Way of Transmigration Chapter 1

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero zero one – The Strongest King in History

First arc : Author VS Villain

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Shui Ruoshan is an online novelist, and he is currently publishing the 5th chapter of [The Strongest King in History] in the website.

This story was about a modern elite man who transmigrated into a world where swords and magic coexist; a world where different races exist side by side. The main character carried a strong ‘golden finger'(cheat) and went on continuous adventures, using his supreme charm to conquer beauties and recruit brothers; a story of a man dominating the world, fighting monsters and level up.

A standard ‘cool text’ on YY leveling (Meaning: A standard OP MC story).

This story with such a very common plot however has helped Shui Ruoshan to achieve an unprecedented success. For an online novel to get so hot, there must be something special and different in it. Shui Ruoshan didn’t attempt to write differently nor seek a breakthrough from that ‘transmigration’ genre which has been repeatedly used to exhaustion.

Car accident transmigration, illness transmigration, toilet transmigration, electric shock transmigration, falling down transmigration, sleeping transmigration, reading transmigration….

No matter how weird is the method of transmigration, how illogical or strange… one could still transmigrate. There’s no way you can’t transmigrate, only those you that didn’t think of. (Meaning, as long as you can think of a way to transmigrate, it can be used to write a novel)


That’s why Shui Ruoshan used the most common car accident transmigration at the beginning of his story, and let the protagonist cross to another world straight away without fuss.

The unique setting of [The Strongest King in History] was that the villain in the story is an epitome of beauty, wealth, power and wisdom; the representative of perfection.

At the beginning, the villain and the protagonist were even friends of similar talents. However, due to the villain experiencing various kind of betrayal, his theory and view of life clashed with the protagonist’s views.

Eventually, the villain began to move towards the road of blackening, causing the protagonist to counterattack in the end. Not even Shui Ruoshan himself could imagine that such a random idea would cause his villain to achieve a high popularity beyond imagination.

There was only one thing that he couldn’t quite figure out. Why most of the people who cheered for the villain were females? Plus he couldn’t understand most of the comments by these females at all.

For example :


Please write more on the interaction between the protagonist and his good gay friend!

Please increase the feeling between two main characters ah! (Protag & Villain)

Strongly requesting for both of them to achieve fruition (of their feelings)!

What mutual love and hate, good feeling!

Want benefits, got any?!1


For Shui Ruoshan, these comments regarding the relationship between the protagonist and the villain were baffling. It was until his rotten (fujoshi) editor explained to him what ‘danmei’ was, he suddenly felt like ‘being beaten by the wind’2.

The protagonist and the villain only had a pure friendship in the beginning. Then in the end, the friendship was gone, leaving endless hatred to death! How on earth could these females pick out the non-existing forbidden love between the two main characters in the story?

But then, Shui Ruoshan won’t change the main points just because of these comments as he will only write the story slowly according to his own ideas.

Right now, he is working on a big climax of the story. This part was not only the most important turning point of the story but also the beginning of the villain’s blackening.

The writing was quite smooth because the story line was already in his mind. However when Shui Ruoshan was typing rapidly on the keyboard, he felt a sudden sting on his finger. His body trembled and he immediately lost his consciousness.

At that very moment of losing his consciousness, the only thing that Shui Ruoshan could think of was not ‘How come the plastic keyboard could conduct electricity?!’ such an unscientific question but …

Due to his occupational disease as a novelist, only one thought surfaced in his mind.

This feeling of being shocked, it is definitely the process of transmigration ah!

Raw Word Count : 1027



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