Way of Transmigration Chapter 83

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight three – The despair in the radiant light


Although it was asked in a question, Yin Suye said it with a confirmed tone. Using his spiritual power to probe the incoming people, he doesn’t have to move his eyes to know who is coming.

“There’s still time if you want to surrender now!”

Yin Ming felt heartache seeing those elite fighters of the family died under Yin Suye’s hands. These people were all trained by the family with countless financial resources and energy. And the result was they got easily broken by Yin Suye just like this, how could it not make him feel heartache?! He shouldn’t have be blinded by his thoughts and made an order that is unfavorable to the family just became Yin Wushuang was injured. Especially now when Yin Wushuang maybe thoroughly turned into a waste, Yin Ming couldn’t help but blamed Yin Wushuang a bit. For him(YM), he is first and foremost a family owner then a father, so everything should be done based on the interests of the family. The matters regarding the children of the family should be all pushed aside to prioritize the family.

When he finally calmed down, it was too late to stop anything. But at least, he found out something peculiar about Yin Suye. Actually, from what Yin Ming could see, there are too much abnormal points in Yin Suye. He was crippled that year, but he could practice martial cultivation instead. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people gathering at that time so he(YM) was unable find out about the secret, it was regrettable for him. But now Yin Suye only left the residence for a short time and his strength increased at an inhuman speed, it once again reminded Yin Ming of Yin Suye’s peculiarities. So even though he doesn’t like Yin Suye, he still doesn’t want to give up on such an important experimental material.

“It’s not night time yet, how come someone has already started dreaming?”

Shui Ruoshan who has been pressed tightly into Yin Suye’s arms managed to peek out with much difficulties, naturally vented his anger caused by Yin Suye on other people. And Yin Ming is obviously Shui Ruoshan’s target. Who told him to keep noisily buzzing about self-righteous words by his ears? To actually wanted Yin Suye to surrender, what big joke! Who is Yin Suye ah? He is the Human Supreme King who will stand on top of all human beings in the future! A peerless strong figure who would forever stand straight proudly against the world, someone who rather die than bending to other force! And now Yin Ming is trying to use some fancy words to shake Yin Suye, uncle, are you trying to crack a joke here? Simply indulging in own fantasy!

“Who are you?”

The Yin Ming who has calmed down was not someone who could be provoked with just one or two sentences. Through his observations just now, the position of this child is probably higher than what he imagined. That’s why Yin Suye rather hold the person and used his sword with just one hand.

“I am me, of course!”

Shui Ruoshan replied with a very ignorant but fancy answer. Towards himself to be able to say such philosophical words, Shui Ruoshan felt very satisfied. This way, he would be able to build an aloof image in front of the people.

Yin Ming originally wanted to say something but then he sensed someone behind him, and happily paid his greeting.

“Honorable Ancestor daren.1

“You specifically summoned us out from our closed-door cultivation, what happened?”

There were 3 of them, and they are the representatives of the highest force in Yin Residence. One would never see them unless a critical moment that threatens the survival of the family appears. This time, they received Yin Ming’s signal for help and came rushing. Then with a glance, ain’t it just a junior causing trouble here, not even the shadow of a crisis could be seen. Naturally, they became somewhat dissatisfied with Yin Ming who was making a molehill out of a mountain.

Yin Ming immediately stepped forward and whispered to the three honorable ancestors about Yin Suye’s peculiarities. All of a sudden, the gaze that the ancestors directed towards Yin Suye became blazing hot.

“Come with us!” The ancestors ordered Yin Suye without any trace of politeness as if it’s already an honor to that person that he would speak to him.

In the past when Yin Suye was used as an experimental material to research how one could cultivate both magic and martial force, these men were also involved. But after so many years when they were about to give up, Yin Suye brought them a new surprise. How could they not be happy about this?!

“You are not qualified to order me!” The sarcasm in Yin Suye’s eyes was very obvious.

He actually heard it very clearly what Yin Ming told these 3 ancestors just now but he didn’t stop him. Because how the whole thing became the current situation was deliberately planned by him. He didn’t hide his strength when he came back and purposely caused a lot of trouble at the residence front gate, just so that those people would notice the unusual thing about him. He believed that after the theory for dual ability cultivation, the fact that he could abnormally increase his strength would certainly lure these greedy experimenters out. The people he wanted to retaliate against naturally includes those who used him for experiments before and didn’t see him as a human at all.

If not for these people having quite high cultivation, or they have went into seclusion or closed-door cultivation, which makes them hard to find, he would have already single-handedly marched to their doorstep and settled his revenge. He couldn’t think of any better way to lure them out other than using himself as a bait. And these 3 ancestors in front of him, although they have the same surname, they never go soft on him whenever they did their experiments. But later on, no matter what they did they still couldn’t get the result they wanted. So after torturing Yin Suye for some time, they reluctantly went for closed-door cultivation with a determination not to come out as long as they didn’t breakthrough. And now because of this peculiarity, they shifted their focus on him again. No need to mention about closed-door cultivation again, such ironic thing!

