Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 39.2

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Chapter 39.2 — Vicious Dog Shelter’s Business

When Lu Nianqi returned home he struggled for a while before finally gathering the courage to knock on Lu Chenghe’s bedroom door.

When the door opened, Lu Nianqi saw his second brother tidying his clothes and heard continuous ‘awoo’ sounds. He turned his head to look and saw Little Pudding acting crazy jumping all over the bed. Yesterday he was so sick that everyone was scared to death and now he was alive and kicking. Seeing the lively little dog, Lu Nianqi breathed a sigh of relief.

Lu Chenghe saw him standing by the door for a long time without speaking and expressionlessly asked, “Need something?”

Lu Nianqi quickly described what happened this evening. They didn’t have any substantial evidence and therefore didn’t have a real weapon. That dog shelter was also very popular. Many people have bought dogs from there and a lot of the dogs were very healthy. Not to mention there were also quite a few people who have adopted strays from there. Because they had a lot of good reviews, it let them think that it was a good kennel so they went to volunteer and even provided financial aid.

Lu Nianqi felt that the dog shelter cannot be exposed by a few students. If he can get more help he hoped that they could solve it earlier. Who knows how many innocent lives will be lost if they dragged it on for one day.

Zuo Ning was on the bed exercising but once he heard that Lu Nianqi returned to the dog shelter and found its secret, he quickly squeezed by Lu Chenghe’s leg and tilted his head to listen. What he heard frightened him. That group of people was too hateful. What they did was just asking for lightning to strike them from the heavens!

After Lu Chenghe heard it all his expression didn’t change. Instead, he asked, “Then what do you plan to do?”

Lu Nianqi thought that when Lu Chenghe knew he would do something about it, especially since Little Pudding suffered because of them too. Although he didn’t know where he picked up the dog poison, thankfully Little Pudding was alert and only inhaled a little bit. Otherwise, if he had a little more he really would have died.

When he heard Lu Chenghe’s question he stared blankly.

When Lu Chenghe saw that Lu Nianqi was unable to answer he was a little disappointed. In the end, his talent was somewhat limited but at least he handled it well earlier in the evening. To protect the safety of yourself and not get injured was the rational way to handle a situation. Lu Chenghe didn’t continue to test him and let him go back to rest.

When the door closed, Zuo Ning directly clung to Lu Chenghe’s body, “Woof!” That dog shelter is so ruthless! You have to care about it otherwise so many pitiful little doggies will die!

Lu Chenghe picked the dog up and threw him on the bed. He then proceeded to throw all the little toys on the ground into the dog house. When Zuo Ning saw Lu Chenghe’s attitude he couldn’t help but continue, “Woof woof woof!” Do you care or not? This kind of big situation is happening, are you really going to pretend it’s not your business?”

Lu Chenghe turned to look at him, “I’m helping you clean up and you keep harping on about what? Chatterbox.”

Zuo Ning looked at the floor and crouched on the bed, retracting his paws, “Woo…” Before it was clearly you who pulled me to play, now you turn around to blame me…

When he finished putting all the toys inside the kennel he turned around to see Little Pudding’s claws hooked into the embroidery on the blanket, “If you ruin the blanket, I’ll let you taste what braised dog meat is like.”

Zuo Ning curled his paws, “Ying…” Then he laid on the side of the bed, and innocently and loveably looked at Lu Chenghe.

He waited until Lu Chenghe had cleaned up the room and laid on the bed then went to his usual place and started asking, “Woof woof woof!” Will you care? You will care, right? That many doggies, since you love me you’ll love them too right?

Lu Chenghe circled the dog’s neck with one hand. Little Pudding was now big enough that his head could occupy most of his chest. When he held him like now, his hand could feel the thick fur at the neck. Fortunately, it was winter now and holding him was still comfortable. When summer comes, even if the air conditioner was turned on it would still be very hot. But in summer this thick fur would probably be able to be shaved.

If Zuo Ning knew what Lu Chenghe was thinking he would certainly clutch him and cry. Heat radiates from a dog’s tongue and paws, it had nothing to do with the fur!

He saw Lu Chenghe turn on his laptop and not plan on sharing the slightest thought about how he planned to handle the black-hearted dog shelter. So he unsatisfyingly used his paw to poke him twice.

Lu Chenghe slapped the dog’s paw then lowered his head and stared him in the eye, “Are you going to sleep? If not, go inside your kennel to play.”

Zuo Ning used his face to rub against Lu Chenghe’s chest. The dog leg that was under the blanket was placed on Lu Chenghe’s thigh. The whole intention was obvious, the dog was not planning on leaving.

Lu Chenghe stared at him for a while and the little rascal in his arms also peeked at him from time to time like he was checking whether Lu Chenghe was still watching him. Seeing that the spotlight was still on him, he honestly stayed still. Lu Chenghe couldn’t help but smile, this ghostly spirit really knew how to read human eyes.

After staring for a while, he saw that the little thing was almost ready to explode so Lu Chenghe retracted his gaze and continued to look at his laptop.

Zuo Ning was conflicted. Since Lu Chenghe was not paying attention to him, he would huff from time to time. Lu Chenghe rubbed the fur on his neck and when he heart him huff he said, “If you continue to be noisy, I will send you to that dog shelter. Since you are so big, you will definitely fetch a high price.”

