Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 40.2

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Chapter 40.2 — The conclusion of the black-hearted dog shelter

After waking up from a dreamless night, Zuo Ning joined Lu Chenghe on his daily run. After eating his dog food, he forcibly snatched an egg yolk as well. Then he ate half a mouthful of bacon from Lu Chenghe’s mouth. When he saw Lu Chenghe’s cold gaze, his tail wagged proudly.

He stayed at home yesterday. Lu Chenghe did not bring him to work because of the matter from the previous night. Fortunately, mother Lu also didn’t bother him. She was worried that he might have been uncomfortable. But now he felt completely ok. Last night he was at the peak of health and disturbed Lu Chenghe for a while. He was afraid that mother Lu would come to bring him out to play later so when he saw Lu Chenghe leaving he quickly went to high his thigh.

Lu Chenghe stared down at Little Pudding’s wagging tail, “You just stole my breakfast.”

Zuo Ning cocked his head, “?”

“So I am still hungry.”


Lu Chenghe just pulled his paws off him, “Because I am still hungry, I don’t have the strength to lift you. I can’t bring you to work.”

The steward who was sending Lu Chenghe off quietly bowed his head. It was rare that he heard the young master tell a cold joke. Now a problem arose. Was he supposed to pretend he didn’t hear it or give him some face and smile? Forget it. The joke was directed at the dog, he had better just pretend he didn’t hear it.

Zuo Ning was at the end of his rope, “Woof!” You are no longer the Lu Chenghe that I know!

He quickly rushed over when he saw that Lu Chenghe was directly going to the car after freeing himself. Half of his body was lying in the car and he lifted his head to look at Lu Chenghe, “Woof woof!” Bring me along, let’s go let’s go!

Lu Chenghe slightly lowered his head. He saw that because half of Little Pudding’s body was still outside the car, his feet were hanging in the air. “Very short legs.”

Zuo Ning bucked his hind legs and climbed into the car. He familiarly climbed onto the backseat and pounced on Lu Chenghe’s body. “Woof woof woof!” His legs weren’t short! They were longer than a corgi’s!

When the driver saw the boss close the door and have no intention to chase the dog away, he directly pressed the accelerator down. Who would have thought that a cold-blooded boss would, after raising a dog, do something like bring him to work?

Zuo Ning went straight to the side room when he got to the office. Lu Chenghe took off his coat and refreshed the dog’s water bowl. He then turned on the tablet and played a drama series. He lightly closed the door behind him after he saw that Little Pudding was quietly sitting on the bed.

Zuo Ning jumped off the bed when Lu Chenghe had started working. Carefully taking glances at the door, he turned to open the refrigerator. There was no empty juice bottle inside and since Lu Chenghe hadn’t brought up this matter in the past two days, he smiled.

He knew that there would be someone taking care of these little things every day for Lu Chenghe. They wouldn’t make a boss personally clean up a little fridge. That empty bottle must have been cleaned up by someone else. When he thought that he would be able to drink to his heart’s content every day, Zuo Ning felt that going to work was much more interesting.

After Lu Chenghe had worked for a while, Qi Wei knocked on the door and came in. When he saw Qi Wei he remembered what he had handed over to him last night and asked, “How has the matter been handled?”

When Zuo Ning heard Lu Chenghe speak, he quickly jumped off the bed and cautiously stuck his head to the door.

Qi Wei replied, “The situation is already under the spotlight. That dog kennel will no longer have a foothold in Qingnian City in the future. Lawsuits have already been filed. This morning there was a group of people who assembled and transferred the stray dogs somewhere else. However, the dogs that were raised by the shelter is their private property. They have been robbed by some overexcited dog lovers.”

Lu Chenghe knitted his brows and Qi Wei continued, “There have been some physical conflicts in the process. The shelter’s boss and employees suffered differing severities of injuries. The dog kennel has been raided. However, due to it being situated in a remote area, there are no security cameras around. After the police received the report and drove to the scene, the troublemaker has already left. Even if the owner wanted to sue, the lawsuit will not be very solid. Plus the owner is already detained. With the sort of societal pressure surrounding this case, the sentence will not be light. Unfortunately, the law does not have clear regulations in regards to the protection of stray dogs and can only prosecute them on the charges of dangerous food production.”

Lu Chenghe nodded. Since the kennel had already been taken care of the matter can be considered resolved. Just when he was about to let Qi Wei continue with other duties he heard Qi Wei ask, “Does the boss know how cruel the dog shelter is?”

Lu Chenghe raised his head, “Were many poisoned to death?”

Qi Wei nodded, “That kennel has been in business for seven or eight years. They used to do business once a month, processing around a hundred stray dogs at a time. Later they traded about once a week and the number was not small. Other dog dealers were also dragged over and the poisoned dogs were sold through their channels. If you add all the lives together, it is a huge number. The majority of the dogs that were poisoned were unpopular breeds or were ugly. Most of the popular breeds were taken care of and then opened for adoption. Who knows how many of these types of business exist in society.”

After Qi Wei finished talking, he sighed, “Boss, you need to take care of your dog. I’m afraid that the moment you cannot see him in front of you it will be very difficult to find him again.”

Zuo Ning, who had been eavesdropping in the other room, subconsciously extended his head outside to hear better. When he heard someone tell Lu Chenghe to keep a close eye on him lest he gets lost, he couldn’t help but let out a whimper. Could he become lost? If he managed to make himself a stray then he would really start to doubt whether his previous memories of being human were a product of his fantasy as a dog.

When a sound came from the little room, Qi Wei subconsciously turned his head. When Zuo Ning realised that he had been discovered he quickly wanted to shrink his head inside and close the door. Unfortunately, the tragedy was that a paw accidentally knocked into the door so when he went to retract his head it was stuck……

He whimpered painfully and then took back his head. He then used his paws to massage the places that were pinched. Zuo Ning felt so embarrassed that he wanted to cry.

