Way of Transmigration Chapter 26

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two six – Roasted wolf meat

“How come the pack of wolves is still outside?”

Shui Ruoshan walked out with Yin Suye after he swept the treasures back into the space ring. He stopped immediately when he reached the entrance of the cave, because the wolves have yet to leave; keeping unwaveringly outside the barrier. He could clearly feel that the moment they appeared, the wolves whose eyes were flashing with green light stopped bothering with the numerous corpse around them and directed their attentions on them. If not for the barrier blocking them, Shui Ruoshan believes the pack of wolves would pounce over that instant.

“Want to eat roasted meat?”

Yin Suye seemed to not notice the sense of danger from the wolves, he turned his head around and started asking Shui Ruoshan seriously regarding the matter of food. Obviously, he still remembered being accused of stealing the steamed bun by Shui Ruoshan and this scene in front of him gave him a good suggestion; he understood that he could make up for his previous mistake using other approach.


What is this weird ‘Bull’s head doesn’t match horse’s mouth'(irrelevant) conversation?

For the first time, Shui Ruoshan started to doubt his own IQ. Why couldn’t he keep up with Yin Suye’s trains of thought? How come he couldn’t understand the meaning of his words very well?

Wait a minute!

The word roasted meat and the pack of wolves instantly gave him a very bad combination.

“Could it be you wanted to give me roasted wolf meat?”

This guess is really too ruthless alright?!


Yin Suye couldn’t understand what Shui Ruoshan was fussing about. Going out to the world for experience and for training own abilities, he never bring too much household goods with him.
Especially food, because you can always catch one on the spot. Plus they are now inside the forest where the fog were the densest. Right now, they don’t have to worry at all as the pack of wolves in front of them is a very good choice.


Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have any expectation at all for this roasted meat by Yin Suye. He was a nerd (staying inside the house all day) who doesn’t have much life skills. Roasting meat is a high level life skill, so he really doesn’t possess any knowledge of it.

He is really losing face on behalf of all those transmigrator seniors, because he couldn’t act like a normal protagonist who could rely on their superb cooking skills, conquering ‘sisters’, awe-ing ‘brothers’1 and charming spiritual beast…

Sure enough, those tales about book transmigration are all lies!

As for Yin Suye, he never write about him in this matter2 before he has no expectation! Even though Shui Ruoshan is used to being kicked into a pit by this parallel world, he still felt that the level of endurance in his heart was not high enough. At the very least, he couldn’t accept the fact that he will soon going to get downgraded from a civilized person to a primitive man who eats wild wolves.

What with this pit ah?

“Can you really handle so many wolves with just you alone?”

Shui Ruoshan reacted a bit late. Rather than being concerned whether to eat wolves meat or not, he should be more worried on how to deal with the wolves and how to leave safely after that. One need to know, both of them almost died under the wolf’s jaw before.


Yin Suye coldly hmphed with disdain. The disdainful eyes clearly showed his proudness that he didn’t put the wolves in his eyes. He deliberately held back previously and showed a sorry look in order to test Shui Ruoshan’s attitude. Now that the wolves no longer have any use, it’s fine to just eliminate all of them.


As expected from Yin Suye, the perfect villain created by him(SRS). With just a cold hmph, he(YSY) vividly displayed the arrogance and cool aura of a professional; so handsome to the point he couldn’t be more handsome!

Not sure if the hole3 in his brain is too, too big, he always had a feeling that Yin Suye’s slight tilted head looked unusual. His gestures felt like the arrogance of sentient beings, as if he was saying ‘You stupid mortals, kneel and lick this Queen’s feet!’.

What with this obviously wrong scenery?

This villain, does the author know that you are being OOC?4

*fall down*

He felt like he is becoming like those godforsaken rotten authors!

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