Way of Transmigration Chapter 154

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five four – The Forbidden Ground of Imperial City

“Right in front is the Forbidden Ground of Imperial City, we shouldn’t go!”

Fox spent the whole day running around in the Imperial City with Shui Ruoshan to hunt for treasure, but he did reap a good harvest. Such beneficial activities like treasure hunt, has a lot of benefits, can make one happy, and even let one feel like they can always find treasures! However, Fox has to persuade Shui Ruoshan when he realised Ruixue was pointing to the forbidden ground of Imperial City. The Imperial City’s forbidden ground will refuse entry to anyone other than the Supreme King. Even the Supreme King can’t go in easily and only be allowed to enter during certain days.

In the past, some fearless adventurers ventured into the forbidden ground but no one ever come out except the Supreme King. In other words, those arrogantly trespassers must have died in it. Therefore, Fox feels that it is unwise to enter the forbidden ground with just their team of two humans and two pets.

“The forbidden ground is right in front?!”

Unfortunately, when Shui Ruoshan heard the words forbidden ground, his eyes revealed excitement instead of fear. Throughout the ages, the word forbidden ground always means treasures!

“If you really want to go in, why not wait for Master to come back and ask Master to take you in?”

When Fox saw Shui Ruoshan’s gleaming eyes, he knew that things will be bad, so he could only continue to persuade Shui Ruoshan, hoping to change his mind. Fox knows very well that Master won’t mind Shui Ruoshan going into the forbidden ground meant for Supreme King, but Fox is afraid that the forbidden ground would be too dangerous, and his strength alone may not be able to protect Shui Ruoshan! If the little ancestor Shui Ruoshan encountered any problem, Fox would have no time to ask for mercy before getting chopped to pieces by his Master.

So they should really wait for Master to come back and personally accompany Shui Ruoshan for such challenging and dangerous adventure! In fact, this is also his fault. He should have known and be alert when Ruixue started to direct them to more and more remote places, when passerby became lesser, to realise that they are heading to a place they shouldn’t go.

“No, I want to go in now!”

Shui Ruoshan didn’t seem to see Fox’s persuasion at all and stated his decision very determinedly. He has already made up his mind to scrape all the treasures of the Imperial City and make Yin Suye jealous. How can he stop halfway when he knows that there are huge treasures and big opportunities ahead?

Plus he is still angry with Yin Suye, so if he waits for Yin Suye to come back to enter the forbidden ground, not to say ‘seeing the entrance, he won’t be able to see even the windows’. In fact, if Ruixue didn’t bring him to the forbidden ground today, Shui Ruoshan would have forgotten about the plot regarding the forbidden ground in [The Strongest King in History]. The reason why the forbidden ground only allowed the Supreme King to enter was because it contained the inheritance of the Supreme King, and also the place where the treasures of the human race are hidden. However, this opportunity that should have belonged to the villain did not fall onto Yin Suye’s hands but fell to the protagonist Huang Beichen instead.

The reason is actually very simple. In the original story, Wang Batian died too suddenly, and the next generation of Supreme King was not immediately elected, so the secret about the forbidden ground disappeared along with Wang Batian’s death. So even after Yin Suye eventually became the Supreme King, he didn’t know about the importance the forbidden ground. Usually, he would be busy cultivating or going against Huang Beichen, so he never enters the forbidden ground until he died.

During the time when Huang Beichen fought against Yin Suye, he inadvertently discovered the base used by Wang Batian for secret experimental research. From there, he found a lot of precious treasures of the human race hidden in the forbidden ground. At the time, Huang Beichen has already become the demon Supreme King, and don’t really covet the human’s treasure, but he won’t inform the Supreme King Yin Suye either so not to increase the enemy’s strength.

Just that when Huo Ruyan knew about the matter, she was blinded by greed for the treasures. So under Huo Ruyan’s persuasion, Huang Beichen finally decided to go to the Imperial City’s forbidden ground. However, the forbidden ground is not a place where anyone could enter whenever they wanted. In order to enter the forbidden ground smoothly, Huo Ruyan came up with the idea of using Yin Suye’s blood to camouflage his aura. So Huo Ruyan took the initiative to approach Yin Suye. Although Huo Ruyan has already stood at Huang Beichen’s side at that time, she didn’t really openly go against Yin Suye, hence by relying on her status in the Imperial City, and her relationship with Yin Suye, she managed to easily sneak up on Yin Suye.

