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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one eight four – Continuation 9 : Where is the demon Supreme King

“If you don’t want to enter the Capital, then leave. Don’t block the way for others to come in!”

When the soldier guarding the gate saw the two not entering the city, standing in the middle of the road like that, and whispering at each other without caring for other people, he was quite dissatisfied. He is a responsible soldier in charge of maintaining the order of the city gates; naturally, he won’t allow other people to hinder his duty. Especially when there is an unpopular human race present, he should be stricter. Although he has a good opinion towards the demon beside the human, it does not mean that he will delay his duty because of his own preferences. He is a professional soldier! So when seeing them blocking the road like that, the demon soldier felt that he had to stand forward and exercise his power. However, as a demon soldier with professional qualities who works in accordance with the rules and regulations of the demon race, he will not make rude actions such as driving people away, but giving out necessary strict reminders are fine.


Shui Ruoshan felt that he must have missed checking the calendar when he went out today, otherwise, why none of the things he encountered goes according to his plan? Now he is at the gate of (considered) his own city, getting driven away by the soldier who will soon become his subordinate. Where can this new demon Supreme King place his face? This experience of getting belittled everywhere is simply heart-breaking!

“What now?” Shui Ruoshan turned his head and glared at Yin Suye.

If it weren’t for Yin Suye, how could he be so embarrassedly blocked outside the city gate? Hence he shifted all the responsibilities to the culprit, Yin Suye, and make him come up with a working plan.

“I’ll get it done right away.”

Seemed to have seen enough of the little guy’s funny expression and changes, Yin Suye changed from his previous casual attitude and became serious. If he continues to drag things around, the little guy might get irritated and angered, then ‘the gains won’t be able to make up for the losses’. Thinking about it this way, Yin Suye’s gaze became sharper when he turned to look at the demon soldier guarding the gate.

“Get the person in charge to come out and see me!”

Yin Suye gently closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the colour of his eyes has turned into dazzling golden colour, which only Supreme King possesses. Towards other people than the little guy, Yin Suye doesn’t show much good attitude to them. Even though he is now on the demon’s territory, he has no intention of lowering himself. Instead, he puts himself in a high position and immediately asked the person in charge to meet him instead of him going to meet the local leader. That natural demand was as if he is the master of the demons. This is enough to show that Yin Suye did not put the demons in the same equivalent position with him at all. In other words, the demons without their demon Supreme King are not qualified to meet Yin Suye’s eyes.


Looking at his Xiao Yeye acting so natural in ordering the demon, Shui Ruoshan felt that this human Supreme King Yin Suye looked more competent than him. That arrogant aura, that proud expression, that domineering gesture, revealed the majesty of the Supreme King. However, is it really appropriate for Yin Suye, the human Supreme King, to make such commotion in front of him, the real master of the demon realm?

“Human Supreme King?! What do you want?”

Even if the gatekeeper soldier is ignorant, he still knows that golden pupil is the symbol of a Supreme King, plus the man is a human, he naturally able to guess Yin Suye’s true identity at once. Although that Supreme King did not deliberately release any pressure to suppress them, but just by being glared at, the soldier still shivered involuntarily, subconsciously clenching the weapon in his hand, and revealed deep fear and alert. Even though the demons and humans have signed a peace treaty, the trauma from the tragic war would not disappear so quickly. Hence, although the demons are less hostile to humans now, the unbridgable gap formed between the two races won’t be able to eliminate in the short term. Among everything, the human Supreme King is the main culprit that caused the war in the eyes of the demons so, towards the Supreme King, they are more alert than afraid.

Even after signing the peace treaty, the human Supreme King has come to the demon realm many times. But at that time, their demon Supreme King was here in the Capital, so they didn’t need to be afraid of any shady schemes from the human Supreme King. In their eyes, their demon Supreme King is the most significant existence of them all, and no one can cause any danger to their demon Supreme King. But now the demon Supreme King has left, and the new Supreme King has yet taken office. This caused the demon’s sense of anxiety to become stronger. As a result, the soldier suppressed his fear of the human Supreme King, and at the same time, he passed the news of the human Supreme King’s arrival through their secret communication method, hoping that the higherups can quickly provide some countermeasure order.

“Send your demon Supreme King back to his residence.” Yin Suye didn’t mind the demons being guarded against him at all. Instead, he was pleased with their action of asking for help from the higherups.

Because only the higherups will know the little guy, and then they will be welcomed into the Capital. In fact, if it wasn’t because the demon realm belonged to the little guy now, he would never allow a little demon soldier to be so presumptuous in front of them, as he could simply come and go freely with his strength.

Anyone blocking in front? Just kill it.

However, the demon realm belongs to the little guy, and the soldiers can be regarded as his(SRS) subordinates. Yin Suye naturally will not go beyond his authority to finish them, and he will not do anything that will give troubles to the little guy, so everything is left to the little guy to decide.

“Demon Supreme King?!”

The moment the soldiers heard the word demon Supreme King, they don’t have any mood to guard Yin Suye anymore. They turned their heads and looked around as if doing that will let them see the demon Supreme King immediately. If it wasn’t for them holding their weapon too tightly earlier, they might even throw away their weapon in excitement, or do even more embarrassing action!

Just that after looking around for some time, the soldiers did not find the figure of the demon Supreme King, so they shifted their eyes back to Yin Suye and asked, “Where is the demon Supreme King?”

In this regard, Shui Ruoshan turned his head away silently and decided not to look at the demons who upset him. He didn’t want to admit that these soldiers whose IQ was obviously offline were his subordinates, it was really shameful! He was standing openly right there, but these blind demons ignored him and looked around instead.

“Where the hell are you looking at?” Finally, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help speaking out.

These soldiers glanced around many times, but never give him a peep, which makes this real demon Supreme King a little sceptical. Is his sense of existence that weak?

“Kid, don’t mess around! Don’t obstruct us in seeking our great Demon Supreme King!”

The soldiers apparently did not understand the meaning of Shui Ruoshan’s words, but they felt that he has interrupted their search for the demon Supreme King. The child knows nothing in their eyes, so they patiently educated him, hoping that this child will not continue to prevent them from doing their duties.


Previously, Shui Ruoshan was very concerned about him turning into a child from his original adult body, and then really turned into a child by Huan Tian’s scheme. Now, these soldiers are sprinkling salt onto his wound; he really wanted to eliminate them for picking on his scab! Shui Ruoshan felt that he needed to tell these demons, who is the real demon Supreme King!

Thinking about it this way, Shui Ruoshan took a big step directly forward, while his black eyes gradually flash with gorgeous golden light…

“I am the demon Supreme King!”

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