Way of Transmigration Chapter 160

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one six zero – Not sure

After listening to the story about Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua, Shui Ruoshan can only sigh that it is not any common dog blood1 story!

Oh, Ye Wuhua is the name of the 1st gen human Supreme King.

Actually, their story is quite simple. It’s even similar to Yin Suye and Huang Beichen’s experience, but not really the same. At that time, the relationship between humans and demons is still harmonious, and people of different races would join hands to go on adventures. So even though Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua are human and demon, they easily became good friends. They would work together and practice their cultivation together as well.

However, it happened that a small friction has risen from the original peaceful coexistence. The little friction turned into a big friction, and the big friction gradually rose to a racial disagreement…
In this environment with great pressure, the war between the humans and demons became inevitable due to various interest clashes.

At that time, Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua have yet to cultivate to Imperial stage. Although they don’t have a say in their respective races, their position in society is not small either. So when a war suddenly erupted between the humans and demons, they have to return to their respective races and fight for their own race…

Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua have fought each other countless times on the battlefield. Even though their friendship still exists, they have to be hostile to each other due to the interests of their respective races. By the end of the war, the relationship between both races has fallen below freezing point. Naturally, Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua could not meet in private under such circumstances.

It was until Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua respectively cultivated to Supreme King stage and became the King that the relationship between the two races turned slightly optimistic, under the joint efforts of the two, but that’s about it. Don’t even mention about recovering their previous harmonious relationship, after all, the war caused heavy casualties between the two races, and precaution, suspicion, hostility has grown between both sides…

Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua also know this. Compared to Huan Tian’s indifferent attitude, Ye Wuhua does not want the relationship between the two race to deteriorate. In order to ease the tension, Ye Wuhua used his identity as the Supreme King to force down all opposition’s voice. Next, he issued a special decree – Fate Substitution.

After the implementation of the special decree, Ye Wuhua became the first person to initiate Fate Substitution in the face of the world, and his receiver was Huan Tian. Ye Wuhua hopes that Fate Substitution would be able to alleviate the hatred caused by the war. At the same time, he hopes to give Huan Tian a reasonable identity to walk amid the human race. Afterwards, Ye Wuhua invited Huan Tian to visit him in the Imperial City. Huan Tian agreed as well.

At first, both Supreme King meeting up to show their friendship should be regarded as a relatively happy situation. Unfortunately, Huan Tian’s enchanting beauty was too much. Ye Wuhua originally had a beautiful fiancee, and this fiancée also loves Ye Wuhua. But after she saw how good Ye Wuhua was to this good friend, she felt a strong sense of crisis. At that time, many people showed great interest in Huan Tian, so Ye Wuhua’s fiancee gathered a group of powerful people and schemed against Huan Tian.

Ye Wuhua’s fiancee knew that Huan Tian does not trust them humans, so she cleverly avoided acting under her name. Instead, she used Ye Wuhua’s hand to send a colourless and odourless aphrodisiac medicine and power-restraining food to Huan Tian. Facts have proven that Huan Tian indeed doesn’t guard against Ye Wuhua, plus Huan Tian’s self-confidence in his own strength, he ate the food and consumed a lot of the medicine.

Upon confirming that Huan Tian has consumed the medicine, Ye Wuhua’s fiancee immediately used her network in the Imperial City to lead Ye Wuhua away from Huan Tian. Then she used another reason to deceive Huan Tian to the place where those who are interested in him are waiting. She wants to see how Huan Tian ‘catch a turtle in a jar’2, and cripple him. When those people get their hands on Huan Tian, they can do whatever they want…

Just that everyone didn’t have an accurate understanding of a Supreme King’s power, so they naturally miscalculated Huan Tian’s strength. Even when Huan Tian is under the influence of the medicine, he was not a weak person who couldn’t truss a chicken. Understanding everyone’s scheme and their ill-conceived intentions, Huan Tian tried his best to suppress the medicine’s effect in his body. Those who dared to trick him were killed, including Ye Wuhua’s fiancee.

At that time, Huan Tian was under the dual stimulation from anger and medicine. Not only killing the perpetrator did not calm the anger in his heart, he became even crazier. Huan Tian felt that whether Ye Wuhua really participated in the scheme or not, it doesn’t change the fact that Ye Wuhua has personally delivered the drugged food to him, so Huan Tian went to Ye Wuhua to settle the account. Then, under the influence of drugs, Huan Tian’s mind became muddled. Towards the Ye Wuhua who was taken off guard, Huan Tian restricted Ye Wuhua and did him! After the efficacy of the drug has passed, Huan Tian looked at Ye Wuhua who got done in and has fainted from the ‘vigorous actions’. He did nothing and immediately returned to the demon realm; leaving a large pile of mess behind.

And when Ye Wuhua wakes up, the entire Imperial Capital burst into commotion by the things Huan Tian did. Because the people killed by Huan Tian has a powerful background in the Imperial Capital, their families naturally will not easily let the murderer get away, so the relationship between the two races has once again deteriorated to the extreme.

