Way of Transmigration Chapter 94

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero nine four – Not human

“Xiao Ruo?”

The moment Yin Suye stepped into the Imperial City, the little guy instantly disappeared from within his arms?! Then the next second, the Imperial City’s barrier is immediately activated…
Yin Suye didn’t even have the time to react and he got trapped inside the barrier. He was unable to go out at the moment and could only helplessly watch as the guards outside pointed their weapon at the defenseless little guy. Subconsciously gripping his fists tightly together, Yin Suye was not even aware that he caused his palms to bleed. His eyes only unblinkingly stared at the helpless little guy outside the barrier.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine!”

Although Shui Ruoshan was caught off guard by sudden changes, but seeing how Yin Suye is worried about him, he felt very relieved. Plus he has Ruixue1 with him so he at least could get some comfort from it. However in such a critical moment, Shui Ruoshan didn’t think of his own safety first but was worried for Yin Suye if he would be unable to control his emotions and proceed to destroy the Imperial City’s barrier.

He as the author is very clear of this barrier protecting the Imperial City. The Imperial City is the Holy land for human race and also their last line of defense, so the barrier is the strongest barrier humankind could ever erect. Not only this barrier has super high defense ability, it also has a strong rejection force. When they first created the barrier, in order to better protect the safety of the human race and prevent foreign invasion, they set the barrier to accept only human to enter. If any foreign being intended to enter, the barrier will be activated and directly throw the foreign being out of the barrier.

Now that he got rejected by the barrier, doesn’t that means his current identity is not human at all2?! Shui Ruoshan instantly ‘gets kneeled3‘ by this guess! Anyone who lived as a human for twenty years suddenly found out that their own species has change after transmigration would be shocked as well, alright?! One cannot simply get pitted4 like this!

Shui Ruoshan hasn’t finish ranting when he suddenly felt something emitting a slight cracking sound in his mind. Then, his body felt like it has been broken by something…
After that, an intense pain swept all over his body in an instant. The blood from his face has completely faded away. All he could feel was like his bones are being broken by a blunt device little by little, then it started to heal back little by little…
But he can’t do anything about it and could only clench his teeth tightly. He was afraid that he will cry out and alarmed Yin Suye, causing him do something unwise! Just that when he lowered down his head to endure, Shui Ruoshan found out that his originally chubby hands have started to gradually turn slender…

He is growing?!

“Xiao Ruo!”

While searching for weak points from inside the barrier, Yin Suye paid close attention to the little guy’s situation. The moment Shui Ruoshan looked strange, he found out that there’s something wrong with his(SRS) body. This caused Yin Suye to be unable to maintain his calm, the power in his body has started to circulate…
It was very obvious that he will chose to directly destroy the barrier the moment the situation is not right.

In his past life, he also stayed in the Imperial City after he succeeded the throne so naturally he knows about the barrier’s characteristics. It was due to the weak points randomly change over time that even him couldn’t break the barrier in such a short time. That’s why he got trapped inside. But with the sudden changes happening in front of his eyes, Yin Suye no longer have the patience to wait anymore; he is prepared to break the barrier by force. With his current strength, he won’t be able to break it open in one try, but a few times of attack will definitely destroy it! At the moment, Yin Suye doesn’t really care how serious are the consequences in doing so. The only thing in his mind was to rush to the little guy’s side and hold him tightly in his arms to give him a good comfort. But at the next second, the strong aura suddenly stopped. For the first time ever, something similar to surprise appeared in that pair of heterochromatic eyes…

The little guy’s body is slowly growing, even the clothes on his body started to change along with his body transformation…
His round face is gradually becoming sharper, his facial features started to mature and those deep black hairs instantly flow behind his back…
This unusual scene lets Yin Suye know that his little guy is in the middle of growing up?!


