Way of Transmigration Chapter 163

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six three – Godlike existence

“What actually do you know?” Seeing that Huan Tian did not answer his question immediately, Shui Ruoshan asked again.

“I know everything that should be known. No matter it’s the past, present, or future, as long as I want to know, I will know!” The corner of Huan Tian’s mouth slightly curved up.


Shui Ruoshan discovered for the first time that Huan Tian could be such a quack! You heard what he said? Daring to say that he knows everything about the past, present and future like he doesn’t afraid the bluff is too huge!

“How do you know these things?” Shui Ruoshan felt that he should change to another perspective to ask his questions.

“Because in the continent [Mowu Dalu], I am a god-like existence!” Huan Tian’s eyes flashed, and he stated his identity without any hesitation. Because he feels that this little identity doesn’t need to be hidden from Shui Ruoshan, the God of creation.

“…” Rather than a godlike existence, Shui Ruoshan thinks that Huan Tian is more like an insane person!

As the author, Shui Ruoshan knew very clearly that there is no such thing as God in [The Strongest King in History], there are only Supreme Kings! So, Huan Tian so righteously self-proclaimed himself God, did he not went to the wrong filming site? One must know that Shui Ruoshan concealed himself from letting anyone know that he knew too much. He did not dare to proclaim himself God, he pretended to be a prophet instead. Although there were some flaws to his statement, it was close enough.

“The continent does not have any gods, but my existence has already surpassed the Supreme King. I have mastered some of the Laws of the world. Naturally, I can be regarded as a god of this world, and the only one!”

Perhaps the thought ‘You are lying’ in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes was too obvious, Huan Tian couldn’t ignore it even if he wanted to, and could only explain himself with patience. Actually, Huan Tian was not very clear whether it was because he was sealed most of the time, and his energy consumption was too small, that he survived the passage of time when other Supreme Kings have changed hands one after another. However, he was very clear that his strength is not strong at first, but as time goes by, his strength has unknowingly enhanced bit by bit…
Until he became strong enough to exceed the limit of the world’s highest energy level. Then, he was free from the grip of the world and could see through the essence of the world. That’s why he was clear to everyone’s situation. And because he is the first generation demon Supreme King, he could be said as the demon who existed at the beginning of this world, and has almost achieved the same lifespan with the sky/Heaven! Such a person has long been no different from God!

“If I can’t be regarded as a God of this world, then let me ask you this, why can I easily crush other Supreme King with my strength? Why do I know so many things that a demon Supreme King wouldn’t know? Why can I see through the essence of the world at a glance?”

Huan Tian knows that if he does not give enough reasons, Shui Ruoshan may not believe what he said, hence the series of questions.


In Shui Ruoshan’s heart, he could only think of one helpless thought, ‘Fuck, what he said makes sense, I have no other words to say’. After all, the continent is real, and not just a story he wrote, so there’s nothing wrong with unexpected situations that he does not know of!

The Hell!

If Huan Tian is a God of this world, then what about him as the God of creation? Particularly when this so-called God could ‘summon rain and wind’1, and he can’t do anything other than getting trapped in Huan Tian’s body. The difference is too large!

“The tolerance of this world is limited. Once it exceeds that limit, the world will only collapse!” The accusation was too strong in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes, so Huan Tian was forced to explain further.


Shui Ruoshan felt that if Huan Tian could not give him a reasonable explanation, he will find a way to make Huan Tian‘s days into torture! He has a lot of ideas on how to torture people anyway!

“So, although you are the God of creation, you are also subjected to the Laws of this world. Just like I can be regarded as a God, but even I cannot exceed the limits of the world.”

Huan Tian gestured in the air so that Shui Ruoshan can better understand his explanations.

“So, what you mean is in this world, you are a God! And for me, who is not from this world, I became the God of creation!”

Shui Ruoshan came into this conclusion after thinking of the strong gap between his power and Huan Tian’s power. On Earth, he is the God of creation who can arrange and modify the plot of [The Strongest King in History] at will. But in the continent, he is just a small transmigrated soul that was restricted by the world?

“You can say that, but it’s not completely correct.” Although Shui Ruoshan’s tone is like he is sulking, Huan Tian still could hear what Shui Ruoshan wanted to express.

“But it’s not completely incorrect, right?” Shui Ruoshan asked.

“You can say that.” Huan Tian did not seem to see Shui Ruoshan’s unpleasant expression and casually nodded.


Shui Ruoshan just wanted to spit at Huan Tian’s face, what to do? Doesn’t Huan Tian know that what he said just now is very hateful?

“In fact, I really have to count it. Your ability as the God of creation is more limited than me by the Laws of the world!” Huan Tian seems to be fond of ‘ruffling feathers, then smooth it back’2.

So after seeing that Shui Ruoshan’s face has clearly turned black, Huan Tian unhurriedly explained.

“Shui Ruoshan, have you not noticed yourself, that the world has changed a lot under your influence?” Huan Tian believed that Shui Ruoshan is clear about this.

“But there are a lot of things that haven’t changed.”

Shui Ruoshan instantly thought of his ‘crow’s mouth’3, which was actually equivalent to using a type of power. However, thinking of his ability only showing effects on small things, his mood was somewhat low. It was obvious that he tried so hard to help Yin Suye change his destiny, but found that no matter how hard he tried, there were still some things that he could not change.

“Because the Laws of this world do not allow you to continue to change the course of the world.”

Once the trajectory of the world’s progress is changed too much, the world may not be far from its destruction. Therefore, the Laws of the world will want to save themselves, and greatly limited Shui Ruoshan’s ability. Even so, the continent was still changed a lot by Shui Ruoshan. That’s why he(HT) was selected by the Laws of the world and was given even more power so that he(HT) can correct the world’s trajectory back to its original route. Because of this, he wielded the power of a Supreme King but still can easily suppress both Yin Suye and Huang Beichen, as he borrowed the Laws of the world to oppress them. However, at that time in the forbidden ground, Huan Tian did not choose to kill both of them right away because he remembered that the trajectory of the world still needs them to continue to a normal development. Only then he decided to let them go and returned to the demon realm. Next, he started to make arrangements, and let everything proceed according to the original trajectory of the world.


Shui Ruoshan felt like the more he listened to Huan Tian’s explanation, the more unhappy he became, a’ight?! This world is clearly created by him. As a result, the world restricted him in return. It just makes one annoyed no matter how you look at it! In an instant, he felt that his status as the God of creation is a failure!

“How about you? You thought what you did didn’t contribute in destroying the development of the world?” Shui Ruoshan argued.

One needs to know, some things that Huan Tian did are definitely more destructive than his actions!

“There should be none.” Huan Tian’s thin lips were lightly pursed as if he has no guilty conscience for his actions.

“Who will be deceived by you?” Shui Ruoshan apparently did not believe Huan Tian.

Let’s not talk about how Huan Tian has pushed the main character Huang Beichen to the villain Yin Suye to work together, just talking about what he did in the past is already too much!

“Don’t forget that in the past life, you killed the main character Huang Beichen!”

Shui Ruoshan always believed that the protagonist of the story would never die. If the main protagonist died, then there won’t be any story left! But here, the protagonist Huang Beichen, the world’s son of fate was easily killed by Huan Tian’s scheme in the past. This is totally illogical! It simply does not conform to the law of development of a novel!


That4 is the biggest point that does not conform to the trajectory of this world development!

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