Way of Transmigration Chapter 85

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight five – Seeking justice

“Yin Suye, do you know your wrong?”

Taking a group of people with him to go up to Yin Suye, Huo Lingyun didn’t even ask anything and has already decided that Yin Suye is in the wrong.

“Uncle, do you know the logic ‘food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words cannot be said randomly’?”

Not waiting for Yin Suye to say anything, Shui Ruoshan immediately cut in with his dissatisfaction. Huo Lingyun thought by bringing along a group of ferocious looking people and gained the upper hand by showing his strength, he could scare them? Too naive!

At the same time, at this moment, Shui Ruoshan finally realized how difficult it was for Yin Suye to live in the Capital. How long has it been since they arrived to the Capital ah? Things have already happened one after another, he don’t have time to breathe at all! It’s endless!

When he raised his head to look at Yin Suye and found out that his face is still the ever calm expressionless face, Shui Ruoshan felt a bit complicated. Yin Suye must already gotten used to people being full of malice towards him so no matter how bad they treated him, he won’t have much feeling. Because when there’s no expectation, there won’t be any disappointment! But Shui Ruoshan felt that he doesn’t have the same determination as Yin Suye. People already finding trouble at their doorstep, there’s no reason not to fight back.

“Yin Suye killed my daughter and I came to interrogate him, what did I do wrong?”

Huo Lingyun looked like he is answering Shui Ruoshan, but he turned his gaze towards Yin Suye. He actually took the advantage in answering Shui Ruoshan to tell Yin Ming the reason he(HLY) came to look for Yin Suye so that Yin Ming won’t cover up for the murderer, Yin Suye.

“Accusation need evidence to back it up!”

Shui Ruoshan knew Huo Lingyun didn’t seek the wrong person but other people don’t know about this ah! So not only they cannot admit that they murdered Huo Ruyan, they have to act like they don’t know of the fact that she’s dead. Then it will make them looked innocent.

“Although Ruyan died from ice magic, but this doesn’t mean it was not done by Yin Suye. He could totally go and hire an assassin!”

According to what the family could investigate, Huo Lingyun also knew that he is pushing it because he has no way to really pin the crime on Yin Suye. But his gut instinct told him that this matter won’t stray too far from Yin Suye. Because Yin Suye’s attitude to Huo Ruyan before and after1 was too different, it caused people to feel doubtful.

“Huo Ruyan’s strength is at Profound Mystery stage2. You think in such a small place like Lin Sen Town, Yin Suye could hire an ice magician so quickly and is willing to work for him?”

Word battle has always been Shui Ruoshan’s specialty. If he couldn’t think creatively, how could he managed to write a novel and becomes an author?

“Even if Yin Suye didn’t killed my daughter, he did bullied my daughter once. This is a fact that cannot be changed, so no matter what, I will seek justice for my daughter!”

Huo Lingyun clearly expressed his intention that he will not let go of Yin Suye. At the same time, he won’t let go of this kid who has been battling words with him! After all, this child also was one of the people who joined forces to bully his daughter, plus the young man called Bai Yu. Even if he couldn’t find the real killer at the moment, he could start with these people first, to pay homage to his dead daughter! Especially when he remembered seeing his daughter’s miserable and abused body, he swore to never let go of the murderer!

“If you want to condemn someone, don’t worry about the pretext ah!”

Facing Huo Lingyun’s forceful front, Shui Ruoshan felt that it would be useless no matter how good his talking skill is. Because the other party has already decided, doesn’t care if one is innocent or not! People with the surname Huo are indeed so annoying! The previous Huo Ruyan is annoying, the current Huo Lingyun is even more annoying! If he knew right from the start that Huo Lingyun would be so unreasonable, he won’t give him such an aloof-sounding name3 when he first set the characters! Coincidentally, Huo Lingyun like to wear bright red clothing, it should be better for him to be called Huo Shaoyun4 instead ah! Unfortunately, it’s too late to regret it now!

“I said that you guys are guilty, then you guys are guilty!”

Huo Lingyun felt that he already made his statement as clear as possible, and believed that Yin Ming will understand his stand so he became lazy to continue the argument.


At the moment, Shui Ruoshan felt like Huo Lingyun has acted out the idiom ‘unable to distinguish right and wrong’ to the best! Especially when that person gave him an arrogant look like he is saying ‘I was lying to you just now, so I don’t want to continue the lie anymore. Hurry and shut up for this master’5, Shui Ruoshan was so furious that he wanted to flip a table!

They already provoked the people from the Yin Family, so if they provoke the Huo Family as well, ain’t that a straight path to being surrounded by enemies from all directions?! Shui Ruoshan already endured humiliation by talking logic with the rough man Huo Lingyun for the sake of their situation. But in the end, he didn’t get to disdain his(HLY) tyrannic rudeness first and let the other party looked down on him. So unfair!

