Way of Transmigration Chapter 153

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five three – Work hard

“Fox, remove the obstacles here.”

Shui Ruoshan saw some obstacles at the location Ruixue pointed, so he gave orders to Fox without hesitation. A coolie is a coolie. So whenever something that needs physical strength, dirty work, tiring work… he will call for Fox right away, while he(SRS) just need to stand by the side and give his commands. It can’t get any more convenient than this. Of course, whenever he found items suitable for Fox, he will give it to him as a reward for his efforts. He(SRS) is a good employer, a’ight?!


When Fox heard Shui Ruoshan’s order, he didn’t ask anything and immediately moved forward. In this treasure hunting journey following behind Shui Ruoshan and the Persian cat called Ruixue, Fox felt that his heart can now withstand strong stimulations. Ruixue is really talented in hunting for treasures, an absolute full point. Wherever its small claws pointed to, they will find treasures in there, no miss at all!

Ruixue’s vision is also very good, as the treasures found were ‘cream of the crop’, treasures that not anyone has seen before. As of now, Fox has gotten three pieces of treasures that are suitable for him. Although the levels of the treasures were not at Imperial level, they were only a little bit lower than Imperial level, so Fox is willing to be used as a coolie by Shui Ruoshan.

He hoped to get more chances to be a coolie if possible.

After Fox removed all the obstacles, Shui Ruoshan squatted and randomly knocked on the ground. Upon finding a hollow space underneath the floor, he immediately removed the ground covering and easily picked up the treasure hidden inside.

“This is refined black iron?! But things like black iron doesn’t seem to be worth any money!”

Shui Ruoshan disdainfully said while looking at the iron piece he had just found. However, he did spend a certain amount of time and effort to find it, so Shui Ruoshan reluctantly placed the black iron into his space ring. Better than nothing!


Seeing how Shui Ruoshan looked at the refined black iron, Fox felt like going crazy. One needs to know, black iron is a must-have material in creating all kinds of Imperial level artifacts. It is definitely priceless, not to mention refined black iron is a level higher than normal black iron, it is definitely a good treasure! And now this piece of refined black iron that could cause countless people fight senseless for it, only worth no more than a scrap iron in Shui Ruoshan’s eyes. He(SRS) looked so reluctant when he stored it in his ring. If other people know about this, they will definitely disdain Shui Ruoshan to death. Fox guaranteed that, because even he himself wants to stand up and shout at Shui Ruoshan, ‘Stop, put it down, let me take it!’ However, considering that he has already gotten three treasures that other people may never get in their life, Fox stopped himself from commenting on Shui Ruoshan’s behaviour. So, he can only silently mourn for the refined black iron for not meeting a wise master in his heart!

“Ruixue, see if there are other valuable things here?”

Shui Ruoshan lightly scratched Ruixue’s chin as a reward for helping to find the treasures. However, he did not immediately leave the area and asked Ruixue to continue searching around instead. Since they are already here, they naturally have to search for more valuable things here. Obviously, Shui Ruoshan still remembered his idea to find out all the treasures, make Yin Suye jealous, and then buy Yin Suye to raise him.


Ruixue opened its watery eyes widely, a pair amber-like heterochromic eyes, and carefully scanned their surroundings, not wanting to miss the slightest clue. Soon, Ruixue found another treasure located nearby, so it immediately pointed out the place with its small claws. Shui Ruoshan praised Ruixue, then followed the direction to the new treasure…

Fox loyally followed behind Shui Ruoshan, he will immediately step forward when Shui Ruoshan needs him. However, this time he was not needed as Shui Ruoshan bent down to pick up a bead from a corner.

“This is the sandalwood pearl that enhances concentration?!” Fox recognised the bead at a glance.

“En, it’s not something extremely precious either.”

Shui Ruoshan said in a casual tone and indifferently threw the bead into his space ring. The value of this sandalwood bead is actually similar to the refined black iron, so for Shui Ruoshan who has long possessed countless treasures, the bead was not anything special.


