Way of Transmigration Chapter 27

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two seven – Couldn’t adapt

Yin Suye ignored Shui Ruoshan’s blind worries, and took a long sword glimmering with cold light out from his space ring. Because he was still holding onto Shui Ruoshan’s hand, he could easily cross through the barrier this time. The moment he went out from the barrier, Yin Suye let go of Shui Ruoshan’s hand and left that person inside the cave. He then walked towards the pack of wolves by himself.

That pair of boots embroidered with fine patterns stepped directly onto the bloodstains and those corpses which perished under his swords earlier; making a light sound on the floor. Feeling that the incoming person is not easy to handle, the wolves stopping biting on the corpses and formed an attacking stance against Yin Suye.

Facing those menacing wolves, Yin Suye’s expression didn’t change at all. He just raised the long sword in his hand, and a wolf’s life was gone between the time his sword was raised up and lowered down. There were no excessive motions, his attacks were scarily neat. Corpses littered behind him as he walked in a speed not fast nor slow.

Yin Suye’s relaxed and carefree style, caused the Shui Ruoshan who was staying inside the barrier to have an illusion. Yin Suye was not fighting a brave battle against the wolves, he looked like he was playing a ‘watermelon cutting game’ instead! Because of this association, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t feel that terrible anymore upon seeing the bloody hell-like scene caused by Yin Suye!

“Let’s go.”

After finishing the last giant wolf, Yin Suye returned to the barrier and extended his hand towards Shui Ruoshan.


Shui Ruoshan hesitated for one second but he still stretched his hand out of the barrier and placed his hand on Yin Suye’s hand. He obviously know that the hand he is holding right now took away numerous life but strangely, he doesn’t feel much sense of rejection.

Although Yin Suye just created a one-sided massacre, he didn’t let any part of his body to be stained by blood. He didn’t have any trace of injuries, as if he is telling other people that on the battle ground, he is the God who controls the whole world!


Yin Suye lightly frowned when he lowered his head and saw Shui Ruoshan’s pale white face who was striving to maintain his calm.

“Just couldn’t adapt for a bit.”

As a modern person, one’s heart would still instinctively produce fear and rejection when facing this kind of gory scene, no matter how much preparation was done. Even if he is the author of this world and is familiar with the law of the jungle in this world, plus has read and watched numerous horrible death scenes in novels and TV, it doesn’t change the fact that he is a stay-home nerd who never kill even a chicken in his life.

He probably should be grateful of himself for having the ability to maintain a calm face even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of him. With this ability, he could prevent himself from showing any ugly expressions and maintain a normal expression as usual. He need to give himself countless praise for this unique skill of his ah!

“Then don’t look at it.”

As he said that, Yin Suye blocked Shui Ruoshan’s eyes with one hand and used the other hand to pull Shui Ruoshan1; avoiding countless bodies and bloodstains on the floor and walked towards the outside of the forest.

“En.” Shui Ruoshan didn’t reject his(YSY) action.

In this kind of environment, it gave one a very relieved feeling to have one person that you could completely rely on. His eyes were covered by Yin Suye’s big palm, Shui Ruoshan uncomfortably blinked his eyes. It caused his long eyelashes to brush the palm of Yin Suye’s hand, and his(YSY) fingers unconsciously opened a little gap in between.

From the gap between Yin Suye’s fingers, Shui Ruoshan could take a glimpse of the situation outside. And the first thing Shui Ruoshan saw was Yin Suye specially turned back and put the body of a giant wolf into his space ring before they leave the place.

At that instant, the emotional feeling Shui Ruoshan had from seeing someone being killed, ah no, something being killed was gone. What left was a complete feeling of helplessness.

How persistent Yin Suye actually is regarding the matter of roasting wolf meat ah?

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