Way of Transmigration Chapter 81

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight one – Crippled

Shui Ruoshan emptied his space ring, any items that can be used to attack, whether it’s good or bad and threw it at Yin Ming…
All of a sudden, multitude of lights shone in the air, explosion sound ‘KABOOM’ continuously rang out…

Shui Ruoshan didn’t hope these props would be able to defeat Yin Ming, his main purpose is to stop him from approaching anyway. He need to buy time to save himself, and also provide time for Yin Suye to return (to him). Actually, before they arrived to the Capital, Yin Suye has already prepared him with various situations that they would encounter and also gotten him well-prepared. For example, what to do to protect himself when being attacked. That’s right, it’s self-protection, not counterattacking.

Although Shui Ruoshan knew how to make incantation and also prepared himself on how to react when in danger, he felt helpless that he has no experience in this matter. Mainly because his speed in writing incantation is too slow, so there is the possibility of him being killed off by the enemy before he even finished writing his incantation. So, to prevent this kind of situation from happening, Yin Suye has long thought of the countermeasures for Shui Ruoshan.

That is regardless the cost, the amount, the result… just smash everything at the enemy! If he can’t smash the enemy to death, then at the very least, he should strive to make the enemy dizzy from it. This method is crudely simple and efficient! Not only did Yin Suye went to sort out the offensive weapons in Shui Ruoshan’s ring, he even gave away all the attacking items he wore on his body to Shui Ruoshan.

So when facing with Yin Ming’s sudden attack, he was not too flustered and reacted accordingly to what Yin Suye has told him earlier; smashing the props one by one at Yin Ming. Seeing how the unprepared Yin Ming getting confused and flustered by those props, Shui Ruoshan unkindly gloated at him. Who ask him to be the first victim that Yin Suye want to get back at? If he(SRS) doesn’t contribute a bit, then he would be too embarrassed to say he roamed on the streets before!

One need to know, with so many offensive props layering on each other, the result was not as simple as one plus one, so the momentum was quite spectacular. Shui Ruoshan felt that if he couldn’t ruin Yin Ming with these items, at the very least he could make him covered in dirt! Thinking about it this way, Shui Ruoshan felt his mood turn good and comfortable; really could use the word ‘Awesome’ to describe it! Feels good to be a local tyrant! And so, he became even more enthusiastic in smashing the items (on Yin Ming)!

At the other side, Yin Ming keep blocking the tools and weapons Shui Ruoshan threw at him while slowly moving forward. Don’t even mention how depressed he is feeling now. He originally thought that the child was ‘without the strength to truss a chicken’, and it would be easy to grab him. Who knew that the result would be exactly the opposite? Sensing that Yin Suye is rushing to his direction, Yin Ming set a determination in his heart. In favor of speed, he took the risk of getting injured and actually stopped blocking the incoming items. He directly resisted the attacks with his own body and flew towards Shui Ruoshan…


Shui Ruoshan didn’t expect Yin Ming would treat his own body that heartlessly, so he couldn’t help swearing out. But he didn’t stop throwing stuff at Yin Ming. One hand keep flinging items, while the other hand quickly wrote in the air…
When he started throwing things at Yin Ming, he has begin mobilizing his spiritual power, ready to start writing incantation in the air. After all, the stuff he threw out were things that don’t worth much. He was a bit reluctant to waste those expensive ones like this. One need to know, all those were also money. Such extravagance is wasteful, and his heart will feel hurt! Just that, not waiting for him to finish the incantation, he got wrapped into someone’s arms, thoroughly protected.

“Yin Suye?!”

Smelling the familiar fragrance, Shui Ruoshan’s originally tensed body relaxed in an instant.
Yin Suye came back faster than he thought. This caused shui Ruoshan to feel very complicated in his heart. Yin Suye chose to let go of Yin Wushuang to rush to his side right away. It was apparent that Yin Suye put his safety at the first place in his(YSY) heart!

Don’t look at how much he ranted, in reality only a second has passed. Else, Yin Ming will be attacking him already.

“You did very well!” Yin Suye tightly enclosed Shui Ruoshan in his embrace, like he could block all sorts of danger for the little guy.

“Of course.”

Shui Ruoshan who knew that he is safe now, immediately started acting smug. He even forgot about his weak behavior which is currently leaning tightly in Yin Suye’s arms. After all, the battle with Yin Ming could be said as his first ever battle after he transmigrated into the continent. Even with all the preparation done before the fight, but as an otaku/nerd he will still get nervous or scared when it comes to the real fight. So he kept using other stuff to distract his attention so not to make mistakes in confusion. Although he didn’t do particularly good before this, but he didn’t pull Yin Suye’s hind leg either. So Shui Ruoshan still felt that his performance just now was still acceptable.

