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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one eight five – Continuation 10 : A dazzling existence

“I am the demon Supreme King!”

When Shui Ruoshan announced his identity, his eyes were dazzling with golden lights, and his aura instantly became more powerful. At this moment, he is the peerless Supreme King! Even though the current Shui Ruoshan has yet to fully integrate with this new body and cannot utilise its power, he has a strong identity that can ignore any disadvantages, that is, he is also the creator of the world. In other words, as long as Shui Ruoshan wants, then the world will work according to his will. This is Shui Ruoshan’s largest and most invincible golden finger in this world!

Previously, Shui Ruoshan was completely wrapped inside Yin Suye’s words, and his mind couldn’t reach in time that he let Yin Suye led him by the nose. Sometimes the gap in IQ is actually quite important. Now that Shui Ruoshan has being aggravated, even if he couldn’t figure out the important key points1 at the moment, the colour of his eyes still changes according to his mood.

“Demon… Demon Supreme King… Your Highness Demon Supreme King2?”

The soldier who was educating Shui Ruoshan just now nearly popped out his bulging eyes and his mouth was gaping in shock. Even when the weapon in his hand fell on the ground with a BANG, it still couldn’t wake the soldier up from the shock. If it was a normal day, everyone around would definitely laugh at him, but at this moment the scene has fallen into a weird silence because whoever saw Shui Ruoshan’s eyes becoming golden was also completely shocked.

The slight thump sound from the weapon falling down was like a signal. Right after that, everyone at the scene bowed deeply towards Shui Ruoshan; to express the greatest respect to their demon Supreme King.

Actually, the people present were not completely awake from the shock of Shui Ruoshan’s sudden disclosure of identity, but the respect for their demon Supreme King was deeply carved into their bones. They couldn’t react in time, but their body instinctively moved. Because in their mind, the demon Supreme King is their one and only God!


Shui Ruoshan was startled by the sight of everyone paying the greatest respect to him as if they have planned this earlier. He only revealed his identity, it’s not like he gave them an order or anything, but these demons did what they think is necessary, which made Xiao Ruoshan emotionally moved. This feeling of being admired by the demons is very good, it makes people have a sense of intoxication with power. However, Shui Ruoshan’s heart inexplicably felt a little heavy instead.

He never thought that the demons will show such deep respect for this new demon Supreme King!

“Yes, I am the current Demon Supreme King!”

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan suddenly became spirited. He took a deep breath, and when he raised his head, his gaze was firm. He could understand a bit now, why someone like Huan Tian who usually do whatever he wanted to do without caring for anything, would so painstakingly cook up a scheme to make him(SRS) into the second-generation demon Supreme King before leaving for real. It was not because Huan Tian wants to take advantage of him, it is because Huan Tian can’t truly throw the demons away. After all, no one would be able to give up these people who placed unshakeable trust on you.

And he as the God of creation is the best successor that Huan Tian chose for the demons because as long as he is the demon Supreme King, Yin Suye the human Supreme King will never attack the demons. Even more, he(YSY) might come and contribute to the demon realm instead; absolutely killing two birds with one stone.

Even when knowing this, Shui Ruoshan still needs to willingly proceed according to Huan Tian’s arrangements. One has to say, Huan Tian really has a good deck in hand! Even though he has decided he would decide become the second-generation demon Supreme King with the bare minimum leadership, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of responsibility when he saw the demons showing full trust in him.

Maybe the reason why the demons were so respectful to him is because of his status as the Huan Tian’s successor, but right now he is the second generation demon Supreme King. There is no conflict between the two. After all, demons clearly know that he is not Huan Tian, but his successor. Still, they were respectful to him, which makes Shui Ruoshan realise even clearly about Huan Tian’s status and how much support he received.

Shui Ruoshan finally could understand why Yan Ruya could make a move on her lover Huang Beichen for Huan Tian. Because Huan Tian, the demon Supreme King, is the supreme faith that surpasses everything in the hearts of all demons! Huan Tian’s words are the orders that the demons must execute, Huan Tian’s will is the demons’ belief…

It can be said that the entire demon realm is Huan Tian’s fanatics. The behaviour of fanatics can not be measured by the thinking of normal people, and, understandably, they would do things that do not conform to common sense.

“Your Majesty Demon Supreme King! Your Majesty Demon Supreme King! Your Majesty Demon Supreme King…”

The emotions of the demons in the presence of their King instantly shot up. Their King is back, and their wait is worth it! The most important thing is that they were lucky enough to be so close to His Majesty Demon Supreme King. To be able to admire His Majesty’s face, they are too excited! Now they can only shout out ‘His Majesty Demon Supreme King’ with a louder voice to express their fierce and excited hearts!

When Shui Ruoshan took a step forward earlier, Yin Suye quietly took a few steps back instead, leaving the space for Shui Ruoshan, so that Shui Ruoshan could better stand in front of everyone.

This is the little guy’s stage!

Only when Yin Suye turned his head to the little guy, his eyes will involuntarily show a soft and proud expression.

His little guy has always been such a dazzling presence!

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