Way of Transmigration Chapter 84

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight four – People from the Huo Family came

“Why did it become so quiet suddenly?”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know why Yin Suye suddenly pressed his head into his arms again, he only knows that he can’t see what’s happening again so he could only guess from what he could perceive. He only remembered Yin Suye suddenly move with him once, then he moved again, later on he stopped moving and stood there. Then, there’s no more then…
Because the situation suddenly became deathly quiet!

The people the Yin Residence clearly has been screaming to kill earlier, how come it felt like a pause button was suddenly pressed, so there’s no reaction or movement could be heard? This doesn’t follow the rule of plot development ah? Shui Ruoshan was anxious to know what is happening so he keep struggling in Yin Suye’s arms.

“It’s nothing.” Feeling the restless movements of the little guy in his arms, Yin Suye looked around the scene and felt that it’s not quite bloody so he slowly let go of Shui Ruoshan.

“What did you do just now?”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t expect to see a surprising scene the moment he raised his head. The people from the residence including Yin Ming and the ancestors, their horrified expression was as if they just saw a ghost. Not daring to step forward, not daring to scream, not daring to attack, not daring…

Instantly, Shui Ruoshan felt really curious towards what ‘earth-shattering, sky shaking’ move Yin Suye did just now, to actually caused the whole crowd to stare at him(YSY) with a stupid look?

“Killed one person.” Yin Suye replied truthfully.

Just that his tone was too light and calm, like he didn’t killed someone just now but did something casual and irrelevant.

“Oh.” Shui Ruoshan nodded in understanding. So it turned out that he killed someone? He was mentally prepared for it.

Actually, from the moment he knew that Yin Suye is the villain, he has already prepared himself mentally for situation like this. So when Yin Suye killed Huo Ruyan, his ‘doubts’ were higher than ‘dismay’. Right now Yin Suye killed those who dared to provoke him, he somehow felt that it was normal instead. After all, the villain who doesn’t kill is not a good villain! Plus Yin Suye is reborn, that means he is actually the big devil from his novel who kills without even blinking. Moreover, up until now he only killed one person, that is already very restrained.


The people around them stared stupidly at the two person standing there and talking nonchalantly about killing people. Even when they were standing in the sun, they couldn’t feel any warmth all of a sudden. Instead, they felt their whole body became colder.

One need to know, the one that Yin Suye just killed was not any small fry but the person considered as the strongest practitioner in Imperial stage, a level 9 practitioner ah! People from the same level could fight against each other but could never manage to completely kill the other party, everyone knew about this. But now Yin Suye managed to kill someone from level 9 and with only 1 move nonetheless, it has broken their common knowledge for this matter. One could no longer use the word ‘scary’ to describe this, but use ‘horrifying’ instead!

It can be said that Yin Suye right now cannot be measured by common sense in their eyes, he is completely a monster!

“What to do with the rest of them?”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t understand why some people suddenly became more and more despair when he finished talking with Yin Suye earlier. But what he is more concerned with was how to settle this ruckus. Not only Yin Suye has crippled Yin Wushuang, he even killed a pivotal figure from the Yin Residence. This could be considered they will not have any possibility to make up with the family anymore. And so, it’s quite important how they settle the problem now.

“Kill them all?” Yin Suye’s tone carried a hint of uncertainty in it.

His original revenge plan was to kill the remaining ancestors. Their power was the foundation of the Yin Residence’s foothold in the Capital. Once the family lost their top-level forces which was acting as a deterrent, the Yin family that doesn’t has enough strength would soon fall under the crushing forces of the Capital. Sometimes, death is not the best way for revenge. Letting one lose everything he cares about is Yin Suye’s favorite way to take revenge. But he knew that the little guy doesn’t like him killing, although he(SRS) said nothing about it. No matter what, Yin Suye is willing to take a step back for the only person he trusted.


Other people don’t know about this, but could this author not know about it? In the eyes of this villain Yin Suye, the best solution for anything other than killing is still killing ah! However, asking him to discourage Yin Suye from killing other people, he couldn’t do it. After all, it’s not a very sensible choice to ‘let the tiger return to the mountain‘. Plus this continent is not Earth, in a world dominated by the strong, killing is legal. So he cannot use the standard from Earth to measure their actions.

“It’s alright.”