“Junior, you are seeking death!”

One of the ancestors with the worst temper couldn’t help it and begun to attack Yin Suye. In his opinion, if this junior is not obedient then he should be taught lessons until he becomes obedient. It doesn’t affect their experiment anyway as long as he(YSY) still has a breath left in his body.

“You are the ones seeking death!”

His eyes were still the usual indifference but a simple gaze from him carried an icy force like it could freeze people straight to death. His perfect face was dyed with coldness as well. He was just standing there but it could give people an impression that he is standing from up high above, looking down at the crowd below. At this moment, Yin Suye no longer suppressed the horrifying bloodthirstiness from his heart. The powerful pressure that belongs to a ruler was immediately released towards the 3 ancestors…

All 3 ancestors’ expression instantly changed dramatically. Responding quickly, they also released their own pressure to resist. However, their defensive pressure has just came into contact with Yin Suye’s crushing force, it immediately collapsed and completely shattered at the next moment! Is this the absolute suppression of the low level pressure by the higher level pressure?! If they were still skeptical towards Yin Ming words just now, at this moment they could only be shocked by Yin Suye’s strength! Yin Suye’s strength was way over their strength! At the very least, their pressure force is not at the same level with him at all!

One need to know, two of them were at level 8 of the Imperial stage while another one was at level 9 of the Imperial stage. But a simple contact with Yin Suye’s pressure caused them to suffer more or less some internal injuries, while Yin Suye looked like nothing has happened. His movement didn’t change as well, so how could this not scare them?

“What kind of strength you have actually?”

It was still that same ancestor with bad temper to first ask the question in loud voice. Because he was too much in shocked and disbelief, his voice inevitably shook a bit giving him a strong appearance strong but actually weak in reality; doesn’t has any threatening feel at all. The self-confidence and arrogance were lesser in his voice too. At this point, they can no longer show the attitude like they are above Yin Suye to him because Yin Suye is not the same guinea pig anymore. Realizing this, the 3 ancestors have a very bad feeling all of a sudden!

“Don’t know.”

Yin Suye’s thin lips slightly parted and gave answer that made the three people felt like vomiting blood. Don’t know the level of his own strength? Isn’t it obvious that he is playing with them? But Yin Suye didn’t feel that he said anything wrong because he indeed doesn’t know what exactly is his current strength level. His strength on the surface should be level 9 of Imperial stage, but he was reborn from Supreme King stage so naturally it’s not easy to calculate his strength.

However, Yin Suye has no patience to continue this nonsense with those three. With one hand to carry Shui Ruoshan and the other holding his sword, he focused all of his pressure onto the only ancestor with level 9 cultivation in Imperial stage…
It was obvious that Yin Suye has set this person as his main target. He disdained to start fighting from the weakest enemy, if he wanted to fight then he will start from the strongest one!

The level 9 ancestor slightly widened his eyes. He looked like he didn’t expect that Yin Suye would start attacking just like this. He wanted to break away from this enormous pressure but realized that he couldn’t move at all, not even a bit! He could only helplessly watch as Yin Suye appeared in a flash in front of him, accurately aimed his(YSY) sword at his heart, cleanly stabbed him and pulled out. Then he(YSY) left his side again in a flash. When he came to his realization, he found a big bleeding hole on his chest.

His eyes were full with disbelief and fear when he closed them, like he couldn’t believe Yin Suye would be so fearfully strong and also that he would die so easily just like that. Just that no matter what he is thinking, in the end he could only helplessly close his eyes and fell onto the ground…

Standing beside him were the two level 8 ancestors, but they still couldn’t get it in their mind what has happened in such a short time until after the person collapsed onto the ground…
For a short moment, they thought they were still dreaming because they really cannot imagine that the most powerful one of them died just like this in front of them?! This person who died was not any ordinary person, nor someone with weak strength but a strong peerless powerhouse with cultivation at level 9 of Imperial stage! They don’t dare to imagine how overpowered Yin Suye is actually in the end! Until that person fell to the ground with a ‘peng’ sound, then only those two suddenly woke up from their own thoughts. Their gaze towards Yin Suye became shocked and unfathomable all of a sudden.

What they saw was a slender tall man with eyebrows like flower, and fine facial features who was currently lowering his head to look at the child in his arms. The corner of his mouth was curved up slightly. The sunlight bathed him with a layer of light, gave him a feeling of holiness and innocence under the contrast with the frightened and miserable people around, making people feel that they have seen the glory of redemption. Just that, the long sword in Yin Suye’s right hand is still dripping with blood, forcefully pulling people back to reality.

Yin Suye is a bloodthirsty killer, and has cruelly murdered their companion with that sword in his hand! That let them to understand it clearly that what they saw was not the hope within the dark but the despair in the radiant light!

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