to be a stray outside!】

【I already knew they were suspicious a long time ago. I even witnessed it once and then was beaten. My family has been threatened as well but because I had no power or authority I could only warn friends around me to not trust this kennel. Now that this kennel has been exposed and I don’t need to worry about this matter anymore. Finally, someone has come out and done a good thing to the satisfaction of everyone!】

【Wuwuwu……. When I picked up a stray dog and my family did not allow me to raise it, I sent it to this kennel. Every week I would go and see it and bring some dog food. I hoped that the kennel would treat that puppy a little better. Not too long later the kennel staff told me that it had been adopted. Although I was a bit sad, I still hoped that the dog would have a loving owner for the rest of its life. Now I’m not sure if that dog is still alive. If it is gone, that dog would hate me a lot because I was the one who sent it there… Wuwuwu…】

Although the kennel staff member was well known on Weibo, they did not always pay attention to it. They woke up in the morning, bought some food to feed to sellable puppies, poured a few barrels of cheap food for stray dogs, and then logged in to Weibo as usual. As a result, they found out that they had been exposed. The important point was that there was photo evidence. The kennel staff member immediately panicked and quickly went to find their boss.

When the boss saw it, he thought that this had something to do with the students from the other night and gnashed his teeth. However, he did not think that that group of students had connections to the manager of the traffic monitoring system and were able to take screenshots. They were even able to find the slaughterhouse.

Although it had been discovered before, no one dared to speak out after some threats. The reputation of their kennel was still intact so even if one or two people dared to jump out and tell the truth, it did not change the fact that the dogs they sold were good. So quite a few supporters thought that those people were just jealous and were antis that others had found.

But now the people who opposed them were powerful V’s. Compared to their Qingniao City’s small market, if the whole Internet comes together they could make fake news true. No need to mention the fact that this news was true. Even if they wanted to be confidently on the side of righteousness they couldn’t.

Just when the boss was hurriedly thinking about countermeasures, there was a loud noise at his door.

Naz: *grovel*

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