Way of Transmigration Chapter 82

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight two – Killing to prevent killing

“Men, take down Yin Suye!”

The moment the high-leveled fighters of the residence arrived, Yin Ming immediately issued an order to catch Yin Suye. Through the fight with Yin Suye just now, Yin Ming clearly understood that his strength alone cannot go against Yin Suye. So even when he found that Yin Wushuang was crippled by him, Yin Ming didn’t attack right away but waited for his reinforcement to come.


Those people heard the family head’s order and instantly cast their hostile gaze at Yin Suye.
Then they started to surround Yin Suye…

Watching Yin Suye gets surrounded by the high-leveled fighters as if it’s impossible for him to escape, both Yin Ming and Yin Wushuang revealed a look of appeased anger like they could already see Yin Suye’s look of defeat.

Yin Suye seemed to be completely unaware of the danger, still standing there without saying anything.

“Should we be strategically retreating right now?”

Shui Ruoshan was still in Yin Suye’s arms so he could easily see what’s happening at their surrounding. Naturally, he understood what kind of a situation they are in now. Looks like Yin Ming has decided not to let Yin Suye leave today! Really a scum dad ah! But now is not the time to get disgusted at Yin Ming’s biasness, he(SRS) should properly consider what should they do right now instead. Although he has absolute confidence in Yin Suye’s strength, he doesn’t want to make a big fuss out of this matter.

Right now, the thing between Yin Suye and Yin Residence could still be considered as family matters but once the matter gets bigger and alarmed the entire Capital, Yin Suye would probably be pinned with offenses like damaging the Capital, inciting disturbance and intentional rebellion. At that time, it would be that easy to settle the matter.

So, in order not to let Yin Suye go down the road against the whole Capital, it’s necessary to concede a bit. This is called strategic distraction, not retreating! After finding an appropriate reason for his suggestion, Shui Ruoshan felt that his suggestion is very reliable the more he thinks about it. On the outside, he looked like he was asking Yin Suye what to do next but actually he already given his opinion. At the same time in his heart, Shui Ruoshan determined that if Yin Suye dared to disagree with his suggestion, he will start staging the ‘first – cry, second – throw tantrum, third – hang oneself‘!


Yin Suye gently nodded when he saw the little guy looking like he would bite him(YSY) if he says no. His road for revenge has just begun so there’s no need to go too far. Since the little guy wanted him to avoid unnecessary danger, he would be willing to adjust his plan for him. After all, it was the most difficult thing for him to refuse the little guy’s cares for him, and he won’t refuse either.

“Want to leave? Not so easy!”

Yin Ming saw that Yin Suye actually wants to escape, and instantly decided not to continue his original plan. He viciously ordered his subordinates to quickly take action.

Yin Suye didn’t pay attention to those incoming men at all, but lowered his eyes seriously thinking about something instead. He remembered that the little guy seemed to dislike seeing blood. So right now, should he finish all these people who dared to look trouble with him in front of the little guy? For the first time, Yin Suye couldn’t decide whether to kill or not.

“If you surrender now, I will spare your life considering our past sentiment!”

Yin Ming naturally saw Yin Suye’s indecisiveness. He thought that Yin Suye must be feeling scared now so his tone was filled with confidence, and Yin Ming felt that he should capture Yin Suye first. As for how to deal with him(YSY), that would depends on his mood.


Yin Suye disdainfully hmph-ed towards this Yin Ming who was feeling good about himself. Just that, why doesn’t he know that he has any past sentiment with him?

“Still not hurry up and capture him?!”

What Yin Ming hated the most was Yin Suye’s arrogance that doesn’t put anything in his eyes. He is the master of the family, and everyone should respect him. But he didn’t expect that his official wife, which is Yin Suye’s mother would be having an affair with other people before gotten married to him. This is clearly provoking his prestige! After that, his wife’s lover actually came to their doorstep. Yin Ming couldn’t tolerate this even more when he found out of his wife’s affair! Even after his wife died in the hand of her lover due to some disagreements, this didn’t change anything in Yin Ming’s eyes. He only knew that his wife has betrayed him! No man can tolerate being forced to wear a ‘green hat’1 by their wife! It could be said that how much love Yin Ming had for his wife in the past, how much hatred he had when he found out of his wife’s betrayal! At the same time, towards this son who looked nothing like him, Yin Ming hated him as well.