“Woof!” I don’t need you to bully a dog like this!

Lu Chenghe pet the dog’s chin and looked him all over, “En, this fur was raised really well. It might be able to be sold for a few hundreds of dollars.”

Zuo Ning directly squished his head into Lu Chenghe’s neck, continued to move his hind legs, and whined to express his grievances.

Lu Chenghe squeezed Zuo Ning’s ears, in a good mood, “But since you get fed such good food every day. If we sell now we would still be losing out. First, you need to be raised a bit fatter.”

When Zuo Ning heard he stretched out his paws to hug Lu Chenghe’s neck and rested his head on his chin. If you love me just say it directly, no need to be so roundabout. Ah really, even for a dog it was a bit embarrassing.

Lu Chenghe held a dog on one hand while the other opened a communication app that a loser like Zuo Ning who only used QQ had never seen before. After Zuo Ning took a look he was no longer interested. Sometimes Lu Chenghe would handle official duties at night. Sometimes it was in Chinese and he could understand each word but when they became a sentence he became a bit confused. Sometimes it would be in complicated English and he had lost interest in that over time. Seeing that Lu Chenghe was planning on working again, he just turned his head and rested in on Lu Chenghe’s chest in preparation for sleep.

When Zuo Ning heard a beeping sound coming from the laptop he turned his head and saw a gif someone sent to Lu Chenghe. The picture looked like a news figure in an international conference hugging a dog that was by his feet before lowering his head and kissing the top of the dog’s head.

The moment Zuo Ning saw the gif he immediately climbed on top of Lu Chenghe’s body and slapped a paw on top of the laptop, “Woof!” Until now you haven’t even kissed me! Do you not love me at all?!

Lu Chenghe thought that he had a reaction because of the dog on the screen so he dragged him back with one hand, “That is fake. There is no doggy inside.”

Zuo Ning rubbed Lu Chenghe’s lips with his paws, “Woof!” Want kisses.

Lu Chenghe did not understand and thought he just wanted to play. He raised Little Pudding’s two paws in the air, “Did you become excited when you saw the dog?” He mused and looked at Little Pudding, “Now that I mention it, you are also already over five months old. Apart from Fu Na, you haven’t come in contact with any other little female dogs. Should I let you go out and socialise more? Otherwise, it would be bad if in the future conflict arises between you and other dogs.”

Zuo Ning’s ears instantly stood up from the shock. What did this mean, little female dogs? Oh no! He was still a baby!

But Lu Chenghe seemed to only have brought the topic up casually. After patting the dog’s head, he directly closed the gif.

Zuo Ning grievously laid his head on Lu Chenghe’s shoulder. He had never been kissed by him, and he even said he would find him a little female dog. Perhaps it was time to leave the nest. Ah… so sad.

Since he had raised Little Pudding for such a long time, Lu Chenghe could feel if he was happy or sad even if dogs couldn’t speak. He patted the little rascal who was pressing down on most of his body and leaned down to ask, “What’s wrong? Do you want other dogs to play with?”

Zuo Ning lifted his head a little and his mouth could touch Lu Chenghe’s earlobe. He touched it twice and rubbed Lu Chenghe’s face with his white fur. He wanted a kiss, not a little female dog. His ears twitched and he turned his head towards the balcony and stared off into the distance, heaving a great sigh.

Lu Chenghe squeezed and rubbed the small ear that was constantly sweeping across his face. He clearly showed that he didn’t want to pay attention to Lu Chenghe but was still constantly fidgeting on his body. He couldn’t help but smilingly scold, “This little baby’s grievance, is it a new version of the scene of a ‘Baby cannot speak” show?”

Zuo Ning heaved another sigh and then continued to stare outside like an immortal cultivator.

Lu Chenghe laughed. This little thing was getting more fun to play with. He lowered his head and gently kissed the furry head.

Zuo Ning’s ears flickered again and jumped up from Lu Chenghe’s body. He looked at him with shock. Was this a kiss? A kiss? He felt it. But he hadn’t prepared his heart yet! No, this doesn’t count!

“Awoo!” Again. Kiss me again!

Lu Chenghe caged in the convulsing dog that kept turning on his body, “Alright. Shouldn’t you obediently sleep now?”

Zuo Ning laid his entire body on top of Lu Chenghe and stared at him, “Awoo~” Want a kiss. If I get a kiss I’ll go to sleep.

Lu Chenghe didn’t say anything else, he just directly grabbed the dog’s paws and picked him up. Then he lifted the blanket and stuffed him inside all in one smooth motion. When he saw that Little Pudding had the intention to run out, his eyes coldly sharpened. The dog that was suddenly crammed into the blanket paused, then innocently lay down without moving.

In the dead of night when the noisy Little Pudding fell asleep, Lu Chenghe turned off the lights and lay down after he had finished handling business. He reached out a hand towards the small warmth that tightly leaning on his side and hugged it towards him. He lowered his head and lightly kissed the fluffy head. Only then did he shut his eyes and have a good night’s sleep.

On the morning of the second day, the dog shelter which completely lacked in virtue and morals was exposed. Many big verified influencers spread it around and it instantly exploded and was trending news.

Naz: *dies from exhaustion*

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