Way of Transmigration Chapter 162

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six two – Almost the same

Shui Ruoshan was brought back to the demon realm before he even has the chance to resist. Given a choice, Shui Ruoshan would be absolutely unwilling to come to the demon realm, which is Huan Tian territory. Because not only he can’t see Yin Suye anymore in a short time, it’s also not an easy feat for Yin Suye if he wants to come to the demon realm to see him. And Yin Suye may not be able to find the entrance to the realm, even if Huang Beichen can point him the way as it is obviously impossible for Yin Suye to enter the realm in the normal way.

Actually, Shui Ruoshan had this thought, maybe Yin Suye could find his way to the stone room in the Fog Forest by using the array in the forbidden ground, which will lead to the demon realm transportation array at the crystal coffin, but this method is obviously not acceptable. Because the stone room itself is a space artifact with spiritual power, it only accepts specific people in it, or else it will run away. The space artifact is especially good at hiding itself, that if it does not want to be exposed, others simply can’t find it. This is also why he was unable to find the stone room after he walked out of the stone room the day he transmigrated into the world because the space artifact has hidden itself.

At the same time, he doesn’t want Yin Suye to come and save him just because he was in the demon realm. After all, coming into the enemy’s base camp is not a good idea. Especially after he saw Huan Tian’s supremacy in the demon realm, he did not want Yin Suye to take risks for him. The demons’ unconditional obedience to Huan Tian is simply irritating! As summarized by Huang Beichen before, the entire demon race regarded Huan Tian as their only belief to worship! He(SRS) remembers that when Huan Tian had just arrived at the demon realm, the demons who were standing next to the transmission array became mesmerized and unable to extricate themselves as if they had seen a God. The reverence that comes from their hearts was too shocking! No need for Huan Tian to open his mouth to give orders; the demons have arranged everything in order. Enjoying the highest treatment with the best things, living in the most luxurious palace…

For example, right now, Huan Tian is lying lazily on a soft bed, enjoying services from a group of beautiful demon sisters. Some would prepare and serve the tea, some would massage his back, some would feed and serve the food…

Life can’t be more comfortable than that!

It is a pity that Shui Ruoshan, who has been trapped in Huan Tian’s body, feels extremely annoyed! Not because he can’t enjoy these top-level services, but because he can only watch the series of actions Huan Tian made upon returning to the demon realm. When Huan Tian returned, he summoned the higher-ups who hold power in their hand and then expressed his intention to launch a war with the human race. Not only those demons didn’t stand up against Huan Tian’s sudden command to launch a war, they didn’t even ask for the reasons, they went back to prepare for the war. Huan Tian doesn’t need to repeat his order at all, and they have actively begun to prepare food and fodders, dispatch troops, and arrange the formation…
They are really obedient that one just feels envious and hateful! This caused Shui Ruoshan to suddenly think of those group of people back in the Imperial City who focused only on dragging Yin Suye’s hind legs for a hundred years, and instantly felt that humans and demons are really incomparable!

“Huan Tian, you have once again provoked the war between the humans and demons, what is your purpose?”

Shui Ruoshan sometimes really couldn’t guess what Huan Tian thinks. Or he should say, he could never see through Huan Tian’s thoughts! If Yin Suye and Huang Beichen took the initiative to attack Huan Tian, Shui Ruoshan felt that he could understand the reason. After all, Yin Suye wants to enter the demon realm to find him, and Huang Beichen wants to deal with Huan Tian to avenge himself for his past life. However, before Yin Suye and Huang Beichen could make a move, Huan Tian first provoked a war between the races. The order of this matter is very problematic no matter how one looks at it! Most importantly, if Huan Tian wants to deal with Huang Beichen and Yin Suye, he can just crush them with his overwhelming strength. There is no need to deliberately mobilize the public to launch a war; it’s like killing a chicken with a big cleaver! On the other hand, even if the demons led by Huan Tian defeated the humans led by Yin Suye, it does not mean that Huan Tian has indirectly killed Yin Suye! After all, a Supreme King is not someone who can be eliminated by just using the number of people.