Yin Ming even suspected once that Yin Suye is not his own biological son especially after he(YSY) was crippled and couldn’t be healed anymore. He then completely gave up on this son and publicly announced that he has no such son. After that, not only he didn’t treat Yin Suye as a son, he even hated him(YSY) like an enemy. So although Yin Suye managed to restore his strength later on and slowly made a name for himself, he(YM) still didn’t see him as his son. And everyone in the residence were influenced by Yin Ming’s attitude, naturally their attitude towards Yin Suye won’t be friendly. Furthermore, after Yin Ming had a new wife and son, their attitude towards Yin Suye became even worse.

Yin Suye’s eyes slightly darkened. He detected it right away when Yin Ming’s mood changed, just that his(YSY) expression didn’t change on his face. Since Yin Ming didn’t treat him as his son, he naturally won’t respect this person who is unable to distinguish right and wrong as his father. In any case, Yin Ming is still his father in blood, he won’t take his life. But he wants him(YM) to be heir-less from now on! This is the best revenge against Yin Ming. As for other people, he doesn’t have to be so polite!

He didn’t killed anyone earlier and deliberately restrained his attacks because the little guy was standing by his side. But the people from the Yin Residence didn’t seem to appreciate his kindness. The other party treated his concession as a compromise, repeatedly ‘taking a mile from given an inch’. This caused Yin Suye whose temper was not very good became darker. He should just ‘kill to prevent killing’2! As long as he doesn’t let the other party bleed when being killed or he simply covers the little guy’s eyes, he believes the little guy won’t feel that repulsive towards him killing other people. Having thought of that, Yin Suye pressed Shui Ruoshan’s head directly into his arms and prevented him from seeing anything around. Then he charged forward with his sword…

Yin Suye casually walked into the circle of people, his swords stabbed; one kill at a step, quick, ruthless and accurate.

Yin Ming stared at the scene in disbelief, he didn’t expect it at all that the situation would turn out completely different from what he imagined. Although these reinforcement who came later were not the top powerhouses of the residence, but their overall strength was not bad. All of them were in Imperial stage, but they got finished off by Yin Suye in one-move kill?! He originally thought the reason he lost to Yin Suye earlier was because his foundation was unstable, due to him taking supplements to increase his strength. That’s why his combat power was so bad. But he never thought that Yin Suye would be so powerful! When facing a bunch of high-leveled fighters surrounding him, he(YSY) could even kill one person with each stroke. The direct and neat movements cause people to think that he is not killing people but cutting watermelons instead. Such domineering aura, such confidence, such power, such arrogance…
At this moment, Yin Ming suddenly felt that the Yin Suye in front of his eyes was very much a stranger to him, that he couldn’t help but felt fear!

“Father, what to do now?”

Yin Wushuang also saw how Yin Suye easily killed the fighters, and felt afraid all of a sudden. He doesn’t have the time to think why Yin Suye would suddenly become unscientifically strong. He only knows that Yin Suye is getting nearer and nearer to him. He might just die in Yin Suye’s hand at the next second so he panicked.

“Don’t panic!”

Yin Ming looked at Yin Suye who killed without any expressions, then at Yin Wushuang who looked anxious and was trembling, and felt uncomfortable in his heart. The moment he realized Yin Suye’s real terrifying strength, he has sent a help signal to the ancestor shrine. He believed that those who received the signal will soon arrive, then subdue Yin Suye. The reason Yin Ming request help from the ancestor shrine was not to seek revenge for Yin Wushuang but because he saw something from Yin Suye’s body that could further advance the family’s value.

As the head of the family, Yin Ming naturally is not an idiot, nor will get blindsided by hatred. In such a short period after Yin Suye left the Capital, his advancement was too fast that it’s unnatural! Yin Ming couldn’t help considering something when he thought of this horrifying speed of leveling. He felt that if he could figure out how Yin Suye improved his strength in a short time, he could do the same and double up the strength of the entire family; making the family stronger! Also because of this, Yin Ming became more determined to capture Yin Suye alive!

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