Way of Transmigration Chapter 159

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five nine – First gen Supreme King

“Where is this place?”

Shui Ruoshan never thought that Huan Tian would act on his words that swiftly; leaving the moment he said leave. Who can expect the moment Huan Tian said to return to the demon realm in a second, and the next second, he used the power of the Sunlight and Moonlight sword to start the transmission array on the platform, and then simply left? This kind of action without any warning really let one be caught off guard! On the other hand, is it even logical to install a transmission array in the forbidden ground?

Regardless of whether it’s logical or not, Shui Ruoshan understood clearly that he is no longer in the Imperial City, and is no longer within the scope of the human realm. Even at this moment, Shui Ruoshan still felt that his heart could not calm down. He could not forget the expression Yin Suye showed when he saw him leaving; that nervous and fragile expression as if his forced departure is a big blow to Yin Suye. Especially before that, Huan Tian did not hesitate to reveal his(SRS) deepest secret, he believed that it will be an even heavier blow for Yin Suye.

Shui Ruoshan doesn’t dare to think about Yin Suye’s expression. Because if he did, he can’t help but worry. Worrying if Yin Suye will blame his concealment, if he will blame him(SRS) for arranging such a rough fate for him, if he will blame him(SRS) for not being good enough for him…

However, the reality did not give him too much time to consider this, as he has already left the Imperial City and arrived in a brand new place.

“The place where you first woke up.” When Huan Tian faced Shui Ruoshan, his attitude was still quite normal.

“This is the Fog Forest?!”

Shui Ruoshan woke up from his own thoughts and began to carefully look at the environment. The first thing that caught his eye was a delicate crystal coffin, and with the stone room in front of him, Shui Ruoshan knew where he was. Because the crystal coffin and the stone room is really too bizarre, so one can’t help but have a deep impression of it. He woke up in this crystal coffin inside this stone room when he transmigrated after all.

“En.” Huan Tian cooperatively answered.

“Why would the transmission array in the Imperial City forbidden ground sent us here?”

At this time, the doubts in Shui Ruoshan’s mind were not alleviated but increased more and more. Or he should say, Huan Tian, this person, no, this demon has too many mysteries. Although he is the creator of this story, he still does not understand this character which is outside the story.

“Because this is where I was sealed.” When Huan Tian said this, his gaze looked a little far away and seemed to be remembering something.

“There aren’t any connections between the forbidden ground and the transmission array right?”

Shui Ruoshan now felt tired talking to Huan Tian, because it is too obvious that he(HT) was ‘answering but not really answering’. Shui Ruoshan will not admit it that it was because his train of thoughts can’t keep up with Huan Tian’s thinking, that’s why he can’t comprehend Huan Tian’s answers.

“Want to know?”

Huan Tian didn’t mind Shui Ruoshan’s disdain. Instead, he patiently looked at Shui Ruoshan’s eyes and asked.

“…” Asking when you already know the answer? Shui Ruoshan silently rolled his eyes.

Huan Tian, are you talking nonsense? If he(SRS) doesn’t want to know, will he specifically ask this question? Since Huan Tian already knows that, then quickly say the answer, less nonsense!

When Shui Ruoshan knows that Huan Tian can’t do anything to hurt him except trapping him(SRS) in his(HT) body, his attitude towards Huan Tian has become unbridled. Whenever he is not happy, he will even give Huan Tian a bad face. Anyway, he is not afraid to offend Huan Tian, so he naturally becomes more emboldened with his words.

“This crystal coffin is actually one of the tools used to seal me.”

Huan Tian stepped forward to the crystal coffin. Reaching out his hand and gently touching the crystal coffin, Huan Tian could not help but reveal an expression like he is reminiscing some memories.


There was too much rant point in this sentence that Shui Ruoshan didn’t know where to start ranting! He shouldn’t give a cold laugh but should sigh that the person who sealed other people in a coffin is really a ‘thoughtful’ person!

That is not a praise by the way!

If one is not dead, then why bother using a coffin? Just seal it, can’t you choose some more reliable solutions? He suddenly recalled that when he just transmigrated over, because he woke up from the coffin, his first thought was that the original body is dead. He didn’t expect that the original soul might still exist and didn’t take any precautionary measures. This is why Huan Tian can easily recapture his own body back.

Using coffin to mislead people is really harming people! It’s an evil move, a’ight?! Now he got trapped Huan Tian’s body and can’t do anything. He blamed that person who used coffins to seal other people!

“Who sealed you?” Shui Ruoshan felt that it was necessary for him to know who dug this pit for him.

“The person who sealed me here is the first generation human Supreme King.” Huan Tian gave a simple reply.