“Old brother Yin, are you willing to hand over Yin Suye to our Huo Family to receive punishment?”

Huo Lingyun turned directly to ask Yin Ming after he explained his stand. Although they are very clear that Yin Ming didn’t treat Yin Suye as his eldest son at all, but Yin Suye is still someone from the Yin Family in the name. If he want to take people away to seek justice, he naturally must ask the father, Yin Ming’s opinion. So he used a friendlier address to bring their relationship closer.

“Since old brother Huo has said the words, how can I not agree?!”

At the moment, Yin Ming has yet to recover from the shock of losing one ancestor. Even though Huo Lingyun made a huge racket here to take someone away, he doesn’t want to bother with it. The shock that Yin Suye gave him was too huge, to the point that he couldn’t think of anything! He doesn’t know if he should play a ‘father son filial piety’ show with a harmony relationship, or seek support from strong forces to go against Yin Suye to death. He has yet to come to a decision when Huo Lingyun arrived, who immediately asked for Yin Suye. In a way, Huo Lingyun could be said to have lend a great help to him so he threw this hot potato Yin Suye out without a moment of hesitation. Not only this will give Yin Ming some time to think, it also could shift Yin Suye’s attention away and protect the (remaining) strength of the Yin Family.

“Old brother Yin is really swift-minded!”

Huo Lingyun was very satisfied by the fact that Yin Ming would give up on Yin Suye. He doesn’t want to go against the family with the strength similar to his Huo Family just for the sake of a small little Yin Suye.

“Yin Suye, you want to follow us back, or let us tie you up and then bring you with us?”

Upon getting the reply he wanted, Huo Lingyun immediately aimed at Yin Suye. Very obvious, Huo Lingyun who has just arrived not very long ago has only thought of how to get Yin Suye in hand. So he never really check out what happened at the Yin Residence’s gate nor deduce anything from that scene. Else, he would never use a superior attitude towards Yin Suye like before.

“Deciding other people’s fate just like this without asking the concerned party’s opinion, isn’t that too self-important of you guys ah?”

Seeing that both Yin Ming and Huo Ruyan are discussing by themselves about Yin Suye’s ownership while pushing away him and Yin Suye to a side, Shui Ruoshan was very speechless. How shameless are these two to be able to casually discuss a ‘transaction’ like this ah?

“So what?” Huo Lingyun still displayed that arrogant look.


The corner of Shui Ruoshan’s mouth slightly twitched. Really an etiquette-less middle-aged uncle without any upbringing. To say that he’s even an upper class nobleman, but he’s not even comparable to an ordinary person, hmph!


Sensing the little guy’s unhappiness in his arms, Yin Suye’s eyes darkened and his right hand holding the sword slightly moved…


Shui Ruoshan immediately called out to stop Yin Suye when he saw him looking like he wanted to take action. If they are to follow Yin Suye’s flow and continue making a commotion, the whole thing will only gets bigger and more people would be alarmed…
In the end, the current Supreme Human King would be alerted as well. This ending is not what Shui Ruoshan wants to see. Even if Yin Suye was a Supreme Human King in his past life, he is not one currently! And the setting of a Supreme King6 automatically means Yin Suye won’t be the current Supreme King’s opponent! So necessary retreat is needed.

“En?” Yin Suye stopped his movement and lowered down his head.

“How about you let me deal with the matter now?”

Shui Ruoshan felt that since the majority of the Yin Family’s people was settled by Yin Suye, it should be his turn to deal with these people from the Huo Family.


Yin Suye nodded slightly when he saw how confident the little guy looked like. No matter what the little guy wants to do, he will be his most solid backing!

After getting the consent from Yin Suye, he immediately turned towards Huo Lingyun. His head was lightly raised, with his chin facing that person; as cool elegant and magnificent as he could get. He is a civilized person so he won’t use force to threaten others. Most importantly, his current small figure couldn’t act strong and mighty like how Yin Suye did. But he is the creator of this world, so as long as he wanted it, he could use the resources available to achieve the results he wants!

For example, he knows too much of both Yin Ming and Huo Lingyun’s hidden secrets. He could just say it out, and leave them with no hope of reprieve!

Actually Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want to be so ‘extreme’ with them if not for them repeatedly targeting Yin Suye like this. After all, doing this doesn’t do him(SRS) any good at all. But other people are not willing to give him face, so he won’t have to leave them any faces either! Since both sides are no long friendly, then don’t blame him for uncovering their radiant mask! He could use this opportunity to seek justice back for Yin Suye!

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