Way of Transmigration Chapter 28

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two eight – Doesn’t know how to take care others

“Give you.”

Seeing that Shui Ruoshan stared unblinkingly at him, Yin Suye felt he must be feeling hungry, so he immediately placed the freshly roasted wolf meat on his(SRS) hand, indicating that he can start eating. After that, Yin Suye squatted down and continued roasting more wolf meat.


Even when he was being given a skewer of nicely done roasted wolf meat, Shui Ruoshan still has yet to react. He still stare dazely at Yin Suye, not even blinking his eyes. Or you could say, he started looking like that when Yin Suye brought him to this place with enchanting scenery. When they arrived here, Yin Suye led him to sit on some comfortable-looking grass to rest.

Just like this, Shui Ruoshan sat at a side and watched with a stunned expression as Yin Suye took out the wolf’s body from his space ring and some simple spices; skillfully cut the body up, cleaning, skewering, building fire…

From those skillful movement, it was very clear that this was not the first time Yin Suye did these. For the first time, Shui Ruoshan felt that Yin Suye’s capability is beyond his imagination. Although he has been working very hard to set the villain’s setting to be perfect, he didn’t write that he(YSY) is perfect in everything ah!

Not only Yin Suye know some life skills, he seemed to be quite skillful in roasting meat as well! Perhaps he(SRS) is making a mountain out of a molehill because what he didn’t write in the novel doesn’t mean that Yin Suye doesn’t know it.

“It’s not hot.”

Seeing that Shui Ruoshan still haven’t eat the meat, Yin Suye gave his confirmation. He has blowed on the meat before giving it to Shui Ruoshan so one can confidently eat without getting burnt from the heat.


The roasted meat in his hand smelled fragrant and it looked tempting too but the moment Shui Ruoshan thought of the gory murder scene of the wolves, he doesn’t feel like eating anymore. The psychological shadow given by that blood-splattered horrible scene was a bit too much!

But then when he remembered the meat in his hand was specially roasted by Yin Suye to him, Shui Ruoshan felt he would let down his(YSY) good intention if he didn’t eat it. Especially when he recalled the anticipating look on Yin Suye when he(YSY) said he would let him(SRS) eat roasted meat, he simply couldn’t say anything to refuse. With this thought, Shui Ruoshan endured the feeling of nausea and opened his mouth, ready to bite with an utterly fearless spirit…

“If you don’t want to eat, then don’t force yourself!”

Before Shui Ruoshan could bite on it, Yin Suye has grabbed the skewer and flung it away without any hesitation. He looked rather displeased and angry. Just that he was not angry at Shui Ruoshan for not appreciating his good will, he was angered by his own incompetence instead. If he has yet to understand Shui Ruoshan’s rejection towards the wolf meat by now, then he must be stupid. Previously, he only saw that the other person was hungry and that he wanted to quickly get something for Shui Ruoshan to eat. That was why he picked the readily available wolf meat on the spot.

Plus, there were only some simple spices in his space ring. He couldn’t prepare any complex dishes so he chose the more convenient method – roasted meat. However, he forgot Shui Ruoshan was not like him who has already used to killing, but a small child who couldn’t tolerate bloody scenes.

He actually made such obvious mistakes?

This is really un-thoughtful!

He has already decided to give everything to this person who he decided to trust, but not only he couldn’t give the best to him(SRS), he caused him to go hungry instead. Making such a bad choice, he really doesn’t know how to take care of other people.

Looks like he need to properly learn how to care for other people!

Raw Word Count : 1032


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  1. Vamos a ser más internacional y hablo en español mi idioma XD. Gracias por el capítulo . Thank for the chapter from Argentine . Really I think if I need food I can eat in that situation can be rong of course XD

  2. Estou cada vez mais espantada com o fato de Yin Suye não se perguntar sobre oque o outro fará depois de sair da floresta, ou sobre a família da outra parte e até mesmo porque estava ali!

  3. I completely agree with statement that this chapter is cute but I can’t stop myself with imaginating the moment when our fearless villain took away and throw out meat that Shui Ruoshan was ready to ate. Just imagine his reaction XD That’s a second time when Yin Suye took away his food. ROTFL

  4. Awww there goes the misunderstanding hahh don’t worry SRS.. YSY is such a good ML >\\\<)/ Thank you very very much for the chapter!!~ Fightoooo!!

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