Way of Transmigration Chapter 4

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero four – Innocent passer-by

“You’re that Yin Suye who was also known as ‘Light of Sun’?” Shui Ruoshan asked with doubt after retrieving back some shocked emotions in his eyes.

Right now, he need to confirm the situation whether he really transmigrated into his own novel. Or this is just a simple coincidence that he met someone with the exact name and surname.

The villain in the story had a head full of brilliant blond hair like the color of stars, blue-green heterochromia eyes and a flawless face…
Because the villain has a beautiful appearance like a child of the Sun, plus possessing a supernatural cultivation talent, he gained a nickname as the ‘Light of Sun’.

Coincidentally, this person in front of him possessed the exact characteristics.


Yin Suye’s expression instantly turned darker, at this moment his emotionless eyes were filled with distaste towards this nickname.

“…” He really transmigrated into his own novel [The Strongest King in History].

No wonder he could communicate with Yin Suye without any language barrier even though he doesn’t possess any memories from the original body. It was not due to his extraordinary talent, but because this world’s common language was Mandarin. This setting was specifically done by Shui Ruoshan, for the sake of letting the protagonist to be able to integrate better into this world. He just didn’t expect that this convenience would apply to him as well.

What you say? Parallel world using Mandarin as common language is totally illogical?
Do you understand what is fictional?

Even when something appeared to be unreasonable in the novel, it is understandable.
Even when a situation happened that goes against common sense and science, it is also understandable.
Even when something wasn’t quite center nor west (doesn’t look right), it is totally normal.


In short, as long as it’s fictional, no matter how illogical it was, unscientific or unrealistic the places were, it is understandable. This is definitely the best universal reason one could use! And so because of this, Shui Ruoshan used fictional world as the background for this novel [The Strongest King in History].


Not getting replies for some time, Yin Suye who was waiting for a response couldn’t help but became colder when he saw someone actually ‘dazing away’ in front of him.
His voice became icier and his expression looked very unkind.


“Shui Ruoshan.”

Even though he was thrown into a savage and violent world where it is dominated by the strong and facing a volatile villain, whenever he remembered that this person standing in front of him was created by himself, the sense of fear fade away.

At the same time, he sighed in his heart. Yin Suye indeed deserved the title as the big BOSS, just a random sentence could cause people to feel a chill in their heart; unstoppable fear and horror making one wanted to surrender under his feet. Such an aura ah!


His brows were slightly wrinkled, as he was very dissatisfied with this super brief answer.

“Innocent passer-by.”


Facing Yin Suye’s overbearing pressure, Shui Ruoshan could only innocently blinked his eyes in order to make himself looked innocent and naive. At the same time, he took in the scene of their surrounding and tried to figure out which part of the plot that he had transmigrated into.

As for the information regarding the villain Yin Suye in [The Strongest King in History], a simple summary would be Yin Suye went for a solo adventure to gain experience and bumped into the protagonist. Then they begun the days of traveling together as a team. In the middle of their adventure, they inadvertently gotten a piece of a treasure map. The other group who possessed a part of the map immediately invited them to join their group to treasure hunt together.

Just that upon finding the location of the treasure, that group of people did not immediately start the hunt but secretly planned how to kill the duo to monopoly the treasure.

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