Way of Transmigration Chapter 164

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six four – Change the past

“Don’t forget that you killed the protagonist, Huang Beichen in the past!”

Shui Ruoshan looked up intently at Huan Tian, trying to use his gaze to make Huan Tian feel guilty.

“What do you want me to explain?” Although Huan Tian did not quite understand what ‘protagonist’ means, it did not prevent him from understanding the meaning within Shui Ruoshan’s words.

“I said killing Huang Beichen has definitely exceeded the limit of the world!”

Shui Ruoshan felt that no matter how the plot of [The Strongest King in History] has collapsed, it doesn’t change the fact that Huang Beichen is still the son of Fate in the world. Therefore, killing Huang Beichen means destroying fate, which is equal to destroying the development track of the world!

“That’s right ah!” Huan Tian didn’t get flustered from being exposed but casually replied.

“What was the result?” Shui Ruoshan silently warned himself in his heart not to be fooled by the gentleness in Huan Tian’s tone.

“The result was…”

When Huan Tian said it, he deliberately paused until he saw Shui Ruoshan revealing an impatient expression, before continuing, “…the world is destroyed!”


Shui Ruoshan suddenly opened his eyes in disbelief. He stared at Huan Tian, who revealed the destruction of the world in a casual tone as if he just said what he ate for lunch, the shock in his eyes could not be described in words.

“Yes.” Huan Tian nodded indifferently, confirming his words.


Today is probably the most time Shui Ruoshan went speechless in history.

The Hell?! So what he guessed before this was true?!

If the protagonist of the story dies, the world may disappear along with the protagonist! Not sure if he should sigh now that killing the protagonist is really the only way to destroy the world! However, he still feels unreal that Huan Tian destroyed the continent [Mowu Dalu]!

“You want to know why I did that?”

Seeing Shui Ruoshan’s shocked look, Huan Tian was in a good mood and slightly curved his mouth. Just that the smile looked like it’s full of maliciousness, no matter how you look at it!


Shui Ruoshan knew that the world of the insane is not something that a normie like him could understand so he won’t waste his brain cells to guess anything, and asked Huan Tian straight away.

“Before answering that question, do you want to know why you are transmigrated into this world?” Huan Tian shook his hand at Shui Ruoshan and motioned him not to worry. Shui Ruoshan would have to wait a bit for the question to be answered.

“My transmigration has something to do with you?” Shui Ruoshan frowned.

Mainly because he read so many novels about protagonists transmigrating into other worlds before, Shui Ruoshan has never thought that his transmigration is actually intentional. Or, is there a reason why he would transmigrate directly into Huan Tian’s body?

“I summoned you to this world.” Huan Tian thought about it and felt that his words were not quite right. He then immediately changed to another more accurate statement. “No, I should say that the destruction of the world has summoned you, the God of creation.”

“What do you mean?”

Shui Ruoshan never knew that his identity as the author could be so superior, and could be linked to the destruction of a world. However, this does not prevent him from knowing that his transmigration was plotted by Huan Tian from the beginning! This is really annoying to the extreme!

“As the God of creation, you should be very clear of the reason, right?” Huan Tian didn’t know if Shui Ruoshan really didn’t understand or faking it, but it didn’t affect him to continue talking.


Shui Ruoshan really wanted to spit on Huan Tian, who was trying to poke his wounds. The reason why he was so passive during his time in the world is because he doesn’t know anything ah! Sure enough, he hated people who like to say only half of the sentence like Huan Tian the most!

“You set the plot of this world very strangely, that the entire ‘rise and fall’ of the world is maintained on a person alone. It is quite unreasonable.”

Huan Tian began to blame Shui Ruoshan for being unreasonable in setting the world. It was precisely because Huang Beichen represents the lifeline of the world to a certain extent, that he(HT) can easily destroy the world just by eliminating one person.

“We are discussing why you destroyed the world, not how to destroy the world!”