After calming down the little guy, Yin Suye’s gaze at Yin Ming became colder. The originally emotionless pair of eyes turned even duller, carrying a trace of being dropped down an abyss. With just this pair of lifeless cold eyes, the chill and fearful feeling arose from it could cause people’s heart to shrink.

Facing with Yin Ming’s attack so close to him, Yin Suye only gently raised his palm and directly received it…
This time, Yin Suye didn’t choose to hide his strength like before and decided to attack with all his strength. Dare to harm the little guy, they will become his enemy!

Yin Ming saw that Yin Suye has returned (to SRS side) and decided to recall his attack. But then Yin Suye didn’t give him that opportunity to do so, so both of their attack collided with each other…

In an instant, Yin Ming couldn’t help but spat out a mouthful of blood and his whole body was pushed far away by a enormous force of power. However, Yin Ming didn’t proceed to attack again. Instead, relied on the force that was pushing him to quickly go to Yin Wushuang’s side and protected him. His main purpose right from the start was to save Yin Wushuang from Yin Suye’s hand, not to go for a face-off with Yin Suye. Although the rescue process was somewhat different from what Yin Ming has planned and he got himself injured as well, but at least he managed to save Yin Wushuang so it is not considered to be a waste of energy.

“Wushuang, are you alright?” Yin Ming immediately took all kinds of healing pills from his space ring, and shoved it into Yin Wushuang’s mouth without even looking at it.

“Father, you must seek justice for me ah!” Yin Wushuang who has just healed to a certain extent, immediately cried out to Yin Ming.


Yin Ming carefully supported the other person, and mobilized his spiritual power to check Yin Wushuang’s injuries.

“Wushuang, where is your martial power source/root?1

Yin Ming’s frown deepened as he checked further, and his face became darker because he found out that Yin Wushuang’s martial source/root has been destroyed! Healing pills could heal Yin Wushuang’s injury but couldn’t restore the power source/root. Martial source or magic source is the foundation for human’s cultivation. Without it, that person couldn’t cultivate at all.

“I was crippled by Yin Suye!”

Reminded by Yin Ming, Yin Wushuang seemed to thought of something and his face instantly became ferocious. He recalled when Yin Suye left him, the extreme pain of being crippled?!2

“Father, you must avenge me!” Yin Wushuang’s gaze at Yin Suye right now was full of hatred!

“En.” Yin Ming comforted Yin Wushuang. Yin Wushuang was the child he think highly of and also his heir. To get crippled by Yin Suye just like this, Yin Ming hated Yin Suye to the bones!


Shui Ruoshan was very speechless as he watched the two people playing the ‘father-son’ filial piety show over there. Were these two people too into their acting that they forgot that the current matter has not been settled? There are people watching the show at a side here. Just that, at the same time Shui Ruoshan felt bad for Yin Suye, he also felt deeply apologetic. After all, Yin Suye’s tragic fate was arranged by him. So when all these misfortunes played out directly before his eyes, this guilt became deeper. Randomly, Shui Ruoshan secretly made a decision in his heart that he should treat Yin Suye better. This will make up for all the unfairness he ever caused to Yin Suye. Hence, when he saw both Yin Ming and Yin Wushuang displayed unreserved hatred towards Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help worrying about Yin Suye. Just now, Yin Suye didn’t has enough time to kill Yin Wushuang because of him(SRS). He keep thinking that leaving such a scourge alive might be extremely unfavorable for Yin Suye’s future development ah!

“Killing him, hands will get dirty!”

Yin Suye lightly explained when he saw the question in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes. Although Yin Suye didn’t kill Yin Wushuang, he did crippled him. At the same time, he also crippled him ‘down there’ where he doesn’t deserve to possess. Who told him to have those feelings that he shouldn’t have towards the little guy. But about this point, he doesn’t have to let the little guy know.


Shui Ruoshan could clearly see how both Yin Ming and Yin Wushuang’s face turned black when they heard him(YSY) talking about getting hands dirty. He(SRS) couldn’t help sighing – villain, you really know how to pull in the hatred! At the same time, he wanted to praise – villain, the way you did a ‘group ridicule’ is really handsome and cool to the max! BOSS-daren, you are so domineering, did the author created it (for you)?

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