Way of Transmigration Chapter 152

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five two – Going for treasure hunt


At this moment, Shui Ruoshan is sitting in a yard in the Imperial City, bored and sighing with his head hanging low. He now understands deeply what is called ‘no zuo no die’1! He really shouldn’t have run his mouth that he provoked Yin Suye, that he could only guarantee that he would not take the initiative to leave his side. And now, Yin Suye’s comeback was very fast and powerful. Yin Suye actually edited the enchantment effect of the Imperial City’s barrier in the next second, that the moment he takes even one step out of the Imperial City, the enchantment will be activated and trap him inside the Imperial City. Oh yes, it was worded nicely by Yin Suye as well, this was done so that he can protect him(SRS) even better and can make sure that Shui Ruoshan could not leave when he doesn’t want to2!

One can say that after Yin Suye became the Supreme King, the city’s barrier has levelled up from the original intention to keep intruders away, to accept the demon him’s entry, lastly to trap him inside the city; three-stage changes just to trap him.

Should he sigh because Yin Suye is so talented that he developed the barrier of the Imperial City to use so many different functions? Amazing ah! Amazing his head ah! If one is to say this bluntly, this is simply illegal imprisonment!

“You have been sighing all day, you can’t keep doing it!”

Fox looked at the Shui Ruoshan beside him and noticed that his mood seems to be somewhat low, so Fox could not help comforting him. As the self-proclaimed important person around his Master, Fox thinks that he is quite clear about the contradiction between Master and Shui Ruoshan.

“You don’t understand my sorrow!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t even look up at Fox. He just waved his hand in frustration at Fox, indicating that he didn’t want Fox to bother him as Fox doesn’t understand his complex mood.

Other than being angered by Yin Suye’s overbearing temperament, Shui Ruoshan also deeply regretted his actions. Why did he provoke Yin Suye?! Now he ended up in such a disadvantage situation. Most importantly, he didn’t benefit from this matter at all. Who told him to make Yin Suye feel angry and anxious, so he immediately became the unlucky person. However, the moment he tried to be a little bit tough, Yin Suye would immediately reveal an anxious expression, making him feel guilty, and he won’t be able to refuse Yin Suye’s request. So he took a step back and back again until he lost his principles.

Yin Suye really is too skilful in alternating between soft and hard means!

For example, right now, he actually felt that there is nothing wrong with just staying inside the Imperial City. Who told him to be a standard NEET! Sure enough, Yin Suye is his biggest nemesis!

“Actually, I think you just have to please Master. I believe after that Master will not only lift the ban for you but even promise you anything!”

Towards Shui Ruoshan not giving any faces to him, Fox calmly told himself that as an adult, he will not be petty with the little guy.


Shui Ruoshan’s mouth simply twitched. He was the one suffering and Fox wants him to go and seek peace with Yin Suye. Is there any justice out there?

“Fox, do you think Yin Suye is going to Huang Beichen now?”

Shui Ruoshan decided not to discuss anymore about this deep question regarding his mood and turned his attention to question where Yin Suye went. Actually, when he got up early this morning and didn’t see Yin Suye around, he already had a bad guess. Next, he saw Fox appeared beside him. Then he knew that Yin Suye is definitely no longer inside the Imperial City.

The moment he thought of the fact that Yin Suye sneaked away when they were still in disagreement, Shui Ruoshan became angrier. At the same time, he became even more certain that Yin Suye is using his provocation as a pretext to trap him in the Imperial City. He believes that even if he did not provoke Yin Suye, Yin Suye probably would find another reason to leave him inside the Imperial City, before secretly working on something. The only thing that could make Yin Suye do it behind his back, Shui Ruoshan feels that it should be related to him returning to Earth. So, without even need to think about it, he can guess Yin Suye must be going to see Huang Beichen behind his back. After all, when Yin Suye forcefully ended their conversation with Huang Beichen, Yin Suye clearly stated that he would continue the talk next time. It was because he was there that Yin Suye didn’t want to continue the topic.

The feeling of being left in the dark by his trusted person makes Shui Ruoshan feel very unhappy. He has already chosen Yin Suye between him and going back to Earth, he naturally will not renege on his words. Why can’t Yin Suye feel assured and relieved?

“I don’t know.”

Fox can only glance sideways and try to lie. In this case, whether he really knows or not, he must act innocently, so as not to become the cannon fodder between Master and Shui Ruoshan’s disagreement. He who originally was the Head of the secret guards is now the captain of the Imperial guards, but still have to worry about the feelings between Master and Shui Ruoshan, being him is not easy!

“Then what else do I need you for?”

Can’t blame Shui Ruoshan for his bad attitude toward Fox. Every time Yin Suye is absent, Fox will appear next to him, so it really frustrated him ah! In fact, he also knows that it is wrong to be angry at others, but Fox is Yin Suye’s diehard fans. So he can naturally ‘hate the house and its crow’!3 Especially Yin Suye is now meeting alone with Huang Beichen, and he feels uncomfortable in his heart.

One needs to know, Yin Suye secretly went to see Huang Beichen behind his back, is strongly similar to a husband meeting little mistress behind the wife’s back! Pei! It is obviously the wife meeting her lover behind her husband’s back! En, that’s right! His(SRS) position in the world’s list of Gong4 is unshakable! If Yin Suye really dares to do anything to wrong him, then he will definitely press Yin Suye on the bed, then do this do that, after that do this do that…

Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help but laugh at the beautiful mental picture.

“I don’t want to praise myself, but I can do more than that. I can serve you tea, listen to your troubles, alleviate boredom and worry, plan schemes and have fun…”

Fox became unhappy right away when Shui Ruoshan despised him, so he started talking about his usefulness.

