Daily Life of a Wealthy Woof Chapter 39.1

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Chapter 39.1 — Vicious Dog Shelter’s Business

Teng University worked with many non-profit organisations. Some were organised by the school while others had been spontaneously organised by students such as at nursing homes, orphanages, and rescue stations. One of them was an organisation called Love Pet House which was a bit special. This was because it was not purely a not-for-profit organisation.

Love Pet House had a big business on the side. One side was where they sold dogs they bred themselves while the other side they took in stray dogs rescued by good samaritans.

If you wanted to buy a dog and can’t find a good seller, it was very easy to buy a “weekly dog”. A “weekly dog” was one that had been given a shot so would be very lively for a couple of days, and then would come down with a crippling sickness. If you were lucky, you could cure and save the dog’s life. If you were unlucky then not only was the money gone but you’d be heartbroken too. A few dog lovers who wanted to raise a pet had been sold “weekly dogs” and were scammed by bad shopkeepers. So a well-respected dog shelter was very popular in the pet lover’s circle and was often advertised through word of mouth.

What set Love Pet House apart from other pet shelters was that they were also involved in the rescue of stray dogs. On their social media sites, they would always post videos of rescues and would allow people to adopt their rescued stray dogs for free. Occasionally they will also post news about puppies bred from the shelter. A week later they would post a notice to allow reservations and would let people adopt a puppy after it had been vaccinated properly.

A lot of people felt that that kind of dog kennel was very reliable. The dogs that were bought were always very lively and healthy, so they would very happily recommend them to others. Sometimes when encountering a stray, they would rather run towards Love Pet House’s signboard than deliver it to a proper rescue station for strays. Due to their good reputation, Teng University’s students had been in contact with them several times and would often volunteer there. They would donate dog food and clean dog cages to save some labour costs for the kennel. The student hoped that in this way the kennel could continue this kind of public welfare.

In this way, the shelter was able to display a bright exterior but secretly engage in ruthless business.

That day it was a female student from Teng University who had volunteered. She had then arranged to meet a classmate to go window shopping in a street behind the dog shelter. After they had finished window shopping and waited for the bus, the sky was almost dark. They heard something that sounded like whimpers so they carefully hid behind the dog shelter’s fence to check it out.

They saw some people carrying a few huge cages to load on the back of a car. There were many dogs piled together in them. Some were still moving while others were not moving at all like they were dead. The car loaded with the cages drove off before they could see it clearly.

That young girl was also not sure exactly what was happening. The second day she mentioned it in passing to the student association. Due to Little Pudding’s incident Lu Nianqi, who hadn’t yet received the laboratory test results back, became alerted. He wasn’t sure whether his thoughts were correct but he then explained the situation regarding Little Pudding.

Because of this, the leader of the student association made the final decision: to go make a fuss. From the $100,000 they got from their sponsors a portion was given to Love Pet House. Of course this sort of thing needed to be verified. Otherwise, if it was true that something shady was happening then hadn’t they indirectly funded the black business?

They were fortunate that after several days of preparation, they saw the car park by Love Pet House’s side door that night. But what they carried out was not the dog filled cage that the young student described, but instead it was covered by something. You couldn’t see what was inside at all.

This kind of concealment meant that something sneaky was happening. A few hot-headed youths charged over. Xiao Yin was originally planning to collect enough evidence to expose them and couldn’t hold them back.

A few workers saw a group of people rush towards them and panicked. They instinctively wanted to quickly drive away after loading the cargo. However the students intended to expose so before the cage could be loaded on, it was bumped and the cloth fell off. Inside there was a group of dead dogs.

A few female students who had not managed to react earlier quickly took out their phones and began to record.

When the people inside the shelter heard the noise outside, they ran over. A group of tall men surrounded the students. Usually, dog shelters do not like to disturb anyone so they usually operate in the suburbs or in places with little population. So in this situation, it didn’t matter how loud they were, there would be no spectators. Not even the shadow of a person could be seen.

These students had not experienced society yet. The type of person who could get into Teng University was always someone else’s child and never their own. Usually, they rarely got into arguments, much less actual fights. So now they had been surrounded, they were a little timid.

Although Xiao Yin was female, she was the oldest and was the one who decided to come here. So no matter what she had to stand up to these men. Although she was scared she still put on a brave face. “What are you guys doing? I’m warning you, don’t come over. Our teacher knows that we came here. If you don’t want things to get worse then quickly step aside!”

The few males who had initially charged over were not convinced. They thought that they should make a big ruckus, this type of black-hearted nest was just a nest. But they were held back by the people beside them. If they could use a different method to solve the situation, why would they need to paint a target on their backs?

The man in charge of the dog shelter laughed coldly as he watched the group of students who didn’t know their place. “What do you mean? You guys saw something that you shouldn’t have and now you are asking us what we want to do? If we don’t teach you some manners today then you will really think this place is some charitable organisation.”

Seeing that they were about to take action, Lu Nianqi pulled back Xiao Yin who was standing in front. Although Xiao Yin was his senior sister, it was not good to have a girl be first in the firing line. What’s more, before he might have been anxious since in this society you couldn’t do anything if you have no money and no power, but now he wasn’t scared at all. If any kind of trouble started, the one who suffered will definitely not be him.

“We will delete the photos and pretend that this situation didn’t happen today. If you don’t agree, then we also don’t mind making a big ruckus. As for the consequences… why don’t you give it a try?”

Lu Nianqi’s words were unyielding. There were a few students who were unwilling to delete the photos, they had already come this far and the photos were the only evidence. They only needed to alert the authorities. What was the worst that could happen?

The photos definitely needed to be deleted but the shelter staff did not intend to just let them go. They definitely needed to make their skin and flesh suffer. There were no surveillance cameras in the area so even if they hit them there was no evidence to say it was them who did it. They had done this a lot previously. After all, this was not the first time they had been caught. After giving the people before a good scare who had dared to say anything?

But people instinctively feared the strong and bullied the weak. What kind of childhood someone was raised in was sometimes immediately obvious. It wasn’t just about what they wore, but their temperament and confidence. When the shelter staff looked at the student there seemed to be quite a few that were sheep in wolf’s clothing, they knew that they were just posturing. But the one that stood up now had a lot more charisma when compared to the others.

The people from the shelter came from all aspects of society and they all had fairly accurate judgement. They also do not want to create a big fuss so they had the students take out their phones one by one and delete all the photos on their phones until they were sure there was not one remaining. Then released the students after one parting threat.

When they returned to the bus stop, underneath the streetlights a few female students began crying. One of the male students from the initial group who charged over was a bit frustrated, “Now that we have alerted the enemy this trip was a complete waste. We shouldn’t have deleted the pictures. Instead, we should have alerted the authorities. They were unlikely to go as far as killing us anyway.”

Lu Nianqi watched this group of students that were about his age. Before he might have thought it was nothing but now he thought that they were impulsive and naive. Sometimes when you come into contact with a different social circle, you will find that a gap will naturally pop up.

Lu Nianqi looked at the group of passionate but naive youths and said, “Then who would take responsibility if something happened? The school? Or our senior sister? Or would it be you guys?”

When Xiao Yin saw that everyone was about to argue she quickly said, “Alright! Everyone is fine now. But we cannot let this kennel continue like this. We should wait until we’ve gone back to slowly think it through.”

After comforting the few girls who were crying, the group of people waited half a day for a bus. Originally because they had received such a big sponsorship, they would have been eager to do something good but now who would have thought they got hit on the head. Fortunately, the money had not yet been given otherwise, they would have been even more upset.

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