Lu Chenghe watched the entire scene of a head being caught by a door and silently restrained a smile.

When Qi Wei saw a living Little Pudding, his inner dog daddy made his eyes sparkle, “Little Pudding!”

He had watched that movie and then followed Little Pudding on social media. At that time he did not know that Little Pudding was his boss’s dog. It was only until he looked at the photos that were already posted and thought that the background looked like the boss’s house. The study room was pictured sometimes and even the bedroom that he had never been in was seen! The photos in combination with the boss’s questions about dogs led Qi Wei to conclude that the white and fat Little Pudding was his boss’s dog!

Today he was able to see Little Pudding, in his boss’s office as well! Qi Wei almost rushed over to hug and pat Little Pudding. He managed to hold himself back by reminding himself of his identity as an assistant.

Compared to the cute and fluffy Samoyed, his doggy son was a bit aloof and cold. Additionally, long fur did not look appropriate for him. There was no comparison to the feeling of an explosion of fluffy fur that a samoyed had.

Lu Chenghe knocked on the table and the subordinate whose spirit was itching to fly into the little room was knocked back into his body.

Qi Wei glanced at his boss. Since Little Pudding also did not run out he very reluctantly returned to his office. It was a pity that he was unable to pet the dog.

After Qi Wei returned to his work, Lu Chenghe faced the small room and loudly said, “Little Pudding. Come here.”

Zuo Ning opened the door and then threw himself on Lu Chenghe’s leg, “Awoo.” I didn’t mean to be found out.

Lu Chenghe massaged Little Pudding’s head and neck and poked his forehead with his fingertips, “You had your head caught by the door.”

Zuo Ning hugged Lu Chenghe’s calf and placed his head on his thigh for him to rub. As for what Lu Chenghe had just said, sorry he cannot understand~

At this time, there was another person who knocked on the door. Zuo Ning immediately hid underneath Lu Chenghe’s desk and double-checked that his tail was also not exposed. Then he put his head on Lu Chenghe’s legs and blinked innocently at him.

Lu Chenghe had no choice but to let his subordinate come in when he saw that Little Pudding had no intention of leaving.

A group of people came in and out while Zuo Ning was hiding under the table and listening to their reports. Each sentence was wily like a thief, it was just like the elites he saw on TV. Although there was some jargon that he did not understand, they felt very powerful. No wonder the world’s top 100 were the top. If these elites were placed outside individually they would all be able to survive.

After listening for a while, Zuo Ning fell asleep in front of Lu Chenghe’s chair with his head still resting on his lap.

Every time Lu Chenghe looked down at the documents, he would take a glance at Little Pudding. Little Pudding’s round eyes would blink slowly until he could no longer resist the call of sleep. The sleeping position was really stressful. It felt like he could slide to the ground at any time. This led to Lu Chenghe being distracted the entire morning in order to manage the peacefully sleeping dog on his lap.

When Zuo Ning woke up, he opened his mouth widely and let out a big yawn. When he went to lean his head back he slammed his head into the desk with a big sound.

Lu Chenghe leaned back in his chair and watched silently. He saw that Little Pudding used his paws to rub the place he was hit. In one working day, that head was squeezed and hit. Who knew how many brain cells had been lost.

Zuo Ning massaged his head before finally remembering where he was. When he looked up, he saw an expressionless Lu Chenghe looking back at him. He quickly smiled and leaned over, “Awoo~”

Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but smile when he saw that innocent look. He knocked on Little Pudding’s head, “Let’s hit it again. I think that eventually, you will become silly enough to forget who you are.” After saying so, Lu Chenghe pushed back the chair and stood up. He walked over to the coffee table and sofa that had already been prepared for lunch. “Come here and eat.”

Zuo Ning’s eyes dimmed when he heard what Lu Chenghe said. When Lu Chenghe stood up, the large floor to ceiling glass window behind him could be seen. Beyond the glass were other various styles of skyscrapers. The road down below like a stream of cars. In a city with rapid economic development like Qingniao City, you would also see a luxury car from time to time.

Originally Zuo Ning’s dream was to own his own small house in the centre of the city, have a stable career, return home every week for a meal and listen to his parent’s talking and reminiscing. Plus hang out with his pack of roguish friends in summer, chatting and bragging up a storm.

Maybe when he was old enough he would have found a suitable person to marry and have children with. If it was a daughter, she would have been pampered like a princess. If it was a son, then he would be thrown into the wild to grow up. When he grew old he would have raised a golden retriever.

But this simple dream now had nothing to do with him the moment he opened his eyes that day.

He tried to persuade himself to accept the sudden change and adapt to a new way of life. To accept a new identity and gradually forget that there was once a person called Zuo Ning.

Zuo Ning looked at his furry paws and silently thought that he would probably forget. One day he would forget who he was and become a simple, cute, master-loving little dog.

If a day like this really happened, then what should he do?

Lu Chenghe walked to the coffee table. When he saw that Little Pudding hadn’t followed and was just stupidly staring out the windows, he called again, “Little Pudding. Are you coming to eat or not?”

Zuo Ning raised his paw to rub his face. Don’t think about it. What was there to think about anyway? The most important thing was to have a good time. He woofed once and came out from under the table. He wagged his big tail and walked towards Lu Chenghe’s feet. Zuo Ning swallowed a mouthful of saliva when he smelt the food in the air. It was unfortunate that Lu Chenghe’s only had drinks in his small fridge. How good would it be if there was food?

When Zuo Ning was eating, he silently decided to drink two of Lu Chenghe’s juice bottles today to heal his weak, overly sensitive heart.

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