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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one seven five – Ruixue Confession: The Days When the Master Is Absent (3)

Ruixue basked in the warm sun while continuing to recall its experiences.

The big bad guy and Huang Beichen returned to the Imperial city immediately after the treasure hunt. Using the precious treasures to enhance their strength, they began to plan how to go to the demon realm to save its master. But what they didn’t expect was that before they could even set things up, the demons went ahead of them to war against the human race. Hence, the big bad guy and Huang Beichen immediately led the humans to counterattack. And so the war between the humans and demons started very suddenly like this.

However, Ruixue was dissatisfied that the big bad guy did not allow it to participate in this battle, reason being it was too weak. Even if Ruixue participated in the battle, it wouldn’t be any help, and it might even ‘drag their hind legs’1! Towards this unfounded judgment from the big bad guy, Ruixue also expressed its strong dissatisfaction. No matter what, Ruixue is also a beast, which is much more powerful than most people, alright?! This big bad guy couldn’t just discriminate it like this! As its master first cute pet, it can both fight and act cute and go for treasure hunting…

How could it be weak? It can’t be any more useful! It’s a pity that all its objections were invalid for the big bad guy, it can’t be helped that this cat has too small talking rights!


A cat can’t be sadder than this!

Therefore, under the bad guy’s various threats, Ruixue can only stay honestly in the Imperial city, always paying attention to the latest war update, and always looking forward that the big bad guy can save its owner immediately so that it could live a happy life with a backer behind! So Ruixue began to count the days, waiting for its owner to return! Then, it waited until the truce between the human race and the demons. The big bad guy returned, but its beloved master didn’t! Obviously, Ruixue felt somewhat unacceptable for a result that was significantly beyond its expectations. But the big bad guy who just returned is really terrifying! Too scary for this cat! The terrible aura emanated from his whole body could freeze this cat if it gets even a little closer, so for the sake of its cat life, Ruixue dare not directly ask what happened to the big bad guy in the demon realm, it can only reluctantly go to Huang Beichen in private to understand the situation. From Huang Beichen’s side, it’s easy to get the answer, but that answer is not an answer at all! At least when there is no answer, Ruixue could still look forward to it, hoping that its owner may come back immediately. Because no one knows if its master who has left the continent and returned to his original world could still come back to the continent again?

*sigh* They are in a different world, can they still continue the master-servant relationship?

At the same time, Ruixue also understands why the big bad guy became so abnormal after returning from the demon realm, because its master is no longer beside the big bad guy, so no one can restrain him from going crazy anymore. In fact, the humans should be grateful that the big bad guy has killed everyone who went against him before attacking the demons. This way, when the big bad guy loses its master, he only killed a batch of humans. After that, he irresponsibly threw all the mess to Huang Beichen before locking himself inside master’s room and not seeing anyone else. At that time, Ruixue was really afraid that the big bad guy would fell into despair and do stupid things2. Turns out that it worried for nothing because how can a bad guy like Yin Suye do such an unwise thing! But it’s been a few months since the big bad guy went into master’s room.

The reason Ruixue didn’t have an accurate number was because it felt that the calculation method used by the human was very cumbersome. It didn’t take as much time to count the days, so it just casually used a quantifier. A cat’s narrative style must always be different from humans! So, some things don’t need to be so clear!

En, let ’s continue with the above.

In fact, at that time, Ruixue almost couldn’t believe what it saw. The big bad guy looked crumbled and fragile. That was too far away from his perfect image before, which made this cat somewhat unable to see the two is actually the same person. Although Ruixue could feel a big blow from its owner’s departure as well, but at least it has a long time to tone it down. It doesn’t have the appetite even when it saw its favorite dried fish, but compared with the big bad guy’s appearance, Ruixue suddenly felt that it cannot be compared with him at all!

It seems that the departure of its owner has dealt a great great deal to the bad guy…

At that moment, even Ruixue had to admit that the big bad guy was really sincere to its master and couldn’t be more sincere! This cat is almost touched! But it is a cat with principles, so it will not have a good impression for the big bad guy that it doesn’t like! Immediately after the big bad guy came out, Huang Beichen re-assigned the ruling power back to him. Then the big bad guy was immediately put into work, but instead of dealing with the human race, he used the power of the entire human race and began to study how to get its master back from another world.

For this matter, Ruixue raised its two claws in agreement.

In the process of finding a method, it was clear to the bad guy and Huang Beichen that they would have to go to Huan Tian, the Huan Tian who robbed its master his body, to discuss the method together. That’s right, in Ruixue’s mind, Huan Tian is the one who robbed its master’s body, and it doesn’t care about the fact that the body was originally Huan Tian’s! It only recognizes what it feels right!

