Way of Transmigration Chapter 174 Extra 5

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven four – Ruixue Confession: The Days When the Master Is Absent (2)

Therefore, Ruixue conveniently ‘forgot’ about this problem and shoved it to a corner. It’s better to think about what flavor of dried fish it should eat later! However, the big bad guy has disgustingly killed all the humans who went against him. It can’t be any more violent than this method. But the effect also unexpectedly worked pretty good. At least after that, the human race completely surrendered under the big bad guy’s violence. They were scared of him, so how could they dare to provoke him again? After all, everyone only has one life, and human beings were not that fearless enough to use their own lives to oppose the big bad guy. Thus, the bad guy acted out what hegemonism really means! Then, the bad guy began to train the humans in order to prepare for the war that would break out with the demons at any time. But after the big bad guy gave his orders, he and the man named Huang Beichen brought it together and left the Imperial city.

On the outside, they said they were going out to enhance their strength. In fact, they indeed went to enhance strength, but the way they used was more evil and crooked. They actually wanted to use various hidden treasures to enhance their strength. Because of this, the big bad guy brought it along, whose talent is a powerful treasure hunter! Its presence is an indispensable existence for treasure hunting!

Sure enough, Ruixue is still important to the bad guy!

Although various treasures can indeed increase a lot of one’s strength in a short time, it will cause instability, but the big bad guy and Huang Beichen don’t seem to worry about this. Since the parties involved were not worried, then this cat won’t worry about these two. Ruixue only needs to worry for its owner.

Towards that person called Huang Beichen, Ruixue doesn’t have much rejection, it could even be said quite like this person because Huang Beichen often brings all kinds of delicious foods that it likes. Plus he will also help this cat to smooth its fur. This person really knows how to please a cat! However, Huang Beichen does look at it strangely from time to time, which made Ruixue a little bit confused. Does Huang Beichen have any thoughts that he should not have towards this cat? Sure enough, sometimes this cat is too charming, which is not a good thing! However, as a cat with principles, it will never betray its owner because of this and throw itself into Huang Beichen’s embrace, who has bad thoughts towards itself! Such loyalness to its owner, Ruixue is worthy of being rewarded with a table full of delicious dried fish. It’s a pity that its owner is not here, no one will remember to feed it, so it can only take Huang Beichen’s contribution as a reward. It was not feeling the slightest guilt at all when eating it! One will only have the strength to work when they are full! For example, with a full stomach, it can work hard to help the big bad guy to find the treasures, help him to level up quickly, and then he can go to its owner as soon as possible! En, that’s how it works, so it has to work very hard to eat!

Just that when Ruixue was full and fully prepared to display its talent, it turned out that the bad guy and Huang Beichen rarely needs it to find the treasures! Not sure why, Huang Beichen seems to know a lot, and often doesn’t have to wait for Ruixue to notice anything. Huang Beichen can always find the treasures first like he can predict the future. And each one is more precious and rarer than the other one…

It gave Ruixue a feeling that Huang Beichen’s skill in treasure hunting seems like he has done exactly the same thing before!

That’s very unscientific!

In the end, Ruixue was doubtful that the person with a treasure hunting talent is Huang Beichen instead! And its only role was to occasionally find less precious treasures that both men won’t bother with!

Wuwu! What a blow!

But then again, both men’s strength did improve a lot, so Ruixue can at least be comforted by that fact. After all, the end result is the same. As for the process, it doesn’t matter at all!

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