Way of Transmigration Chapter 165

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six five – I don’t believe it

“Your Highness, Yin Suye and Huang Beichen took a small team of people and left the human’s main camp. They were secretly sneaking toward the demon realm.”

Yan Ruya was wearing silver armor and looking very heroic. Just when she saw the aloof Huan Tian sitting on the high seat, her originally stiff expression instantly became reverence, and then she reported the news she got in a concise and clear manner. However, when she said Yin Suye’s name, the current human Supreme King, there wasn’t any respect in the tone; she addressed him directly by his name. It was as if only Huan Tian is the only Supreme King in Yan Ruya’s mind.

“Pass the word out, I want to see Yin Suye and Huang Beichen, let them come.”

Huan Tian waved his hand without hesitation and did not put Yin Suye and Huang Beichen in his eyes. Huan Tian does not care about the progress of the war, he only needs to ensure that the current development follows the original trajectory.


Upon receiving the order from Huan Tian, Yan Ruya doesn’t have any doubts and dissent. She paid her respect and went straight away to carry out the task.


It was not the first time Shui Ruoshan saw Yan Ruya, but every time he saw her, Yan Ruya managed to refresh his impression of her. He does not know that Huan Tian’s influence on the demons will be so much. Even the heroine Yan Ruya can’t escape Huan Tian’s charm, let alone the others in the demon realm? For example, just now Yan Ruya seems to be completely unaware of how cumbersome and unreasonable Huan Tian’s order is and only single-mindedly accepted Huan Tian’s command as the highest order.

Shui Ruoshan has no doubt that if Huan Tian requested Yan Ruya to die, Yan Ruya would not even blink her eyes before committing suicide right away! He finally understands now why Yan Ruya, who loves Huang Beichen so much in the past, would still choose to accept Huan Tian’s order and killed Huang Beichen by dying together. Because in Yan Ruya’s heart, there is nothing comparable to Huan Tian’s existence, not even her own!

Huan Tian is obviously not a good demon Supreme King, but he can get the whole demon realm’s blind loyalty… whether right or wrong, reasonable or not, or what would be caused by the action. Really make one feel envious, jealous and hate!

“What’s wrong with you?”

Apparently, Huan Tian sensed Shui Ruoshan’s unusually active thinking. Upon seeing Shui Ruoshan’s distorted expression, he asked curiously.

“I am just sighing, that you are too irresponsible as a demon Supreme King!”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have any good attitude towards Huan Tian. So when he spoke to him, naturally there won’t be any positive tone in it. Or it could be said that since he last discussed with Huan Tian about the destruction of the world, and found out that all of his encounters were caused by Huan Tian, he became very displeased with Huan Tian. He naturally will seize any opportunity to scold Huan Tian whenever he could. However, when he said that Huan Tian is not a good demon Supreme King, he didn’t say it out of anger. It was from what he summarized of Huan Tian’s actions during his time with him.

Huan Tian was really unreliable, even an outsider like him can’t stand it anymore. He thinks that the demon realm must have 8 generations of bad luck to have a madman like Huan Tian as their Supreme King! One needs to know after Huan Tian provoked the war between the demons and humans, he(HT) folded his arms and acted like an idle shopkeeper, not doing anything else, letting the demons and humans getting on free fights by themselves. Even when there are 2 Supreme Kings at the human side, Yin Suye and Huang Beichen, which caused the demon side to suffer great losses in the war, the demon Supreme King Huan Tian still has no intention to help out, letting the demons continuously sacrifice in the war…

Although Shui Ruoshan was very happy that the human side can continue to win under the leadership of Yin Suye and Huang Beichen, but whenever he thought of those countless innocent humans and demons who died in this meaningless war, a wave of uncontrollable anger would bubble in his heart. Because all these sacrifices were only to serve Huan Tian’s completely unrealistic purpose! A war that can clearly be avoided, but Huan Tian pushed it for his own gain, how can one not feel scared by this?

Unfortunately, although he has a super high identity as the God of creation, he can’t do anything. That makes him felt very frustrated! In particular, Shui Ruoshan felt helpless when he thought of Huan Tian’s mad insistence to guide things back to the original trajectory of the world. Whenever he hears those demons coming over to Huan Tian to report the war and loss suffered in the war, he will feel very uncomfortable, but in order to keep track of Yin Suye’s safety, he has to force himself to listen to the tragic data. The only thing that gave him some comfort was Yin Suye has help from the protagonist Huang Beichen, so the damage of the human side is much less than the demons.