When he heard Huan Tian’s answer, Shui Ruoshan has long guessed it. Seeing how bad is the relationship between humans and demons, probably no other people can seal the first-gen demon Supreme King than the first-gen human Supreme King. But unfortunately, Huan Tian as the first-gen Supreme King still lived to the present, but the human Supreme King has changed for so many generations already. In other words, the first-gen human Supreme King has long disappeared into the long river of history.

Therefore, even if Shui Ruoshan was dissatisfied with the fact that he was ‘pitted’ by the first-gen human Supreme King, he could not vent this dissatisfaction to a person who had already died for more than Nth years, and eventually could only admit that he was unlucky.

He is very doubtful now if the first generation Supreme Kings have something against him? Otherwise, why did the first generation human Supreme King ‘pitted’ him, and the first generation demon Supreme King trapped his soul? It can’t be even more tragic than this! Wait a minute, he seems to have gotten out of topic, just now he seems to be talking about the transmission array with Huan Tian.

“You mean to say that the transmission array between the Imperial City and this room is actually built by the first-gen human Supreme King?”

Shui Ruoshan’s reaction to this was also very fast.

Since the first-gen human Supreme King sealed Huan Tian, the person who is most likely to set up a transmission array will naturally be him. Because it is impossible for Huan Tian to set it himself? He wouldn’t be that sick to take the initiative to set up a transmission array directly to the Imperial city, right?!

“En, this transmission array is indeed specially set up by the first-gen human Supreme King.” Huan Tian nodded with certainty.

“So, the reason was so that he could monitor you?”

Shui Ruoshan reasoned that the first-gen Supreme King did not feel relieved sealing Huan Tian in the Fog Forest. So he used countless manpower and material resources to build this two-way transmission array, in order to better observe Huan Tian where he was sealed.

“He set up the transmission array so that it’s convenient for him to see me at any time.” Huan Tian seems to be somewhat dissatisfied with the word ‘monitor’ used by Shui Ruoshan. He slightly frowned and gave his answer.


Shui Ruoshan looked at Huan Tian, whose expression stated that his(HT) words are the correct answer. Suddenly, he felt that he could not bear to look straight at Huan Tian. Does Huan Tian know that what he said just now has too much room for people to think about?

“Not right ah! Whether he is really monitoring you, or making it convenient to see you, he should not seal you in the Fog Forest? Don’t you think it is more convenient to seal you directly in the Imperial City?!”

Shui Ruoshan realised that things were unreasonable. However, it is clear that Shui Ruoshan did not believe in Huan Tian’s rhetorical answer just now. After all, it was just Huan Tian’s unilateral opinion, it does not mean that the first-gen human Supreme King thought the same.

“Actually, I think it’s better for the first-gen Supreme King to kill you right away than sealing you!”

Shui Ruoshan thought about it carefully and had a feeling that everything was unreasonable in this matter. Because the first-gen human Supreme King doesn’t need to be merciful to Huan Tian!

“Because he was reluctant to kill me, so he could only choose to seal me.”

When Huan Tian said this, his expression looked very happy. “He chose to seal me, but this does not mean that he is willing for others to hurt me. So for my safety, he can only secretly seal me in a place that no one else can find.” Therefore, he was sealed in the Fog Forest far away from the Imperial City. After all, the humans hated him, so if they knew that he was sealed, the humans would not let him go.

Hearing this, Shui Ruoshan came to realise that Huan Tian and the first-gen human Supreme King seem to have an unspeakable affair! Because Huan Tian’s answer is easy to make people think in a crooked way!

“Since the first-gen human Supreme King was thinking about you, why did he seal you at the beginning?”

That Supreme King’s action was full of contradictions everywhere, but Huan Tian likes to answer him and let him ask the questions.

“Because I did something awful.” Huan Tian said it like it doesn’t matter, but an inevitable flash of upset flitted through his eyes, though it was quickly hidden.

“You are so powerful, so how did the first-gen human Supreme King seal you?”

The overwhelming strength previously shown by Huan Tian was definitely not easy to deal with. Even if Huan Tian were not as powerful as he is now when he was sealed, it would definitely not be any worse. So what did the Supreme King used to seal Huan Tian?

“Because I did something awful, I volunteered to be sealed.” Huan Tian replied.

“…” Shui Ruoshan, now feels that the affair between him and the first generation Supreme King is more and more intense!

“Do you want to hear the story between him and me?” Not sure what Huan Tian was thinking, he suddenly proposed to tell Shui Ruoshan his story.

“Alright.” Shui Ruoshan made a listening gesture to Huan Tian, indicating that he would definitely be a good listener who listened carefully to the story!


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