Way of Transmigration Chapter 52

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero five two – Watching the commotion

Though Shui Ruoshan believed in Yin Suye’s judgement, he would still feel a bit of dissatisfaction if he is to admit the conclusion for the commotion right away. Because he knew by agreeing with Yin Suye’s judgement, he is indirectly admitting that he himself has no judgement. However, he learned to be smart this time. He didn’t say anything, and just stood outside their booth on the corridor of the second floor, concentrating on the development of the commotion downstairs. At the same time, he carried a tiny bit of expectation in his heart. He hoped that Yin Suye’s inference is wrong; that way he won’t have to admit that his ‘eyesight’1 is poor.

Unfortunately, what happened next clearly told Shui Ruoshan what it means by ‘Hope is wonderful but reality is cruel’!

Due to the location they stood was quite far away, Shui Ruoshan was unable to hear the dialogue between the girl and the group of men. He only saw both sides seemed to be arguing, and then started fighting right after that. Shui Ruoshan watched the girl in red who was surrounded in a corner flipped her ponytail hair and stepped forward. A fiery red whip then appeared in her jade-like hand.

Even if Shui Ruoshan couldn’t hear anything from the second floor, just by looking at the girl’s movement, he seemed to be able to hear the crisp sound of her high-heeled shoes clicking on the ground, plus the sound of the whip snapping in the air. Compared to the girl’s crisp and straightforward attack style, the group of men became inferior. Although each and everyone of them were armed with weapon, no one dared to go forward to take the initiative to attack the girl. They just stood still and passively defended themselves.

The girl doesn’t have any intention to yield to them at all. She just aimed at one of the men and ruthless strike out with her whip…

The brawny man raised his weapon to defend himself, but due to the gap between their strength and weapon, that man has no way to fight back under the full offensive force from the girl. Not only did the weapon in his hand broke, he was blown away from the force of the whip. Finishing one man, the girl didn’t intend to stop right there. She continued to wave her whip towards the group of brawny men…

Upon finished taking out all the men, the girl gently flipped her hair and started to slowly pack her whip.

A strong and sharp contrast could be seen between the girl’s casual and relaxed behavior and the miserable image of the group of men whose life and death was unknown; lying down on the floor and spitting blood.
Facing such a scene, Shui Ruoshan only has one thought in his mind. That is ‘girls from parallel world are too ferocious!’.

“…” The Hell?!

To think that he was fretting just now over the fact that the protagonist is not here and no one could save the girl from being bullied, Shui Ruoshan felt like he(SRS) is really stupid to the point that he can’t be any more stupider. Such a girl with strength off the charts, she don’t need anyone to come forward and play ‘Hero saving beauty’ ah! It’s already super if she doesn’t go and bully other people instead! That group of brawny men is the best example of what not to do ah!

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to finish sighing upstairs, the situation downstairs has a new development. The girl in red seemed to be ready to leave after she settled that group of men, turning her body and walking towards the exit. Just that she has yet to reach the door when a young man in white stopped her. The girl in red didn’t choose to attack straight away this time but started arguing with the young man at the door.

Standing there at the second floor, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t hear anything, and could only see both of them opening and closing their mouth. He guessed it must be related to the group of men being KO-ed by the girl in red. Because he(SRS) saw it just now, the young man went to check that first man who was blown away. Then he seemed to be dissatisfied with what the girl in red did, and went to block the girl.

A pity that Shui Ruoshan couldn’t hear what they are talking about, he couldn’t guess what is the status of the matter right now. It makes him anxious just by thinking it ah! Should he take the risk of being entangled in the problem, and go downstairs to watch the fun?

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to finish weighing his options, Yin Suye noticed what he was thinking about and took the initiative to open his(YSY) mouth.

“Want to listen?”

Actually, as long as one possessed a certain level of strength, one could listen and detect whatever happened within a certain range around themselves. Although he(YSY) doesn’t understand why Shui Ruoshan who possessed (spiritual) powers suddenly acted like an ordinary person who don’t know how to use his powers, Yin Suye doesn’t mind providing his assistance.