Actually, Huo Ruyan originally intended to kill Yin Suye, but his strength was too strong and managed to avoid being hit at vital points at the last minute. Huo Ruyan knew that she won’t be able to attack Yin Suye anymore now that he has his guard up. So she gathered a lot of blood from Yin Suye and fled under the cover of the crowd, meeting up with Huang Beichen right away. At the time, Yin Suye was almost fatally wounded because he did not fight back against Huo Ruyan, and Huo Ruyan also applied a very powerful poison on her sword. After the incident, Yin Suye could not personally chase after Huo Ruyan and could only order his subordinates, but they were obviously not Huang Beichen’s opponents so they could only return in failure.

Huo Ruyan and Huang Beichen waited for this moment when Yin Suye is distracted and painted his blood on themselves before hiding their own aura. Then disguising as the Supreme King, both of them managed to enter the forbidden ground quite easily. They looted everything, even taking away the inheritance of the Supreme King, leaving only an empty forbidden ground.

With this in mind, Shui Ruoshan instantly felt that he felt sorry for Yin Suye! What to do with this sudden deep sense of guilt? Sure enough, he shouldn’t have recalled the background story of the forbidden ground! So in order to calm down his mood, Shui Ruoshan decided to shift his target on Fox.

“Fox, if you are afraid, no need to go to the forbidden ground with me, just wait here for me!”

Shui Ruoshan indifferently threatened Fox. In fact, it is still beneficial to recall the plot, at the very least, he knows that the forbidden ground don’t really forbid entry and exit and that he can enter the ground if he wanted. Because he and Yin Suye are bound with the co-death contract, so he can use the effect of the contract to simulate Yin Suye’s aura. In other words, to a certain extent, he equals to Yin Suye. He did not write in detail about the co-death contract in his main draft, he only started to learn more about it after he signed a co-death contract with Yin Suye. Now he can say that he has a rich theoretical knowledge of the co-death contract. As for practice, he still needs to slowly experiment. At this moment, such a good practice opportunity presented itself in front of him, he naturally has to cherish it.

“Of course I want to go with you!” Fox tragically replied.

However, for the sake of his little life, he secretly sent a message to Master just now when he realised he could not stop Shui Ruoshan’s decision. He hoped that his Master would come back quickly enough to help him collect his corpse. At the same time, Fox began to calculate silently in his heart. If he can survive this trip to the forbidden ground, he will boldly march to his Master to ask for a raise! He is taking care of Shui Ruoshan using his life after all!

“If that’s the case, then keep up!”

Shui Ruoshan flipped his hair at Fox and headed the forbidden ground. Don’t think that Shui Ruoshan is acting very casual, he has already opened up his spiritual power, carefully observing the surrounding environment to prevent walking into stuff like traps. After all, he has only briefly written about this in [The Strongest King in History] and don’t know much. He only knows that there are treasures in the forbidden ground, but not sure what would it be. Therefore, he can’t really guarantee that using Yin Suye’s aura will protect him from encountering any danger in the forbidden ground. As it turns out, Shui Ruoshan’s fears are uncalled for. Maybe the forbidden ground really did mistake him for the Supreme King. That’s why not only he did not encounter any danger along the way, there weren’t any other movement either. It is quiet to the extreme.


Until the end of the path in the forbidden ground, Ruixue finally made a sound, indicating that they had arrived.

“That pair of swords in the air looked like the most valuable treasure here?!”

Shui Ruoshan has completely ignored all kinds of treasures scattered around him, only noticed the big white platform in the center of the area. In the middle of the altar, there is a gold and silver sword held suspended in the air, exuding faint brilliance; an exquisite double sword of the same style.

Shui Ruoshan took a step forward. At first, his body was slightly blocked at the periphery of the platform. Then the thin film blocking him seemed to disappear completely at the next second, so he went straight to the altar.

“Sunlight (Riyao)? Moonlight (Yueyao)?”

Shui Ruoshan looked at the words etched on the sword and read it gently. Just the moment when he reached out and touched the sword, a strong ray emitted from the sword enveloped his whole person…

Shui Ruoshan has no time to react to the changes when his entire body felt excruciating pain.


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