Way of Transmigration Chapter 24

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero two four – Eat

“Yin Suye, you have been fighting earlier, then went treasure-hunting followed by breaking traps. Don’t you feel that you have exerted a lot of energies?”

Raising his head, Shui Ruoshan looked at Yin Suye with hopeful eyes, hoping that he(YSY) will catch his drift and take the initiative to say ‘that matter’ out. At the same time, he realized that whenever they fell into silence, the one who usually raised a new topic was him. This time was no exception either.


Obviously, Yin Suye’s thoughts and his thoughts were not on the same channel. He(YSY) couldn’t keep up with him(SRS) voicing his abrupt thoughts, so he(YSY) was not able to immediately understand his(SRS) words.

“I just wanted to remind you that for the sake of your body, you need to…”

Eat ah! After that, you can casually call me to eat together with you.

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to explain what he really wants, his stomach made the first move and issued a ‘gululu’ sound, exposing his physical condition to the other person. A faint blush instantly colored Shui Ruoshan’s face; it was really awkward. His stomach is definitely a pig teammate(stupid) at his side, that sold out its teammate without reservation!

In order to get food, he has been using a tactful tone to show his care for Yin Suye’s body while indirectly reminding the man to replenish energy. But now that his stomach cried out at the wrong time, wouldn’t that clearly telling the other person that he was actually hungry and want to eat?! This time, he really lost his face big time because he lose his face in a parallel world instead!


Looking at Shui Ruoshan being angry with himself to the point of wanting to drill into the ground, the corner of Yin Suye’s mouth slightly curved up. This child not saying what he really wants was very amusing. But regarding food, it was indeed his fault for neglecting that matter. A child’s body couldn’t endure hunger after all.

Furthermore, it has been more than half a day since he first met Shui Ruoshan. He didn’t see him eating anything so he(SRS) could be consider very good already to only call out hunger right now.


Being so directly attacked on his embarrassing point, Shui Ruoshan directly denied without thinking. However, the moment his words were out, he immediately regretted it. His behavior was exactly a model example of ‘No, I don’t have 300 dollar behind my back’1!

Shui Ruoshan : “Actually, I am a little hungry.”

After a moment of thoughts, he reluctantly admitted it. After all, the facts were all laid in front of him, he couldn’t refute it.

Shui Ruoshan : “Actually you don’t have to mind my ‘little hungry’, really!”

But in order to keep the last shred of his dignity, Shui Ruoshan acted like he was not that hungry and that it wouldn’t matter if he eats now or not.


The child was obviously hungry but still stubbornly insisted the opposite, Yin Suye’s mouth couldn’t help but twitched a bit. Even Yin Suye himself didn’t notice that there was a hint of slight pampering in his eyes and he had a few degree of gentleness at this moment. That kind of aloft arrogance with a soft atmosphere, plus his dazzling and perfect appearance was absolutely the image of ‘The Light of The Sun’.

Yin Suye : “I’m hungry, want to eat something.”

In order to prevent Shui Ruoshan from continuing on this unnecessary trifles, Yin Suye helplessly indulge the child by taking this ‘black pot(blame)’ on himself. In his mind, Yin Suye felt that Shui Ruoshan would be the one and only person in this world that could make this Supreme Human King willingly taking a blame for another person!

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