“Stop!” Seeing that Fox still wants to continue, Shui Ruoshan immediately stopped him.

Then he looked at Fox with a look of contempt, which seemed to say, do you still have any dignity left?

“Oh yeah, if you really want to know where Master went, you can actually ask Moqi!”

Seeing Shui Ruoshan indifferent attitude, Fox obviously knew that his performance was too fake, so he rushed to rescue his image. He doesn’t dare to offend Shui Ruoshan right now, because he was afraid that Shui Ruoshan might complain about him beside Yin Suye’s ears. Then his good days will come to an end. Staying alive is better than dignity, so Fox immediately pushed Moqi out.


Shui Ruoshan suspiciously asked, before looking at Moqi that was playing with Ruixue in the grass of the yard. He has long known that Yin Suye didn’t take Moqi back the last time he released Moqi from his space ring, keeping it beside Shui Ruoshan.

“Moqi is Master’s spiritual beast. There is a special connection between Master and the contracted beast. Naturally, it will know where Master is.”

Fox is definitely someone who sells his teammates without blinking, as he explained everything about Moqi. However, he still retained a bit of ethics because he did not say that Shui Ruoshan actually could also learn about Master’s whereabouts due to his co-death contract with Master.


Shui Ruoshan nodded. He originally thought that Moqi is now the common demon between him and Yin Suye so Moqi might no longer have the positioning function, but Fox said he can try it. There won’t be any loss for him anyway.

“Moqi, tell me. Where is Yin Suye going now?”

Shui Ruoshan directed his attention to Moqi that was running in circles with Ruixue. Even though he was very clear that Yin Suye has nothing to do with Huang Beichen, but whenever he recalls the comments left under [The Strongest King in History] chapters asking for male love between the protagonist and the villain, he became unsure. Because in the eyes of those readers, the ship for the protagonist and the villain is almost canon! As for him, his body is the first-gen demon Supreme King who appeared only once in the background introduction. For the readers, he is absolutely the soy sauce of the Soy Sauce party5. No one will remember that such a character has appeared in the novel, let alone shipping him with Yin Suye.
When he thinks about it, he can feel the abuse element!


Moqi was running cheerfully in the yard when its whole body froze in an instant the moment it heard Shui Ruoshan’s words. So Ruixue that was chasing behind it slammed into it and fell to the ground.

At this moment, Moqi really wanted to growl at Fox to express its dissatisfaction of being sold out. Instead, it looked up and glanced at its second owner. Then it lifted its paws to cover its own eyes, which seems to say ‘you can’t see me, can’t see me’! Then, it maintained the pose on the ground and stopped moving, pretending to be dead!

“…” Watching Moqi trying to act stupid, Shui Ruoshan speechless looked at the sky. Is acting stupid contagious?

Actually, he did not have any expectations at all to get info on Yin Suye from Moqi. After all, even if he knew it, he would not be able to go out from the Imperial City for the time being, so it makes no difference at all whether he knew or not. The reason why he asked was he got bored staying in the Imperial City and wanted to find some fun things to do. Torturing his own spiritual pets is obviously a good way to relieve stress.


Seeing that Moqi dared to ignore its owner’s order, Ruixue was instantly angered. It lifted its cat paw and swiped at Moqi’s head. Then before Moqi could react, it took off with an elegant catwalk and strolled to Shui Ruoshan. Ruixue gently pushed against Shui Ruoshan’s foot; seeking praise.

“Ruixue is still the best one!”

Shui Ruoshan was very happy to see his spiritual pet suppressing Yin Suye’s pet, so he placed Ruixue in his arms and showered it in praises.

“Meow!” Ruixue took the opportunity to show off at Moqi, that was still playing dead.

Looking at Ruixue in its owner’s arms, Moqi admired it in its heart while it could only bow its head feeling wronged. Wuwu, it has two masters and can’t offend either one. It’s really hard to be a spiritual pet!

“Get up!”

Seeing such a soft Moqi, Shui Ruoshan also couldn’t bear to bully it anymore. Because when he saw Ruixue, he suddenly thought of another good way to pass the time. Ruixue as a spiritual pet, its most important function is not to assist in battles, nor sell meng6, but to find treasures! To sum it up, as long as he has Ruixue in hand, he will obtain all treasures in the world! And he has been with Ruixue for a long time, but he didn’t even use Ruixue to find any treasures, that’s not good. He has nothing to do now anyway, so it’s good to take this chance to hunt for good things in the Imperial City while Yin Suye is not there. He will then grab all of the treasures for himself, so when Yin Suye suddenly finds himself became very poor, Yin Suye will cry and hold his(SRS) thigh; asking to be raised!

Shui Ruoshan felt a little excited when he thinks about it that way! So, in order to realize this beautiful fantasy in his mind, Shui Ruoshan waved his hand and directed Ruixue, “Ruixue, we are going to look for treasure! Target is all the treasures in the Imperial City!”

“Meow!” Ruixue called out in agreement, treasure is what it likes most!

“Count me in!”

Treasure Hunt is a welfare-rich activity, Fox felt that he must join in even if he has to thicken his skin and stick to them, then he will grab on any opportunities passed by! So Fox didn’t wait for Shui Ruoshan to agree and followed them. At the same time, he righteously claimed, “Treasure hunt is very dangerous. This subordinates will definitely protect you!”


Shui Ruoshan looked at Fox with a deep gaze. He really wanted to ask him, can you be more shameless? They are inside the Imperial City, what danger can he encounter in Yin Suye’s territory? However, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t bother with that anymore. He just nodded and agreed to let Fox join them.

Because he does lack a lackey to carry stuff for him.


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