Feeling that the pain on his body has finally passed, Shui Ruoshan slightly breathed a sigh of relief. It’s too painful alright?! Fortunately, the pain only lasted for a short while. Else, he doesn’t know if he can keep enduring it. At the same time, he should be happy that he got used to wearing his clothing artifact/treasure5 so even though he has grown bigger, he doesn’t have a naked issue. His clothing sometimes even changes his corresponding accessories and pendant accordingly to the situation; very convenient and easy to use. Such foresight! Though he doesn’t understand why he suddenly grew up, his only comfort is that he is finally not a child anymore! This is definitely a happy thing for him! If not for so many people around looking at him, he would definitely raise his head and laugh out loud 3 times, to celebrate him finally getting rid of his embarrassing identity as a child!

When he finally focused back to his current situation, he found the crowd’s gaze at him was very surprised. Even Yin Suye’s gaze was quite strange, causing him to feel confused. Although suddenly growing up is very unscientific, but this world is a fictitious world ah! No need to talk about being scientific alright?! So why are these people getting so surprised by his transformation ah?

When Shui Ruoshan raised his head, the crowd finally get to see that his face has changed from a child to a young man. All of a sudden, everyone’s breath became stilled. Their eyes and mind were filled with this young man with insurreal beauty. That was an indescribable enchanting feeling! There was a sense of ethereality as if he is not mortal, and also a sense of capturing charm that couldn’t be described.

The young man’s narrow phoenix eyes pairing with his obsidian pupil was like the clouds flowing in the sky, like the unmelting snow at the bottom of a cliff. It is also like the ink meticulously drawn by a painter…

When his(SRS) eyes turned, there is a charm that caused the people to be unable to shift away their gaze. That exquisite appearance emitting a white brilliant light, was like a masterpiece carefully carved by God; perfectly immaculate. His pointed ears were decorated with red gems, together with the polished dark ruby on his forehead, it formed a glowing entity under the sun. Long hair as black as ink flowed down loosely all over the ground, as if a slight breeze gently blowing will bring along a charming fragrance6. A white robe fits perfectly to his body, outlining the young man’s long slender curves. The collar embroidered with delicate fine patterns has completely hidden the young man’s neck, not revealing even a little bit of skin. Not only this didn’t cover up the young man’s peerless glory, it also gives off a hint of abstinence. Under the sunlight, the young man was like a god who has entered the mortal world. Each angle of his silhouette gives a feeling of real yet dreamy illusion, causing people to feel no one in this world would be able to match his charm.


“You are actually a demon?!”

Although Weiyi too was shocked by Shui Ruoshan’s perfect and impeccable charm, his determination strength is the best (among the men) so he is the first one to wake up from Shui Ruoshan’s charm. Black hairs, black eyes, and sharp pointed ears, this is a standard appearance of a demon.


The moment Shui Ruoshan opened his mouth, he became completely attracted by the sound he made. The sound was like aged fine wine, pure and fragrant. Or like a clear spring from the mountain, clean and clear. These were obviously 2 different characteristics, but they managed to blend together perfectly. Especially the slightly raised tone at the end of his word, it was just like a feather across one’s heart, enticing them. This is completely different from his previous ‘meng’ shota voice!

“What is your purpose, trying to mix amongst the human?”

At this moment, Weiyi’s gaze at Shui Ruoshan was extremely serious, because he actually did not find out the other party’s identity before this. If not for him being thrown out by the barrier, he(WY) will not be able to find out that this person is a demon! This caused Weiyi to think of some bad associations and conspiracy theories.


Shui Ruoshan rolled his eyes. He didn’t even know that he has transmigrated into a demon alright? If you want to stain his name, then please find something with evidence and more convincing, a’ight?

“Guards, capture this demon!”

Weiyi clearly saw his silence as resistance and noncooperation, so he immediately ordered the surrounding soldiers to arrest him.


The soldiers woke up from the shock they got from Shui Ruoshan’s appearance upon hearing Weiyi’s order. Holding their weapon tightly in their hand, they slowly approached Shui Ruoshan…

“Who dares?”


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