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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one eight six – Continuation 11 : So lucky

“Subordinate is late to welcome Your Highness, asking Your Highness demon Supreme King to forgive our sins!”

Yan Ruya came to stand in front of Shui Ruoshan with a group of high-level demons and respectfully saluted.

Upon receiving a message from the Capital gate’s soldiers that a Supreme King had arrived, Yan Ruya immediately realized that the new demon Supreme King who has been selected by His Majesty Huan Tian has likely to come to the demon realm with the human Supreme King. Because the second-generation demon Supreme King chosen by His Majesty Huan Tian is said to be the lover of the human Supreme King. So Yan Ruya guessed that since the human Supreme King suddenly appeared in the demon realm for no reason at all, it is very likely that he came with their new demon Supreme King. So regardless of whether her guess is correct or not, Yan Ruya summoned the elites and rushed directly to the Capital gate.

In her mind, she thinks that even if she guessed wrong, it doesn’t matter, because with her current status, gathering a group of elites is not a problem at all. But in case her conjecture is correct, and she did not take any immediate measures causing the new demon Supreme King to be neglected, that would be a big mistake. Facts have proved that Yan Ruya’s consideration is entirely correct. This only shows that she knows a lot of secrets that others do not know, and she was not surprised to see the new demon Supreme King and the human Supreme King coming to the demon realm together.

In fact, as Huan Tian’s absolutely loyal subordinate, Yan Ruya is not only an important minister but also Huan Tian’s chief confidant. Many things Huan Tian did not conceal from her, and more often, she was given tasks to handle as well. That’s why she knew about Shui Ruoshan’s existence.

She first heard of Shui Ruoshan because he is the real reason for the war between the demons and humans. It’s just that she didn’t have the chance to meet this legendary person, no, demon who caused the war between the two races with just him alone. Or it should be said that no demons had ever seen a demon called Shui Ruoshan at all, as if he was fabricated entirely out of thin air, completely non-existent.

However, His Majesty Huan Tian and the human Supreme King Yin Suye is very sure of his existence. This caused Huan Tian’s fanatic, Yan Ruya, to be convinced of Shui Ruoshan’s existence. Others, however, were skeptical about this, thinking that all these are just the higher-ups’ failures to find a reasonable reason to provoke the war between the two races. So they used this weird excuse to mislead everyone’s thinking and thus evaded responsibility. The answer to all this was later when His Majesty Huan Tian summoned her personally, and she finally knew part of the truth. His Majesty Huan Tian told her that he was about to leave and may no longer be able to take care of the demons, so he talked about selecting a new demon Supreme King and asking her to give her full support to the new demon Supreme King. The new demon Supreme King chosen by His Majesty Huan Tian is the heir to his bloodline, and his name is Shui Ruoshan.

This name reminded Yan Ruya of the real reason that caused the war between the demons and humans. At that moment, she came to realize that her previous authority was too low, that’s why she was not qualified to know about Shui Ruoshan!

Back at this time, when she finally saw Shui Ruoshan, Yan Ruya had an illusion, as if she saw the majestic demon Supreme King once again! She can’t help sighing that Shui Ruoshan really deserves to be His Majesty Huan Tian’s heir. Although he looked quite immature compared to His Majesty Huan Tian, but his imposing and expressive attitude can already reach His Majesty Huan Tian!

This is their new Demon Supreme King!

“No need for the formalities1!”

Shui Ruoshan waved his hand at the demons who saluted him in a wave again, expressing that they don’t have to be so polite. As a good young man who insists on equality for all, Shui Ruoshan felt that the action of those demons who keep saluting him randomly like this is really bad. En, after he has sat firmly in the position of the demon Supreme King, he must make the demons improve on this!

“Many thanks, Your Majesty!” Everyone thanked in unison.

“Everyone should go and continue what you were doing just now.”

Shui Ruoshan felt that he is under a lot of pressure being surrounded by people like this. He also had one mouth and two eyes, nothing much to see, so everyone should just disperse!

“Yes.” Although the demons agreed, no one moved without permission.

