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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six one – Triple seal

“Why is a transmission array to the demon realm here?”

Shui Ruoshan looked at the calm Huan Tian in suspicion. It couldn’t be Ye Wuhua who set this array ba? Ye Wuhua is a human; it’s impossible for him to go to demon realm no matter how amazing is his ability!

“I set this up specially for the convenience of contacting the demons.” Huan Tian pointed himself and answered.

“You mean you set this?” Shui Ruoshan asked again with some uncertainty.

“Yes.” Although he doesn’t understand why Shui Ruoshan is so concerned about this issue, Huan Tian still patiently confirmed.

“Did you not sealed by Ye Wuhua at the beginning? Then how do you set up this transmission array yourself?”

Can’t blame Shui Ruoshan for fussing over this because Huan Tian’s words sounded completely inconsistent in his ears. When Ye Wuhua sealed Huan Tian, he decided to hide Huan Tian in the Fog Forest, which means no one can know where Huan Tian is sealed beforehand. This also means that, except for Ye Wuhua himself, no one else can find Huan Tian’s location, and it is impossible to set up a transmission array at the location where Huan Tian is sealed. The only thing that can be done is that, as Huan Tian himself said, he set the transmission array by himself. But how can Huan Tian split himself into two, to be able to set up the magic array while being sealed?

“Do you really think that Ye Wuhua’s small little seal can completely seal me up?” When Huan Tian said this, his expression suddenly became domineering.

“…” Shui Ruoshan expressed his disdain towards Huan Tian’s smug look.

If Huan Tian is really strong, then he would not fall and sealed by Ye Wuhua, even if Huan Tian did it intentionally.

“Actually, in the beginning, I was indeed sealed, but as time passed, the power of the seal gradually began to weaken, and then I regained consciousness.” Huan Tian summarized the whole process in a few words.

At first, he(HT) was not that powerful, and they were matched in strength, so Ye Wuhua could never guess that he(HT) deliberately pretended to be exhausted and let Ye Wuhua win at the end of the decisive battle. Seeing that Ye Wuhua is full of injuries but still wanted to fight with him to the end, Huan Tian’s heart became soft because he knows that if he persists, Ye Wuhua will fight with him to his death. Since one of them is destined to die, then he doesn’t want the person to die to be Ye Wuhua. After all, Ye Wuhua is his only friend in the world, he does not want to lose him. In fact, at the moment of being sealed, Huan Tian didn’t regret it although he did feel his behavior was somewhat mocking. It’s just that he didn’t expect there would be a day he would wake up after being sealed. With this, Huan Tian guessed that Ye Wuhua might feel the same thing as him, that’s why he didn’t let him(HT) die instead. When he woke up, Huan Tian immediately went to find Ye Wuhua, because there is something that he really wanted to ask Ye Wuhua. Unfortunately, what Huan Tian never expect was that the moment he woke up from the seal is the moment Ye Wuhua passed away.

Words could not describe Huan Tian’s mood. He knows that Ye Wuhua absolutely did that deliberately, but he can’t figure out why.

“Then why are you still sealed later on?”

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t want to express any opinions on Huan Tian’s experience that is full of mystery. The process is complicated and unimaginable! He just wants to know the truth, why is it so difficult?

“I seal myself.”

Waking up from the seal, Huan Tian’s first thought was to retaliate against those who have hurt him before this. For Huan Tian, he may have been sleeping for a short period in a state of being sealed, but for the real world, a long time has passed. Those he has grudges with has already died. Even Ye Wuhua, the Supreme King, has come to the end of his life. After discovering that everyone he was familiar with has died, he has no more thoughts to seek revenge and went to the demon realm. However, he did not stay in the demon realm for long as he only went back to explain and settle some necessary matters. After he helped the demons deal with some troublesome matters, he left the realm because there were also huge changes in the demon realm.

Not able to find the slightest familiarity in the current world, Huan Tian didn’t know how he returned to the place where he was first sealed. Looking at the crystal coffin, he didn’t know why he went ahead to lay down in it. But since he couldn’t sleep anyway, he decided to seal himself again. Of course, he would wake up once in a while to fulfill his responsibility as the demon Supreme King. At the same time, in order to facilitate his travel back and forth to the demon realm and the Fog Forest, he did not hesitate to spend a lot of manpower and resources to set up a transmission array.


Shui Ruoshan could now deeply aware that the world of a psycho is not something a normal person like him can understand!

“Actually, there are three seals on my body. Even if I personally try to dissolve it, it is not so easy, but I didn’t think that you could release all the seals in such a short time.”

Even if the seals were created by Huan Tian later on, the effect was not any weaker. After all, if he didn’t properly seal himself up, he couldn’t sleep. So in order to be undisturbed, he has put a heavy hand on himself. However, to make sure he would be able to know the situation outside at any time, Huan Tian didn’t completely seal himself. Every once in awhile, he would wake up to understand the situation in the outside world and also handle some matters in the demon realm along the way. Perhaps it was because he has been in the state of being sealed, his vitality was not consumed. Even when the Supreme King of other races has changed hands countless times, he is still the Supreme King for the demon tribe until now! However, as time went by, Huan Tian gradually discovered that even if he did not work hard to cultivate, his strength would still become stronger and stronger.

