Way of Transmigration Chapter 2

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero two – Transmigrated

After Shui Ruoshan recovered his consciousness, he doesn’t have much spare time to care of his physical discomfort. He just stupidly opened his eyes wide, his mouth gaped open; he has a stunned expression like he just saw a ghost. He obviously fainted in front of his computer in his house, so how come he woke up in a totally strange place?

For Shui Ruoshan who writes online novels, this kind of situation was way too familiar!

Did he just transmigrated? Or transmigrated? Or really transmigrated?!1

No one told him that one could transmigrate just by writing novel at home!

This is unscientific!

Although the transmigration genre has been written to exhaustion, one would still feel incredibly unbelievable when it happened to themselves. He now only hoped that tomorrow will not appear such humiliating news of him in the community where he lived, like ‘A web author suddenly passed away from smashing keyboard (typing rapidly) for a few nights’.

Is it too late for him to request for a ‘high-end’ news now?

EzoicBut it is not the time to sigh right now, he must first understand the current situation.

He seemed to be lying down inside a rectangular box made of crystal?!

When he finally climbed out and saw what exactly was the rectangular box, he was shocked still alright! It was actually a coffin?! Even if it is not covered with a lid, there was no doubt that it is still a coffin. Even if this crystal casket is very gorgeous, very luxurious, very valuable, very upscale, very mighty, very good quality…

It still doesn’t change the fact that it is a coffin!

This kind of situation where one transmigrated into a horror movie, what is going on?

Must be a bad one ah! (implying his transmigration was a low quality story).

EzoicHe was inside a cave; not big but quite empty. Other than the crystal coffin and a luminous pearl for lighting, there were no other things in the cave. Therefore, Shui Ruoshan could only put the attention back to himself.

Not to mention that his ancient clothes doesn’t belong to the modern world, just by that pair of white tender hands in front of him which still possessed some baby fats in it, it is definitely not his original thin hands!

Right now, this pair of hands… seemed to be… quite small!

No! He should say his appearance overall is quite small right now!
As an adult, how could he transmigrate into the body of a child?
Even more sucky thing was he couldn’t find any clues of the original body’s identity in here! (from clothes or personal items with identification)

From what Shui Ruoshan could guess, the original owner of the body should have died and his soul probably has disappeared. Else, his body won’t be put inside a coffin and sealed in this cave. That’s why he couldn’t inherit the original owner’s memory.

As for how long the original body has died and why the body is still intact and whole, such profound questions were not within Shui Ruoshan’s current consideration.
Since he could even transmigrate, it was very normal to come across things that couldn’t be explained.

Just that, why usually protagonists in a novel could transmigrate and immediately understood the new world then proceed to play their role properly, while he -bitter laughter- don’t have anything at all?

This is not fair!

The only thing he could give thanks to was the fact that there was a door in this cave, not being completely sealed so at least he won’t become a corpse alive (dying slowly) here. Therefore, Shui Ruoshan unhesitatingly pushed open the door and headed outside. Outside the stone door was a narrow cave. Right before he went out, he took the night pearl (luminous pearl) from the wall with him . Not only the night pearl could be used as a torchlight, he could also exchange it for money.

Although it was quite a long walk in the cave, there was no danger so Shui Ruoshan smoothly reached the entrance of the cave. He has yet to walk out from the cave when a thick disgusting smell of blood wafted over. Shui Ruoshan strongly pushed down the urge to vomit. When he looked up, he was completely shocked by the scene in front of his eyes that looked like a picture from Hell.

What he saw was an upright figure holding a sword, standing proudly on top of numerous corpses; aloof and decisive, like the blood-soaked Asura! His clothes were stained with blood, making him almost blended into the background where the red blood flowed from the bodies on the ground. It was like the whole world is colored in scary blood red.

Even though he was quite far away, Shui Ruoshan still could see the bloody traces of blood on the glowing long sword in the man’s hand. He could also smell the bloodthirsty scent of blood, causing him to instantly stop breathing. Other than that, he could hear the slight sound of blood dripping onto the ground from the sword. The sound seemed to be able to strike directly on people’s heart, causing Shui Ruoshan’s heart to tremble.

Seemed to sense movement behind him, that figure who originally had his back facing Shui Ruoshan slowly turned around…

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