“….” The corner of Shui Ruoshan’s mouth twitched as he watched the demons standing still around him.

Can there be any trust between demons?

“Your Majesty Demon Supreme King, how about you enter the city first with this subordinate?”

Yan Ruya is aware that if Shui Ruoshan, the new demon Supreme King, does not leave first, the other demons will not dare to make random disturbances. So in order to alleviate the awkward moment for both parties, she can only stand forward and give a solution.


Shui Ruoshan nodded in agreement. Then he turned around to pull Yin Suye, who had been standing silently behind him and stepped towards the gate. Probably no one will remember by now, that the reason why he made such a ruckus was to enter the Capital! He finally got his wish after rounding such a big circle, that was not easy!

Seeing the new demon Supreme King pulling the human Supreme King into the Capital, Yan Ruya immediately followed with a group of people she had brought out before, giving the feeling that they are escorting their new demon Supreme King.

The demon at the city gate, however, did not immediately disperse but looking at each other and gathering in twos and threes. Then they began to discuss excitedly everything they saw just now.

“I didn’t expect to see His Majesty Supreme King in my lifetime?! It’s a great honor!” A demon could not help but sigh.

“Yeah, we were so lucky! One needs to know, my father and mother have never had a chance to see His Majesty the Demon Supreme King before!” Another demon chirped in.

“Don’t talk about parents, even my grandfather’s generation have not seen His Majesty Demon Supreme King before! His Majesty Huan Tian is too elusive!”

In fact, many demons have only heard of Huan Tian ’s big name, but not much has seen him before.

“I heard a senior relative say that the new demon Supreme King is actually His Majesty Huan Tian’s child, and he looks exactly the same as His Majesty when he was a child. That’s why His Majesty Huan Tian will choose him as the second generation demon Supreme King. ”

“I also know of this news, and I am more fortunate than you because I have had the honor to see His Majesty Huan Tian before. So I can tell you for sure that our new Supreme King looks exactly like the younger version of His Majesty Huan Tian. Hence, even you have never seen His Majesty Huan Tian before, we can wait for the new Supreme King to grow up. That way, we can deduce His Majesty Huan Tian’s appearance. Our demon lifespan is very long anyway, don’t worry! ”

“Since you said this, I suddenly looked forward to seeing the new demon Supreme King grow up!”

“Actually, I hope that the new Supreme King can come out and move around more so that we can have many opportunities to see him!” When saying this, suddenly they started looking forward to the future.

“That’s right! If I can see His Majesty Supreme King every day, I believe that I will definitely have no more waist pain, sore legs, or any illness. I can even eat a few more bowls of rice!” The demon’s way of random thinking is still very powerful.

“No, I think my feelings will be completely opposite to yours! Understand the word ‘feast for the eyes’? I think as long as I can see the Supreme King’s majestic posture, I will be full without eating at all!” Someone rebutted.

“Don’t you think you got the wrong focus? It’s not the question of whether you can’t eat or not, it’s a question of how beautiful our Supreme King is!”

“Have a bit standard, alright? With our Supreme King looking so peerless, how can you describe him with tacky words like ‘beautiful’?”

“Alluring? Peerless? Matchless? Uncomparable beauty…”

“Although our Supreme King looks very small right now, but with just a simple move like taking a step forward earlier, he already looked majestic and aloof. So we should use the word wise, godly, world dominator… Or something like that to describe the Supreme King!”

“No, no, no, I think what you described is wrong…”

The people around were very enthusiastic about this, and there was absolutely no way to stop them. There was even a tendency to continue the discussion.

Unfortunately, Shui Ruoshan, who has left, has no chance to know. Not sure how Shui Ruoshan feels when he knows about these? Will he thinks that the demons are actually a group of gossiper? And they may even have beauty-con tendencies? He would probably feel that his decision to become the demon Supreme King is actually a very casual and wrong decision?

Unfortunately, in a short time, Shui Ruoshan will not know about this, so he would only continue running on the road of becoming the demon Supreme King!

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