Way of Transmigration Chapter 3

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero three – Yin Suye


That cold voice doesn’t have any fluctuations, seemed to be able to attack directly at people’s heart and cause them to shiver with chill. He had a look of bleakness together with a sloven expression, he also carried the aura of dignity and power; able to overwhelm others with its pressure.

Shaken by the other person’s aura, Shui Ruoshan lost his focus and forgot to react. He could only stood still in a daze as he watched the person turned towards him. He would never imagine that the man who felt like the blood-soaked Asura would looked so beautiful; so dazzling that it felt surreal!

A head full of brilliant blonde hairs, his hairs were tied high in a ponytail behind the back of his head. His brows and eyes were strict but charming. The man’s aura was overflowing with murderous bloodthirsty intent though it also carried hints of pride and dignity at the same time. It was as if he is the Death God who could control life and death.

That perfect face looked like it was meticulously carved out by God but at this moment, it was frosted over with fragments of ice (metaphor). Like icy cold ice blades, it could struck someone and freeze them all over from head to toe. With the color of blood as the background, the man looked like either demon or God!

With just a glance, it caused a great fear in Shui Ruoshan’s heart. His body began to shudder, he had to clench his teeth tightly to prevent his legs from going soft.

He need to escape, get away as quickly and as far as possible! Else, he felt like he would definitely be in a life-threatening situation!

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to do anything, the man who was standing on top of those corpses shifted and instantly arrived in front of him. The sharp sword in his hand was in a motion to stab at him….

Being in a close proximity with that harmful bloodthirsty aura of the other person, Shui Ruoshan could feel the blood inside his body froze for a second; even breathing became difficult. His body subconsciously retreated a few steps backwards because it couldn’t withstand the pressure.

He wanted to run but his body wouldn’t listen and became stiff, he could only stood still as he watched the sword stabbing towards him. Unable to avoid the inevitable, Shui Ruoshan subconsciously closed his eyes to escape from facing the immediate danger.

So unlucky, he bumped into a cold-blooded demon as soon as he transmigrated, and now he has to face the danger of being killed!

It was not like he don’t want to beg for mercy, just that he was choking from the intense smell of blood from the opponent. Opening his mouth would cause him to vomit, then he probably will die faster after that.

Waiting for a moment now but the pain he imagined didn’t arrive so Shui Ruoshan slightly opened his eyes to observe the situation.

What he saw was the sword has already arrived right in front of him, and yet seemed to be stopped by something in the air. Not only it couldn’t advance, the sword was strongly rebounded.


The man saw that his attack was useless, he simply retrieved his sword. Though, that pair of bloodthirsty eyes were still coldly watching Shui Ruoshan who was standing inside a barrier.

The word ‘Barrier’ was extremely familiar to Shui Ruoshan who was used to mingle the world of novel. For example, places where any important plots occurred in his novel would be covered in layers of barrier so that other people couldn’t enter so easily.

It was such a coincidence that the small step backward earlier let him enter the cave behind him. This cave was obviously protected by a barrier and thus enabled him to survive the opponent’s attack.

Shui Ruoshan : “Violence cannot solve the problem, we can sit down for a proper talk.”

That pair of eyes used the gaze like looking at a dead person to stare at him, not only Shui Ruoshan’s tumultuous emotion didn’t ease down, it became even more uncomfortable. However, Shui Ruoshan had to harden his will and say something in order to disperse the thick tension between the two of them.

??? : “Who are you?”

Not sure if it was because the other person took Shui Ruoshan’s advice (to talk) or because they were separated by a barrier, the man went ahead and ask a question of doubt from his heart.

Shui Ruoshan : “Don’t you know as a gesture of politeness, you should first disclose your own name before asking for someone else’s name?”

Shui Ruoshan’s courage swelled because he knew he was not in any danger. Actually, he really didn’t mean to mess around/evade the question. Just that he doesn’t even know whose identity he is assuming right now. How to answer then?

Therefore, he deliberately misinterpreted the other person’s meaning and just ask for the name, not mentioning about other things.

“Yin Suye.”

Throwing an icy glance at Shui Ruoshan, the man slightly wrinkled his brow and revealed his own name with a stiff voice.



Upon hearing the other person’s name, Shui Ruoshan opened his eyes widely in disbelief, the shocked emotion in his eyes couldn’t be concealed. The only thing that keep reverberating in his mind was –

That man said his name was Yin Suye?!

EzoicSaid his name was Yin Suye?!

Was Yin Suye?!

Yin Suye?!

This name Yin Suye, he was so familiar with it that he couldn’t get anymore familiar than this! Because the villain in his novel [The Strongest King in History] was called Yin Suye! Could it be, he didn’t transmigrate to any parallel world but into his own novel instead?

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