Although Ruixue and the big bad guy both hated Huan Tian, they also understand that no one understands the rules of the world better than Huan Tian. After all, its master’s transmigration was caused by Huan Tian. Although they hated Huan Tian, they have to cooperate with Huan Tian. The reality is so helpless!

Towards existence like Huan Tian, Ruixue can’t do anything, but for something it can completely handle, it must necessarily do its best. For example, those who want to seduce the bad guy while its master is away, Ruixue must do its best. One needs to know that its goal is to be its master’s first pet that can attack monsters and act cute; naturally it must take the initiative to eliminate those factors that may harm its owner’s status in advance. Therefore, it does not care about the identity of those who came to seduce the big bad guy. It just stepped forward and swipe at the person’s face, ensuring that they are disfigured before mercifully hold back.

Humph! In this way, those disfigured people will no longer have the ability to stick to the bad guy. Moreover, the big bad guy seems to agree with this violent handling method. For the first time, he expressed his appreciation with his gaze and even agrees that if anyone dares to approach him in the future, Ruixue can just do whatever. No matter what happens, the big bad guy will back it up. The big bad guy’s clear guarantee makes Ruixue’s motivation even greater and also makes those who were scheming to get in even more miserable.

Ruixue was very proud of its performance during that time. This cat alone can shake the human race and turned it into a proud history inside the human’s history. Its heroic behavior cannot be finished retelling even if they spend three days and nights, so it’s better not to show off at this moment, this cat just wants to be a silent beauty cat! But since then, the big bad guy seems to be much better towards Ruixue; even the gaze he cast at it has softened. Sometimes he will not only feed Ruixue with delicious dried fish, he will even hold it in his arms and smooth its fur on his own initiative!

Ruixue also did not know if it was because it actively helped to protect its owner status, or is it something more esoteric? Ruixue thinks that as a magnanimous cat, it should look after the big bad guy after its owner has left, and won’t abandon him! So it made a big and fearless decision to reluctantly accompany the big bad guy while its master is away! But no one thought that this accompaniment would be 8 years.

Ruixue watched how the big bad guy fell when he lost its owner, to renewing his resolve, to trying to find a way to get its owner back, then cultivate, fail, cultivate, fail, and then cultivate again…
This is absolutely a long and persistent process! Outsiders couldn’t imagine the hardship and sadness in it at all! Until the end, it was Huan Tian who came to give the information on how to get its owner return to the continent. The big bad guy gave up on blindly cultivating and began to concentrate on cooperating with Huan Tian.

After that, Ruixue did not participate in it. It knew that those people were particularly busy during that time. They were either preparing this, looking for that, or tinkering with something…
Finally, when they were fully prepared, the space-time tunnel opened as expected, and its owner returned to them as expected. Originally, this should be regarded as The End, but Ruixue thinks that this is The End for the big bad guy, but a tragedy for it! Because Ruixue never thought that the big bad guy would immediately abandon it for its owner after it so selflessly accompanied him for 8 years! This big bad guy is too cold, ruthless, and unreasonable!

To make matters worse, in order to monopolize its master, the big bad guy wouldn’t allow Ruixue to approach its own master. He has reached a completely new level of shamelessness! In this regard, Ruixue has to protest strongly, as a cat also has the right to its owner! It is a pity that no matter how noisy it is, no one stood by its side under the evil power of the big bad guy, Ruixue can be sadder than this!

Because the big bad guy monitored its owner tightly, Ruixue has no chance to approach him at all and it can’t even complain to its master; it makes it sad just by thinking about it!

What made Ruixue angry the most was Moqi, that big black dog that was completely ignored by both its owner and the big bad guy, because Moqi didn’t stand by its side, and even cooperatively disappeared with the big bad guy’s instruction. So this cat is the only left trying to announce its presence, one can’t be more miserable than this! However, Ruixue will not compromise with the evil force for these reasons!

With such a big ideal dream, Ruixue launched a series of wit and bravery battle with the big bad guy. Although it has yet to win even once, even if it has been defeated repeatedly, Ruixue still tried every day! It’s a pity that this big bad guy doesn’t seem to put his opponent in his eyes at all. He always turns a blind eye to this cat and stayed close to its owner instead, to aggravate it, which is extremely vicious! So, as a cat who will fight the big bad guy to the end, Ruixue feels that it is necessary right now to have a good meal of dried fish. After it is full, it can take a good rest. Only after eating and drinking, and keeping up its spirit, will it have the strength to continue fighting with the big bad guy!

Sure enough, it is a cat that has always been clever and unparalleled. Even under the bad guy’s pressure, Ruixue still can grab the key point at once. It must give itself 32 praises for its wit! In summary, it’s time to eat delicious dried fish!


Sure enough, this cat is still very hopeful to the future!

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