On the outside, Shui Ruoshan replied with great momentum, but on the inside, his heart has already gone mad from anger! How is his setting unreasonable? If one wrote a novel that is not focusing on the protagonist, then what should be focused? He is just a small web author, and he does not really have the power to create a world. It is very reasonable to place the world’s fate on one person.

“Because I want to change the past!”

At this moment, Huan Tian suddenly tore away his usual kind mask, revealing the domineering person underneath. The sharp light revealed at the bottom of his eyes has a chill that people can’t bear to look straight into it. In fact, Huan Tian had already thought about the consequences he might face before making a decision to destroy the world.

First, the world will be destroyed, and everyone dies. This also means that the continent will completely dissipate in the dust of the universe.

Second, the world will be destroyed and will reset itself. This also means that everything in the world will start again from scratch, which is equivalent to restarting.

Third, the destruction of the world has caught the attention of the God of creation. The possibility of what follows would be, the God of creation may dismiss this world and re-create a new world, He may also send people down to check out the reasons, or He would personally come down to the world to repair it…

However, it turns out that although Huan Tian had thought of many ideas, he did not really expect the current situation. After the destruction of the world, although it was reset, it did not completely restart to the beginning but recovered to a certain point. The God of creation did appear in this world, but He didn’t plan to guide the world’s trajectory back to the original route, but wanted to change the development of the world! However, the only thing that makes Huan Tian feel beneficial is that the God of creation didn’t come with a body that has the ability to destroy the world but just a soul that was restricted. Moreover, because the soul power of the God was too strong, his(HT) body is the only thing that could accommodate the soul of the God of creation without exploding. It is also because his(SRS) soul was attached to his(HT) body that he(HT) can better grasp the development of the world.

However, Huan Tian did not think that by destroying the world and reset it to a new one, plus the arrival of the God, the world’s energy would become extremely unstable. This resulted in various variables that could not be controlled, such as letting some people come back from the future. Although this unexpected situation caused Huan Tian’s original plan to have some unrest factors, but until now, everything is still in his plan.

“The past can’t be changed.” Shui Ruoshan unceremoniously shattered Huan Tian’s dream.

What happened has happened, how to change it? And once it is changed, will this world still be the original world? It is like the story of [The Strongest King in History]. After he transmigrated into it, it is no longer the same story, so there will be so many things different from the story plot!

“But I need to help you as the God of creation.”

Huan Tian naturally understands that the past cannot be changed. But the development of this world has changed so much, so he has the reason to believe that there is still room for maneuver. And Shui Ruoshan, as the God of creation of the world, naturally can change the power of the world.

“Do you think that the current me has the ability to help you?” Seeing that Huan Tian is still not giving up, Shui Ruoshan can only try to move him with reason.

Is Huan Tian still unable to understand the problem of his(SRS) current situation?

“You really don’t have the ability to help me here, but if you go back, you can help me.” Huan Tian said.

“Do you really have a way for me to go back?” Shui Ruoshan instantly thought of what Huang Beichen once said, that Huan Tian knew the way back to Earth!

“Yes.” Huan Tian nodded affirmatively.

“Let’s first not say if I really want to go back or not, but how can you guarantee that I would be able to go back successfully?”

Shui Ruoshan actually wanted to tell Huan Tian that he doesn’t want to go back to Earth at all. But considering that he is still imprisoned by Huan Tian, he has changed a more euphemistic statement.

“Have I ever said that I am a gambler who likes to gamble?” Huan Tian slightly smacked his mouth, and his eyes were full of ridicule expressions.

“What do you mean?” Shui Ruoshan suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

“I didn’t know that by destroying the world, I can summon you the God of creation, but in the end, I still destroyed the world; gambling that this will happen!”

Huan Tian did not give Shui Ruoshan any possibility of escaping. “It turns out that I won, so now I have no reason not to gamble again, right?”


Right now, Shui Ruoshan deeply felt that Huan Tian is not an insane person, but a madman! A madman through and through!


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  1. Can he just go back and write some extra stories to the novel? Like HT get to know the reincarnated but without memories first human king and became a couple, and then make so YSY don’t die and he obtain the power to travel between dimensions so he can visit him in real life? 🤔

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