“I say, why did you send Yan Ruya to participate in this war?”

Shui Ruoshan suddenly remembered one thing. That is, Huan Tian suddenly sent people to find Yan Ruya. Then he gave her a lot of rights and power, letting her lead the war. Although there is also a plot in [The Strongest King in History] where Yan Ruya participates in the war, she was only there standing next to the protagonist, mainly responsible for strategizing for the protagonist! It was not like how Huan Tian make it now, giving Yan Ruya the reins to lead the demons against the humans!

When Shui Ruoshan thinks of how the story’s plot has completely collapsed, his heart wants to burst into tears! Under Huan Tian’s intervention and the rebirth of the male protagonist, it seems to be impossible for his original male and female protagonists to get together anymore. They even turned from lovers into enemies! No matter how he thinks of this matter, his balls1 still felt the pain!

“Yan Ruya is the only person on the demon side who can counter Huang Beichen’s existence.”

Huan Tian once again used a contemptful gaze that says ‘such an obvious answer, how can you not know’ at Shui Ruoshan.

“In order to achieve your goal, you really do everything huh!”

Shui Ruoshan has yet to despise Huan Tian for his shameless behavior, and Huan Tian dared to despise him, this is really stupid until the Heavens cry! However, he can’t help sighing that Huan Tian really knows to hit where it hurts! Although Yan Ruya’s halo as the daughter of Fate is not as strong as Huang Beichen’s halo as the son of Fate, he agreed that she can’t be underestimated! In particular, when he(SRS) first set the heroine as someone who can manage the hall2, who can manage the kitchen3, who could sell meng4, who can be obedient, who can be stylishly handsome, who could dress up as a maiden, who could hold a court like a queen, who could wield a weapon to kill monsters…

So such an all-round-powerful goddess-type character, being fully utilized by Huan Tian, one’s luck can not be any worse!

“A man of great ambition does not bother with trifles.”

Faced with the disapproval in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes on his behavior, Huan Tian just smiled coldly. He seems to be sneering at Shui Ruoshan for having unnecessary sympathy for someone who is high-ranked like the God of creation!

“Wanting to change the past, that is really a huge goal ah!”

Unfortunately, this is only a huge goal for Huan Tian, not for others! The irony of Shui Ruoshan’s eyes was very obvious.

“En.” Huan Tian didn’t seem to hear Shui Ruoshan’s counterattack in his words. Instead, he nodded in approval.

“Why do you want to change the past?”

Shui Ruoshan was instantly induced a mouthful of old blood by Huan Tian’s reaction, and it got uncomfortably stuck in his throat5. However, there are some things that he should ask clearly.

“Actually, it’s not like I really wanted to change the past!” Huan Tian said suddenly in a profound way to Shui Ruoshan.


Shui Ruoshan immediately and cooperatively made a listening gesture. If Huan Tian can change his mind, then maybe a lot of things can be avoided.

“As long as you can let me see Ye Wuhua, I don’t care what method you use.” Huan Tian finally said.

In fact, he also knows that it is too difficult to change the past. If one is not careful, it will cause the world to collapse. However, in order to better achieve his own goals, he does not mind to start the negotiation with Shui Ruoshan with the most difficult conditions, then slowly reducing the requirements, so it is easier to achieve his goal.

“I don’t have the ability to resurrect the dead!”

The corner of Shui Ruoshan’s mouth strongly twitched. If the conditions permit, he would like to slap his shoes at Huan Tian’s face, that face that says ‘I am doing this for you, hurry and fulfill my request’!

Want to see a character who has been dead for many years and in ashes, that is absolutely a pipe dream, okay?

“I don’t believe it!”

Huan Tian spoke out word by word to reflect his attitude towards this matter. He never believed that Shui Ruoshan would not be able to change the past. Since Shui Ruoshan, as the God of creation can create the world, what else he cannot do in this world?


At this moment, Shui Ruoshan wisely chose silence. Because he knows that no matter how he explained it, it is useless against the Huan Tian, who insists on his own opinion. And although he can be regarded as the God of creation for this world, it is only a venerated synonym for the word ‘author’! He is just an ordinary person!


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