His strength getting stronger means the original seal has gradually lost the power to seal him. Hence, when one seal is still unable to seal him, he will give himself a double seal. If the double seal does not work, then he will attempt triple seals…

For each additional seal, his body size will be reduced by a few points because the smaller his body is, the smaller his power would be consumed, thus prolonging the time he would be sealed. If it wasn’t for Shui Ruoshan transmigrating into his body in the middle, Huan Tian felt that he might soon need to give himself a four-fold seal.


Being looked by Huan Tian with that kind of appreciation in his eyes, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t feel happy at all, and wanted to ruthlessly flip a table at Huan Tian!


God knows that he simply doesn’t want to dissolve the seal, and yet the seals were released one by one!

“The first seal on my body was broken when you transmigrated into my body, with that kind of power that can break through space and time.”

Huan Tian saw Shui Ruoshan looking unpleasant and thought that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t understand how the seals on him were lifted, so he explained it to him carefully. However, it was obvious that Huan Tian did not realize that he misunderstood Shui Ruoshan’s expression.

“The second seal was broken when you were rejected by the Imperial City’s barrier. The power of the seal and barrier consumed each other, and the seal was forcefully lifted.” Huan Tian slowly explained.

Because the seals on his body were cast by him, naturally, it will contain a strong aura of a demon. Since the Imperial City’s barrier is used to protect human within, it seeks to destroy the intruder when encountered a seal with a distinctly demonic aura. With the power of a city barrier dealing with his seal, it naturally would be broken.

“The third seal was broken when you touch Sunlight and Moonlight sword. The seal was invaded by the powerful momentum that comes with the swords, and got broken.”

Huan Tian’s gaze obviously changed when he mentioned Sunlight, but he didn’t say anything else.

“What is so special with those two swords?”

Shui Ruoshan immediately expressed dissatisfaction with Huan Tian’s understatement regarding the release for the third seal. Since Sunlight and Moonlight sword can fight against the seal of a demon, it is definitely not a simple existence. Particularly when Shui Ruoshan thought of the fact that Huan Tian shamelessly took the swords with him when he left the forbidden ground. The reason for this action makes him curious.

“Moonlight was Ye Wuhua’s weapon, and it is also the inheritance of human Supreme King.”

After thinking about it, Huan Tian told the truth. It was also because Sunlight and Moonlight contained the inheritance of a Supreme King that it is possible to have such a powerful force and break the seal.

“…” In an instant, Shui Ruoshan expressed 120,000 points of contempt for Huan Tian’s thieving act.

If Yin Suye gets the inheritance of the Supreme King, then his strength will definitely improve several grades at once. Unfortunately, such good opportunity was destroyed by Huan Tian. It is really awful!

“Moonlight was originally given to me by Ye Wuhua.”

Huan Tian saw the accusation in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes, so he explained himself. However, after he was sealed, Ye Wuhua took Moonlight back. Therefore, now that he sees Sunlight and Moonlight again, and in addition to taking back the Moonlight that belongs to him, it is natural for him to take Sunlight as well as the interest. As if his explanation is not enough to make Shui Ruoshan believe him, Huan Tian picked up both swords and inputs his power directly into Moonlight…

Moonlight began to shrink until the silver blade changed into a small silver band.


Looking at the silver band lying in Huan Tian’s palm, Shui Ruoshan saw that Sunlight didn’t change in Huan Tian’s hand. All of a sudden, Shui Ruoshan became speechless. Moonlight’s change; what is a silver band? That’s a silver ring, a ring! Shui Ruoshan has a strong reason to believe that Sunlight can also be changed, and after the change, it may become a golden band, no, a golden ring as well. Therefore, there definitely be an affair between the Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua, a’ight?!

“It’s a pity that Sunlight is not mine, so I can’t change it.” Huan Tian helplessly said.

Actually, Sunlight projected a strong rejection against him. If it wasn’t for his strength forcing down on Sunlight’s power, and having Moonlight to help him appease Sunlight, he might not be able to safely hold Sunlight at all. After all, Sunlight is the key to success for a human Supreme King, and it is the direct opposite of his demon power.

“If you touched Moonlight instead of Sunlight at that time, the third seal on my body will not be unlocked. Unfortunately, you touched the Sunlight that didn’t match my aura.”

Huan Tian did not know if this could be considered good luck or bad luck for Shui Ruoshan.

“…” Shui Ruoshan felt like grinding his teeth in hatred towards Huan Tian’s gloating words.

He must give a bad review!

“Now, let’s go back to the demon realm!” Huan Tian seems to have finished teasing someone, so he mercifully shifted topic. Then, he simply initiated the transportation array and sent them directly back to the demon realm…

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