Way of Transmigration Chapter 5

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero five – Forming a contract

“You don’t believe what I say?”

Upon seeing Yin Suye’s expression becoming colder when he answered ‘Innocent passer-by’, Shui Ruoshan instantly understood that his words doesn’t have any credibility for this person in front of him.

“Don’t believe.”

Yin Suye narrowed his eyes, coldly staring at Shui Ruoshan who was standing inside the barrier.

“….” Could you please not say it so mercilessly ah?!

Shui Ruoshan also knew that for Yin Suye who had just suffered a betrayal, he won’t easily believe in other people but he(SRS) was really innocent ah! As an author, he don’t even know whose body did he transmigrated into. This only showed that this character is like someone from ‘Soy Sauce Society’1 in the novel [The Strongest King in History] and doesn’t have any ‘screen time’ at all ah!

Such an insignificant and worthless nameless character; in his eyes, it’s existence was definitely be equal to ‘Passerby A’, ‘Passerby B’ or ABC.

And so, he who obviously should be very confident (of his answer as a ‘Passerby’) with himself but not sure why, Shui Ruoshan wanted to shift his sight away as if he was having a guilty conscience when his eyes met with Yin Suye’s lightless dim eyes.

“Whether you believe it or not, I really have no malice towards you. You don’t have to be hostile to me at all, really!”

Shui Ruoshan opened his eyes widely and stare straight into Yin Suye’s eyes to express his sincerity.

“Form a contract.”

There were no changes on Yin Suye’s grim face when he finally stated his condition slowly.

“You mean, as long as I agree to form a contract with you, you will believe me?”

For the first time, Shui Ruoshan felt that setting Yin Suye’s ways of talking to be ‘concise and comprehensive’ was somewhat inconvenient. He has to guess every single word, so troublesome and tiresome!2


Yin Suye raised his right hand. His ring flashed with a silver light, and a scroll appeared directly in his hand.

“Space ring?!”

Although equipment-hoarding item like space ring was one of the necessary props in the parallel world setting, this was the first time Shui Ruoshan actually saw the real thing. He might looked shameful (for being excited), it doesn’t change his little excitement rush at all since he managed to see the legendary ring that always had been mentioned in the novels! The next second, his attention was quickly drawn towards the scroll in Yin Suye’s hand.

“This is a contract scroll?”

He never expect that he could immediately see another legendary item right away!


Seemed to be somewhat impatient with Shui Ruoshan’s annoying behavior of asking questions about everything, Yin Suye opened the contract scroll without much delay.
He slid his finger on his sword and dropped a drop of blood onto the scroll.

Instantly, the scroll emitted a light magical light which proved that the scroll was taking effect. Yin Suye then raised his head and signaled Shui Ruoshan to begin (to drop his blood onto the scroll as well).

Under Yin Suye’s fixated gaze, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to dally. He clenched his teeth and steadied his body, then with a I-am-not-afraid feeling, he fiercely bit his own finger.

Why is he so pitiful? He had just transmigrated and have to bleed and get hurt!

Only when Shui Ruoshan finally managed to squeeze out some blood from his finger, he realized he doesn’t know what to do with it! He was still standing inside the barrier so he have no way to drop his blood onto the contract scroll which was on the outside of the barrier.

Go out?

He don’t have such courage!

Shui Ruoshan still haven’t forget that the moment they met, Yin Suye already wanted to kill him. So before forming the contract, he doesn’t dare to risk his own life.

Fortunately, he is the creator of this story. He knew how to overcome the current situation. Just that, the only thing he couldn’t be sure was he doesn’t know if the current him could utilize ‘that’.

The easiest way to drop his blood onto that contract scroll is to use spiritual power.

The Tianyuan Mainland set in his novel was actually a mix-up world. Although it was based on swords and magic as the main element, there were also other side elements in this world. And spiritual power is one of the higher leveled skill in the system of strength.

Using Shui Ruoshan’s way to describe spiritual power is it was the ultimate expression of idealism. As long as your spiritual power is strong enough, you can achieve whatever you want to do in your mind using mental power.

‘Let’s do it then’3, Shui Ruoshan immediately stared intently at the blood on his finger, repeatedly issued the same order in his mind to fly over there, fly over there, fly over there….

Upon seeing his drop of blood really flew over to the contract scroll outside the barrier, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t even have enough time to rejoice and felt like this world is trying to push him into a pit. At the lower left corner of the contract in Yin Suye’s hand was a chain symbol, that means the one who signed the contract would be bounded to the owner of the contract for a lifetime!

Can anyone tell him, how come the contract he would be signing is a master and servant contract?!

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