Ye Wuhua didn’t object this time because of Huan Tian’s violent behaviour, hence the war between the humans and demons started again. The scope of the war is bigger, and there was a higher amount of casualties…
In the end, everyone decided that the final outcome will be determined by a decisive battle between both Supreme King, Ye Wuhua and Huan Tian. The result was that Ye Wuhua became seriously injured and Huan Tian was sealed.


“So, what exactly do you want to express by telling me your past?”

Shui Ruoshan patiently listened to Huan Tian’s past, and then thought for a long time but still cannot understand what Huan Tian told him this. However, through Huan Tian’s words, Shui Ruoshan once again confirmed one thing, that is, there is absolutely an affair between Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua! Otherwise, why would Huan Tian will kill other people under the influence of the medicines, but went to top Ye Wuhua instead? However, with Huan Tian’s appearance that is more beautiful than a woman, he can’t imagine how Huan Tian looks as the ‘gong’!

“I don’t know ah!” Huan Tian replied very casually.


This ‘I don’t know’ answer is really strong, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t know how to continue the sentence.

Such an irresponsible answer, ain’t Huan Tian replying too casually now? Sure enough, Huan Tian is an irresponsible person! Otherwise, he would not have killed so many people in the Imperial City because of his own unhappiness to start with, which once again caused a war between the humans and demons; straining their relationship even tighter! Afterwards, Huan Tian felt that he seemed to be somewhat wronged Ye Wuhua, and deliberately lost in Ye Wuhua’s hand and was sealed. Then because of Huan Tian’s defeat, the demons who have been forgotten by Huan Tian had to return to the demon realm to cultivate harder. Apart from that, because Huan Tian is only sealed and not dead yet, the demons can’t produce a new demon Supreme King, hence they have no one to lead them. In the long river of history, their race gradually becomes weak…

Think about it this way, Huan Tian has a great responsibility towards the decline of the demons. Shui Ruoshan had to sigh that Huan Tian is really a stubborn person to the extreme, absolutely worthy of his true psycho style! Should he say that Huan Tian deserved to be called the ultimate BOSS behind the scenes?

“Then tell me this, what is the relationship between you and Ye Wuhua?”

Although Shui Ruoshan is not a gossipy person, but with a juicy gossip flashing in front of him, he doesn’t have any reason not to care. Judging from the countless novels he has read, Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua are the best examples for love and hatred at the same time!

“I’m not sure.”

Huan Tian thought about it and did not give a clear answer. Actually, Huan Tian is really unclear. What is the relationship between him and Ye Wuhua? They were friends before, but they turned against each other, and then the rest could not be summarised. If he says that they have no feelings, it’s not right. Because then he would not be willingly sealed, and Ye Wuhua would not find a way to save his life after he was sealed either. But if he says they have feelings, it’s not right also. Because they have raised their hand at each other, even dragging the humans and demons into their personal grievances. In short, it is complicated!


If it is not the conditions are not suitable, Shui Ruoshan would like to spit on Huan Tian’s face after hearing the ambiguous and vague answer. ‘Not sure’, what kind of answer is this? He should add a word unclear to it, and it will become unsure and unclear3 Probably only these 2 words can describe the relationship between Huan Tian and Ye Wuhua!

“Since you can’t say anything about you and Ye Wuhua, why don’t you tell me why did you send us here?”

Shui Ruoshan knew that he is not charming enough to make Huan Tian listen to him, so he changed his question to another simple question. However, considering Huan Tian’s unreliable characteristics, Shui Ruoshan thought about it and added it another sentence.

“You, don’t tell me that you came here to reminiscence?”

“No, I am going to go directly back to the demon realm from here.” Huan Tian replied confidently.

However, he was rather confused by Shui Ruoshan because he clearly told Shui Ruoshan right from the start that he wanted to return to the demon realm. Why is Shui Ruoshan still asking?

“How come I don’t know that there is an entrance to the demon realm from the Fog Forest?” Shui Ruoshan almost jumped up in anger when he saw Huan Tian looking at him like he is saying ‘why are you so stupid?’.

It’s all Huan Tian’s fault for being misleading! Besides, who knows if Huan Tian wants to stroll around first before returning to the demon realm? And he is very clear that the demon realm is like hundreds of thousand miles away from the Fog Forest, so how could he connect the two places that had no connection at all?

“The Fog Forest doesn’t have the entrance of the demon realm, but there is a transmission array that can lead directly to the demon realm.” Huan Tian’s hand pointed at the crystal coffin, clearly indicating that the transmission array is there.

“…” Seeing Huan Tian looking so casual, Shui Ruoshan felt that he(SRS) must have a lot of black lines on his head. [-_-lll]

Transmission array, transmission array again? To Hell with transmission arrays!


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