Seeing that the little guy is bowing down his head, silently overthinking by himself, Yin Suye patiently comforted him. No matter they kill these people or not, it has little effect on him. In the face of absolute strength, any tricks or schemes are ineffective.

Shui Ruoshan felt like although he knew what he knew, he still can’t calm down when two different ideas clashes together. He still yet to come out with a decision, when a loud voice sounded from afar, interrupting his thoughts.

“It seems that Yin Residence is very lively today ah!”

A middle-aged man in a flaming red robe brought a group of people with him, and majestically walked over from afar.

“Who is he ah?”

Shui Ruoshan was a bit unhappy from being interrupted, so he naturally felt the middle-aged man is not pleasing to his eyes. A big grownup and the age is not young to boot, he actually mimicked young ladies to wear bright red clothes, ain’t it too flashy now?! Is the person coming over to blind people with the flash? Isn’t that a bit despicable? Simply shameless!

“Huo Lingyun.” Yin Suye stated the name with much accuracy.

“What is he doing here?”

Although both Yin and Huo Family are friends, but this couldn’t be any coincidence. Something must be going on!

“Should be coming for me.” Yin Suye said it with a confirmed tone.


Isn’t this too ambiguous ah? What does he mean by ‘should be coming for him’ ah? He said it like there’s a hidden relationship between the two of them, there’s too much room for imagination!

“Huo Lingyun should have heard of Huo Ruyan’s death by now, and suspected that it was done by me!”

Yin Suye is very clear that no matter the people from the Huo Family has strong evidence or not whether that he murdered Huo Ruyan, just by the fact that he has a conflict with her in Lin Sen Town, they won’t let him go that easily. This is a result he has already expected before he even killed her. The main reason why he didn’t destroy the body to erase evidence, it was not to leave obvious evidence that she was not killed by him! But because the body being abandoned in the wild is absolutely more miserable than not having a complete corpse.

People who goes to Lin Sen Town are basically adventurers who would do anything for money. And Huo Ruyan looked very rich in a glance; a good target for robbery. And this target is a dead person that cannot resist back, so anyone could also go and loot her! Especially when Huo Ruyan is also a beautiful woman. Some derelicts who have never seen a woman before will not mind whether the body is dead or not. They probably carried a mindset that one would take advantages whenever possible, and will not let go of Huo Ruyan’s body.

For a girl, especially noble females who placed importance to their reputation, this is definitely a stain in their name that cannot be washed away. In short, even if Yin Suye didn’t ask for information, he could also guess that Huo Ruyan would eventually ended up at the point where her clothes couldn’t cover her body; unable to retain her good name even after death. This is his complete revenge to Huo Ruyan!1 His revenge has never be satisfied with just killing the person and letting him/her die!


Shui Ruoshan was speechless, he has actually forgotten about Huo Lingyun, Huo Ruyan’s father and the fact that the Huo Family is also an upper class noble family like the Yin Family! So plainly speaking, Huo Lingyun came to seek trouble with Yin Suye!

Shui Ruoshan is not curious at all about how fast Huo Lingyun can get the news of her death, and that quickly to bring a group of people to the Yin Residence. Generally in big families, everyone has a life token that represents their life force. If something goes wrong, that person’s life token will break. So at that moment when Huo Ruyan died, the Huo Family should know that something has happened to her. They probably couldn’t find out the real murderer for some time because of Yin Suye’s confusing move to kill her with magic. But with the Huo Family’s power, it was easy to find who has conflicts with her before this, and they could find the suspect through it. So the Huo Family definitely already know about their(YSY+SRS) conflict with her.

Judging from the Huo Family’s habit to protect each other’s shortcomings, whether Yin Suye is the real murderer or not, they will still come up to the door. In addition to checking her cause of death, they probably would want to take revenge for the conflict they(YSY+SRS) had with Huo Ruyan before this. That’s why Huo Lingyun came with a bunch of people just not long after Yin Suye arrived to the Capital.

Shui Ruoshan looked at the Yin Family’s people blocking the front door, then he looked at the people from Huo Family coming over and blocking the road behind them(YSY+SRS), and suddenly felt helpless! Really ‘a wave crash over while one has yet to subside’2 ah!

Yin Suye, you definitely has the constitution to seek trouble right? Right? RIGHT?

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