Even though he(SRS) has threatened Huan Tian once before this, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t think that Huan Tian would really change his mind for him, so Shui Ruoshan decided that Huan Tian must have an ulterior purpose!

“I am just following the plot’s progress of this world and acted accordingly.”

Huan Tian seems to be somewhat puzzled by Shui Ruoshan for asking such an obvious question. After all, Shui Ruoshan, as the god of creation, should be more aware of the development trajectory of the world than he is.

“…” Shui Ruoshan was suddenly stunned speechless by Huan Tian.

He naturally knows what Huan Tian means by the plot, which is the content of his story [The Strongest King in History]. In fact, in accordance with the draft for [The Strongest King in History], there is indeed a paragraph about the war between humans and demons. However, that was done by Huang Beichen, a ‘demon’ leading the oppressed demons to rebellion against the human race led by Yin Suye, the human Supreme King! And Huan Tian is now taking the initiative to let the demons declare war on humanity, the plot is completely different! Most importantly, Huan Tian is now on the opposite side of the story’s protagonist Huang Beichen, and Huang Beichen is now united with Yin Suye, so the story has long since collapsed to the point people can’t stand it! Discussing the plot with him(SRS) right now, is Huan Tian trying to mock him?

“The details are not important, as long as the process is almost the same.”

Because the accusation in Shui Ruoshan’s eye was too strong, Huan Tian can’t pretend that he can’t see it, so he can only explain himself. Obviously, Huan Tian is not someone who goes straight to the point.

“…” Shui Ruoshan felt like going crazy right now, a’ight?!

Huan Tian is now telling this author that everything is fine as long as the process is almost the same, is he not trying to stain his(SRS) name? One simply doesn’t like with open eyes like that! Can’t Huan Tian understand what it means by ‘pulling one’s hair and the whole body moves’1? Especially when his novel is a good work with great connotation, logic, depth…
The foreshadowing in the novel is innumerable, and the plot is linked to each other, so If one of the links is missing, the result will be very different! Furthermore, with his transmigration, Yin Suye and Huang Beichen’s rebirth, and the chaos caused by Huan Tian, the plot of this story has long been running askew to God knows where! Now Huan Tian wants to return the plot to the original trajectory, which is a bit unscientific!

“Do you think I’m wrong?” Huan Tian’s eyes were slightly squinted; apparently he was not very satisfied with Shui Ruoshan’s disapproval of him.

“Where do you think is actually right?” Shui Ruoshan retorted without any weakness.

“Since you know about the laws governing the development of this world, think back carefully. Are your past experiences quite similar to the original development of the world?” Huan Tian’s soul had always paid attention to Shui Ruoshan’s actions so when he was asked for his reasons, Huan Tian firmly stated his stand.

“This is not the same.” Shui Ruoshan had to admit that although he changed Yin Suye’s fate many times and also ruined many plots, there were some things that still move accordingly to the outline of the story.

Take Fate Substitution, for example, it was originally initiated by Yin Suye for Huang Beichen, but because of him(SRS), the object of substitution became him, and the process is still the same.

“Almost the same, the rules of the world recognize such development.” Huan Tian won’t budge even one step with his stand.

“It seems that you are very clear about the rules of the world!” Shui Ruoshan tsk-ed Huan Tian in disdain to show that he does not agree with Huan Tian.

“I really know the rules of the continent [Mowu Dalu].” Huan Tian seriously looked at Shui Ruoshan.

“What do you mean?” Shui Ruoshan subconsciously frowned.

He has a feeling that there are other meanings in Huan Tian’s words!

“I know a lot of things, such as you, Huang Beichen, Yin Suye…” This time Huan Tian did not choose to say the answer right away but gave him obvious hints instead.

“What else do you know?” Shui Ruoshan’s brows deeply wrinkled.

As they are on the topic, Shui Ruoshan felt that Huan Tian is the most suspicious person among all people. Huan Tian can identify him as the God of creation, and can also see through Huang Beichen and Yin Suye’d rebirth at a glance, plus figuring out the development of the plot…
There were some things that are even unknown to him, but Huan Tian knows. That makes Shui Ruoshan suspect that Huan Tian is the real God of creation!


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