Once again hearing Shui Ruoshan’s ever so light evaluation, Fox felt like going crazy, a’ight?! He felt that after this treasure hunt with Shui Ruoshan, he could go back and write a book. The title would be “How poor people stay calm in front of a nouveau riche”, he might even be able to make a name from it!

Actually, Fox doesn’t understand this sometimes. There were things Shui Ruoshan obviously doesn’t need, but he still refuses to let go of it. Whether it’s useful or not, Shui Ruoshan swept them clean anyway; showing what is the meaning of ‘clean’. In the end, Fox can only come to the conclusion that poor people like him won’t understand the world of the rich! In fact, Fox really felt that Shui Ruoshan didn’t need to do this at all, because as long as he says the word, his Master would put whatever Shui Ruoshan wanted in front of him. After all, his master has once ordered them very strictly that regardless their Master is present or not, they must treat Shui Ruoshan as their Master as well and placed Shui Ruoshan’s words as the highest command. Even if Shui Ruoshan wants to demolish the Imperial City, they can’t have any objections and should just help to demolish the Imperial City together! This is a way how his family’s Master showing his unconditional favour to Shui Ruoshan. Therefore, even if Shui Ruoshan’s identity as a demon is a bit awkward in the Imperial City, no one dares to show the slightest contempt towards Shui Ruoshan under his Master’s warning.

This is why even after Shui Ruoshan made such a big movement with his treasure hunt in the Imperial City, no one stepped forward to scold Shui Ruoshan. Under threat of being severely punished by his Master, Fox believes that no one would be blind enough to dare to attack Shui Ruoshan. What he is worried about now is that after the Imperial City being ransacked by Shui Ruoshan, will it become an empty shell? Should he worry about his Master’s financial situation in the future?

“Stop dazing around, work hard!”

Shui Ruoshan has long noticed the questioning gaze in Fox’s eyes, but he won’t explain anything to Fox. Because it’s impossible for silly mortals like Fox to understand his lofty ambition to buy and raise Yin Suye!

“Alright.” Fox doesn’t understand but still honestly followed behind Shui Ruoshan and put on a standby mode.

Shui Ruoshan picked up Ruixue to continue his treasure hunt.

“Ruixue, where should we go next?”

Shui Ruoshan bowed his head and asked Ruixue for directions. He is still a person with self-awareness. He knows that the Imperial City is very large and with his own strength, don’t say finding a treasure in such a short time, he probably cannot even locate the road correctly. But now he has Ruixue, the treasure radar, treasure hunting has become ‘so easy’1!

Ruixue stayed in Shui Ruoshan’s arms and is responsible for pointing out the routes. Fox followed behind Shui Ruoshan and helped with the physical work while keeping his opinions on Shui Ruoshan’s behaviour in his heart. Moqi silently followed Shui Ruoshan and admired Ruixue, to be able to stay in Shui Ruoshan’s arms, while wrongfully stared at its owner who has ignored it.

“Come here!”

In the end, Shui Ruoshan compromised when facing Moqi’s innocent grievances, and held Moqi in his arms as well.

Selling ‘meng’ is shameful! But to compromise is even more shameful!

As soon as Moqi gotten in Shui Ruoshan’s arms, it made a comfortable sound. Then Ruixue who felt like its Master’s love has been stolen, swiped a paw at Moqi. Moqi then obediently stayed silent. It also knows that it has annoyed its owner2 earlier, so it doesn’t dare to do anything to Ruixue. It could only send a wronged look at Shui Ruoshan.

“You two are comrades, you have to get along with each other!”

Seeing Moqi being bullied and looked pitiful, Shui Ruoshan reached out and gently pat Ruixue’s head to express that Ruixue shouldn’t be so overbearing.


Ruixue knows that an obedient spiritual pet is more likeable to its owner, so after it arrogantly warned Moqi, it turned away with a lofty expression. Ruixue will not be with an ugly creature like Moqi! Very obvious, only cat beings are beautiful in Ruixue’s mind, and it is the most beautiful one among all the cat beings!


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