Way of Transmigration Chapter 80

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero eight zero – No need to worry

“Wait!” Shui Ruoshan saw that Yin Suye really has the intention to kill, without thinking he called out to stop in a fluster.

The moment he heard Shui Ruoshan said stop, Yin Suye hesitated for a moment before taking back the sword that has already scratched Yin Wushuang’s neck. He then looked at Shui Ruoshan in confusion.

Yin Wushuang thought he would be dead for sure. So at that moment he escaped death, he has totally taken Shui Ruoshan as his savior, his gaze towards Shui Ruoshan became even more intense.

“Yin Wushuang cannot die now!”

Shui Ruoshan is very clear that if Yin Suye killed Yin Wushuang right out in the open, it would not only means being enemies with Yin Residence, Yin Suye would be considered as challenging the authority of the Capital as well! If this continues, they will go down the route of being enemies with the entire world right away ah! So just because of this small fry Yin Wushuang, everything that Yin Suye has will be destroyed; it’s really not cost-effective!

Other than that, no matter how powerful Yin Suye is, he is only one person. There will be times where ‘two fists cannot beat four hands’ in the future. For safety reason, Shui Ruoshan need to stop Yin Suye from making such unwise moves. As the saying goes, 10 years is not too late for a gentleman to avenge himself!

“No need to worry.”

With just a glance, Yin Suye understood that the reason the little guy stopped him from killing was not because he is feeling generous but he was worried of his(YSY) situation. This undoubtedly made him loosened a bit of his guard in his heart. And at the same time strengthened his killing intent towards Yin Wushuang.

What about being enemies with the entire world?

It’s not like he hasn’t done it in his past life. Returning to do the same thing again was just a small trouble for him! Thinking it that way, the sword in Yin Suye’s hand stabbed towards Yin Wushuang’s neck…


All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan felt helpless and speechless. He didn’t think not only his persuasion didn’t make Yin Suye change his mind, it deepened his killing intent instead. Villain, is it really alright for you to not listen to advice? At time like this, anyone please come and stop Yin Suye from doing stupid things, whoever it is!

Shui Ruoshan felt that there’s a limit on how much his heart can take, he is not ready to follow Yin Suye down the self-destruction path of anti human, anti-society, and anti-world ah! This time, God seemed to hear Shui Ruoshan’s request because a voice carrying a strong domineering pressure suddenly rang out, at the very moment Yin Suye’s sword broke the skin of Yin Wushuang’s neck.


Shui Ruoshan who has been looking at Yin Suye saw that his(YSY) action paused for a moment from that sudden pressure. It was just a short moment and the owner of the voice has arrived in front of Yin Suye, that person struck out a palm at Yin Suye with full force…

Yin Suye didn’t show any change of emotions in his eyes when he was facing that attack. He just gently lifted up his left hand to receive the attack…
The power clash between both people’s energy instantly formed a circle of energy wave, the shockwave brought the surrounding guards to their knees…
Yin Suye’s gaze sharpened, he pushed his palm forward and forced the incoming attacker out (from the circle of energy wave).

“Yin Suye, you are seeking death!”

The incoming person took a few steps back to stabilize himself, he looked at Yin Suye like his eyes would spit fire.

“Dearest Father, quickly save me! Yin Suye has gone crazy, he wanted to kill me!” Yin Wushuang was overjoyed when he saw who just came, he didn’t forget to complain about Yin Suye while asking for help.

When he heard what Yin Wushuang called that person, Shui Ruoshan immediately understood who is this middle-aged uncle. This person is current head of the family, at the same time he is Yin Suye’s cheap father – Yin Ming. But when he saw how Yin Ming is seeking justice for Yin Wushuang, Shui Ruoshan still felt a bit unfair on Yin Suye’s behalf. This kind of biased father doesn’t has a single relation to the word ‘Wise’, he completely unable to distinguish right and wrong ah!

[Banana : Yin Suye’s father name is Yin Ming/殷溟 which has the same pronunciation with the word ‘Wise’, Ying Ming/英明.]’

At the same time, he wanted to complain to himself. What kind of brain fart he had at that time of writing, to name Yin Suye’s cheap father as ‘Wise/Ying Ming’? As for the current situation, Shui Ruoshan was not worried at all. Else, he won’t have free time to rant to himself. Because Yin Ming’s current strength was only Imperial stage level 5, he is not Yin Suye’s opponent at all so Shui Ruoshan can continue to watch the development of things with peace of mind.

“Shut up!”

