Way of Transmigration Chapter 25

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two five – A steamed bun

“Since you are hungry, you should quickly get something to eat ah!”

The moment he heard that Yin Suye admitted that he was hungry, Shui Ruoshan who ‘gets to step down from the stage’1 don’t feel so awkward anymore; immediately came back to life with full vigor. His eyes were staring unblinkingly at the space ring on Yin Suye’s finger, silently urging him to quickly take out the food.


Yin Suye started to search for food from his space ring and finally pulled out a little mantou(steamed bun).

“Is there anymore food?”

Waiting for some time and not seeing Yin Suye taking out other food, Shui Ruoshan suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.


“No more.”

EzoicYin Suye’s expression stiffened, but his face returned to its usual expression very quickly so no one realized something unnatural from him.

“No more?!”

Shu Ruoshan didn’t grab the steamed bun from Yin Suye’s hand right away. His mind that was filled with the thoughts of food had a hard time accepting the fact that there is only one steamed bun available. Although this steamed bun looked cutely plump and white, it didn’t change the fact that this is just a tasteless steamed bun!


Yin Suye replied with a very confirmed tone. Then he had a thought, and placed the one and only steamed bun on Shui Ruoshan’s hand, indicating that he should eat it.


Accepting the steamed bun, Shui Ruoshan felt the impulse to cry a river. How could one survive without delicious food? Moreover, what with this feeling of not wanting to accept in his heart when Yin Suye gave him the only food he(YSY) had?

Don’t think that this steamed bun looked normal from the outside, God knows how long has it been stored inside the space ring. Not sure if it has expired or not? Taking it in his hand, not only he couldn’t feel the soft ‘boing’ feeling from the bun, it was so hard it could cut his hand.

This is too risky!

But he is hungry now, he could only choose to eat this bun. Otherwise, he would have to continue starving. Comparing to that, he should fill his stomach first to gain upper hand of the situation. With an aggrieved feeling, Shui Ruoshan bit into the steamed bun…

The next second, the child spat out the bun with tears flowing from his eyes.

He actually couldn’t take a bite out of this bun from parallel world?

This strong bite from him only left two shallow teeth marks on the bun, he didn’t manage to eat anything from this bun! This is hurting his pride too much! With this one bite, his teeth felt like they are getting loose and it was very painful! This steamed bun was not the same type with the one from Earth at all, it definitely didn’t born from his pen!

One should know, the novel he wrote was a fantasy novel and not a foodie novel. He won’t stay up late to write about food innovation, so the food in his novel was simply directly copied from Earth’s culinary. Then, how come this steamed bun could be so different? Everything from the parallel world cannot be measured by common sense indeed. Even the most common steamed bun has undergone an unknown change?

“You gave me a stone instead of a steamed bun, right?!”

Shui Ruoshan raised the steamed bun at Yin Suye and began to complain.

It must been stored too long that it hardened enough to be comparable to stone. That’s why he couldn’t bite into it. He is definitely not acknowledging that his current body is too spoiled and couldn’t suffer bitterness, which was why he couldn’t adapt to this kind of shoddy food.

Yin Suye was shocked this unexpected spectacle.

Especially when he looked at Shui Ruoshan’s pitiful teary look, he even almost agree with his complain and thought that he(YSY) had taken out some unknown items instead of steamed bun. But Yin Suye is Yin Suye, he immediately recovered from shock and reached out to take the steamed bun from Shui Ruoshan’s hand.

“It is a steamed bun.”

Yin Suye gave his confirmation after a careful inspection of the bun.

Seemed to afraid that Shui Ruoshan won’t believe him, he put the bun straight into his own mouth and gently chewed. He managed to eat the bun very easily. It was not obvious to Yin Suye that in order to prove that the bun was eatable, the part he took a bite from was exactly where Shui Ruoshan left his two shallow teeth marks. Similarly, Shui Ruoshan also didn’t notice this detail either. What he saw was a steamed bun missing a big part of itself, and that Yin Suye has proven to him that it was indeed just a steamed bun.

Therefore, his malicious accusation that it is a stone was completely untrue.

Yin Suye, it’s not right for you to disassemble other people’s ‘stage’2 so directly!

“It’s a bit hard.”

Seemed to notice that Shui Ruoshan’s emotion was not right, Yin Suye thought for a moment and decided to comfort the other person a bit. Plus he didn’t say anything wrong. This steamed bun probably was stored a bit too long in his space ring so it was harder than a fresh one; can be considered a bit hard to bite into it.


Yin Suye, what with this coaxing tone normally used on children? Even if you wanted to comfort him, please be more professional! At the very least, your tone should be a bit more sincere. Your expressions should be a bit more in place, and your actions should coordinate a bit more!

You are not convincing at all, using that serious expression to say this conclusion! And what is ‘a bit hard?’?! Are you saying that it’s normal for this small and weak me to not able to bite into the bun?

The most annoying thing was Yin Suye gave this conclusion after eating the steamed bun, so it was even less convincing!

“You ate my steamed bun!”

EzoicThis was purely Shui Ruoshan not feeling happy that he started looking for trouble with the other person; as if he wanted to balance back his mentality. Although Yin Suye was the one who gave the bun to him but since the thing has been given to him(SRS), it was considered his thing already. Yin Suye actually ate his steamed bun without his permission, this behaviour is not correct!

Moreover, the most hateful thing was he didn’t get to eat anything. Yin Suye has eaten a big part of the only ration. He(SRS) who was very hungry to the point ‘his chest stuck to his back’, how could he endure this ah?!

At this instant, Shui Ruoshan felt despaired towards this world that was full of malice!

This bullying is too much, alright?!

He want to return to Earth, strongly requesting to return to Earth!

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