Shui Ruoshan nodded in confirmation, then raised his head to look at Yin Suye with expectation. That pair of big eyes seemed to be saying in a pampered tone, ‘Hurry up and let me hear the conversation downstairs! Pretty please!’.

Very obviously, the Shui Ruoshan who thought he has found the right person to seek help has long forgotten that as long as he could use spiritual power, he could also hear the conversation downstairs even by himself.


Yin Suye has no intention to remind Shui Ruoshan of that (to use own spiritual power) at all. Instead, the moment Shui Ruoshan said yes, he reached out and gently pinched his(SRS) ears. He covered his fingers with spiritual power and transferred his power through the intimate contact between them.

“Don’t reject my spiritual power.”

Yin Suye who just remembered that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t understand much of these (stuff about spiritual powers) couldn’t help sounded a reminder.


Shui Ruoshan slow-wittedly agreed. All his attentions were focused on his ears, he has no time for other things at all. Plus he don’t know such advanced skills like ‘Reject’ ah!


Yin Suye was very satisfied that this little guy didn’t put up the slightest guard against him, he couldn’t help but caressed those delicate ears. Only by having absolute trust towards the other party that their spiritual power could enter into the spiritual space without any hindrance.

“That’s enough, quickly let go!”

Shui Ruoshan felt his ears were feeling itchy from being caressed back and forth, the temperature on his face has somewhat risen. So, the moment he could hear the conversation downstairs, he immediately reached out and slapped away those big mischievous hands from his ears. Such an action in ‘throwing away things after using it’, Shui Ruoshan don’t be too skilled in doing it!2

Looking at those completely red ears, Yin Suye doesn’t mind the other person’s ungrateful action.

When Yin Suye obediently let go of his ears, Shui Ruoshan was slightly relieved. He never knew that his ears would be so sensitive?! He almost couldn’t hold it in, alright?! On the other hand, Yin Suye has just clasped his(SRS) ears for a bit and he could already hear the voices downstairs, this process is too simple! If this is the case, the Hell he tried his best to ‘sell meng’ to Yin Suye for? Plus he gotten his ears rubbed (molested) from the process, for what he did all this ah? Yin Suye could just give him so tips and he would be able to do it himself ah!

The Shui Ruoshan who finally realized what happened after the whole thing has ended instantly had a face full of tears.

How come he is always so slow in reacting every time?

He is definitely not the problem. It must be this parallel world not compatible with him, causing him to keep getting ‘thrown into a pit’. Before he transmigrated, he was an ordinary little nerd who is so ordinary that one couldn’t be anymore ordinary. So, as an ordinary person, he didn’t has the thought to use any powers from parallel world nor do he know how to use it. Especially when he is facing the blackened villain from his novel, it’s normal that he couldn’t go against him(YSY)!

Then, does that means it’s not strange to be thrown into a pit3?!

*falling down action*

His self-destructive mentality is definitely getting wrong ah?! He would not admit that he has gotten used to be ‘thrown into a pit’ after transmigration and being repeatedly ‘pitted’ in this parallel world!

Shui Ruoshan silently rant about his own behavior in his heart while focusing his ears and listening to the dialogue between the girl in red and the youth in white.

“This young lady, don’t you think your actions just now were too much?” The youth in white blocked the girl and asked in dissatisfaction.

“They dared to speak rudely to me, this Miss naturally want to teach them a lesson!” The girl in red replied in confidence.

“But then, you don’t have to deal such a heavy hand!”

“If you want to blame someone, blame them for being so weak and couldn’t catch this Miss’s moves!”

“Just because you are strong, you could cripple them?”

“Not taking their lives is already this Miss’s favor for them!”

“You are just ‘twisting words and forcing logic’ here!”


As the arguments between the two increasingly heated, Shui Ruoshan became more and more absent-minded. It was because he keep feeling that this scene is very familiar and was trying his best to recall it. All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan who seemed to has recalled something, immediately looked at the girl in red with a disbelief look. Because he wrote similar scene in his draft! And that scene was the official appearance of one of the protagonist’s harem member?! Doesn’t that means he just met the protagonist’s future woman?!

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