As he said that, Yin Suye forced his sword deeper into Yin Wushuang’s neck. Just that this time he doesn’t intend to take his(YWS) life right away. He wanted to see how this good father of his could save his good son from his(YSY) hands.

Instantly, Yin Wushuang screamed out in pain. Yin Suye was really ruthless, he let him retain his consciousness while feeling the bone-piercing pain.

“What are you doing?!” Seeing that Yin Suye dared to injure Yin Wushuang right in front of him, Yin Ming became even more furious.

“It’s as you can see.”

As he said that, Yin Suye made another wound at the other side of Yin Wushuang’s neck. He seemed to hate Yin Wushuang’s voice, so this time he made it so he couldn’t make a sound.

“How dare you?!”

Yin Ming saw Yin Wushuang convulsed with a pale face and felt heartache all of a sudden, but he doesn’t dare to act rashly as the hostage is still in Yin Suye’s hand. Moreover, judging from the face-off just now, Yin Ming clearly sensed that Yin Suye’s strength should be above him so he couldn’t take action at all.

“Why not?”

Yin Suye’s voice was very cold. There wasn’t any dissatisfaction inside, just calmly stating the matter. He used to hate and blame Yin Ming, and because he has emotions towards him(YM), it let him know that he actually cares for Yin Ming as his father. But now that he is reborn, Yin Ming no longer means anything to him because he has exhausted all his feelings towards his father. Not killing off Yin Wushuang right away but torturing him bit by bit in front of Yin Ming, Yin Suye wants him(YM) to personally experience the helpless pain he felt in the past. However, when he remembered that Shui Ruoshan was nearby him, he restrained the degree of his revenge and took a softer approach.

“Quickly release him, or else…” For Yin Wushuang’s sake, Yin Ming could only suppressed the anger in his heart and verbally threatened Yin Suye.

Yin Suye lost the interest to continue the conversation, his hands resumed the torturing action.

“Courting death!” Watching his beloved son being hurt, Yin Ming can no longer watch at a side, and directly struck out fiercely at Yin Suye.

Yin Suye lightly raised his gaze and coldly looked at Yin Ming, he didn’t plan to let go of Yin Wushuang.

“If you don’t let go, I could only force you myself!” As he says that, Yin Ming forcefully changed the direction of his attack and directed it towards Shui Ruoshan…

Actually, before Yin Ming arrived to the main gate, he already heard Shui Ruoshan yelling ‘Stop’ so he knew that this child has a certain influence on Yin Suye. Just that he didn’t put this small child in his eyes before this. What surprised him later on was Yin Suye’s strength actually exceeded his(YM) level so much in such a short time; he(YM) simply couldn’t do anything against Yin Suye.

Furthermore, Yin Wushuang is still in Yin Suye’s hands. Yin Ming doesn’t dare to act rashly even more, afraid that he will hurt Yin Wushuang in the process! He never thought that Yin Suye would be so uncaring (of their familial ties) so he(YM) could only shift his target to Shui Ruoshan.

Towards Yin Suye, he felt that since he couldn’t go against him by force, then he could only use suppression. It seems that Yin Suye cares for this child, so he will use this child to threaten him. Yin Suye definitely will not act rashly! However, Yin Ming didn’t immediately acted. Instead, he pretended to be irrationally furious to reduce Yin Suye’s alertness to him. Then at the most suitable time, he will pretend to attack Yin Suye to cover his real purpose to capture the child to threaten him. This is the only solution that Yin Ming could think of in such a short time, and it is the safest way to get Yin Wushuang out of Yin Suye’s grip.


Shui Ruoshan who was watching the show quietly by the side didn’t expect that Yin Ming would give up attacking Yin Suye and changed his target to him instead?! Towards this inexplicable plot twist, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t has much energy to rant, he could only say ‘Fuck!’ a few times in his heart! ‘A fire in the city gates is also a calamity for the fish in the moat'(bystander will also suffer), Shui Ruoshan is very confirmed that he got dragged into the mess by Yin Suye!

But then Shui Ruoshan knew that it was not the time to rant, as his primary concern should be on how to deal with Yin Ming’s fierce attack. He considered the fact that Yin Suye is quite a distance from him so he might not be able to save him in time. So Shui Ruoshan fished out a scroll with attacking skill from his space ring, threw it at Yin Ming without hesitation, and detonated it with his spiritual power…
After that, he took out attacking tools from his space ring, threw it at Yin Ming then started the tools with his spiritual power…
Next, he continued to pull attacking weapons from his space ring, threw it at Yin Ming and controlled it with his spiritual power…

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