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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five one – Don’t leave me

“Don’t be so pessimistic, you just have to feel it with your heart. Then you will find that you have a lot of other things besides me!”

Shui Ruoshan thought for a while, and somewhat unnaturally refuted him. Yin Suye’s words made him feel like he is the whole world in the other person’s eyes. This feeling of having everything pinned on him alone, although profound, gave him a feeling of extreme despair. He does not want Yin Suye to keep rejecting the world outside of himself; living alone in his own belief. This will make his(SRS) heart aching.

“What do those things have anything to do with me?”

Yin Suye raised his hand and interrupted any further persuasive words from Shui Ruoshan. The irony in his tone revealed his disdain and scorn on ‘the other things’ from Shui Ruoshan’s words.

“Do you think that after experiencing those betrayals from my past life, I will be still open to accepting other things?”

Not waiting for Shui Ruoshan to refute, Yin Suye asked his question first. When he first met the little guy, didn’t he tested him(SRS) again and again, before finally decided to let go? So, although there are some things he doesn’t care about, he has to let the little guy know his intentions clearly. Because if he didn’t say it as clear as possible, the little guy will probably never find out with that thick insensitive nerves he has. So, under the stimuli that the little guy might return to Earth, Yin Suye has decided to tell him the true thoughts of his heart. He would never let go of the little guy.

“Shui Ruoshan, do you know?” This time Yin Suye didn’t use his nickname for Shui Ruoshan so that he can clearly sense his seriousness at this time.

“If I didn’t meet you when I was reborn, I believe I will still follow the same path as my previous life!”

Yin Suye’s eyes suddenly became distant, seemed to recall his life experience. At the same time, his thin lips slightly opened, and he revealed a very concise summary of what he had done in the past.

“The path to destroy the world while destroying myself at the same time!”

A faint sarcasm, towards himself and the world, flashed in his eyes. It was only because of Shui Ruoshan that he changed his goal this time.

“Actually, I have always hated this world for being so cruel and ruthless to me, and because it brought me nothing except pain.”

Actually, Yin Suye has once fantasised for friendship, family and love…
Moreover, he tried to work hard to obtain these dreams, but unfortunately, he ended up injured and bruised every time.

He had once regarded Huang Beichen as a friend but unfortunately was greeted with Huang Beichen’s distrust and doubts…

He had once cared for Huo Ruyan as a sister but unfortunately was greeted with Huo Ruyan’s betrayal and her changing side…

He had once regarded his subordinates as brothers but unfortunately was greeted with their betrayal and rebellion…

Such examples were some of the countless misfortunes Yin Suye has experienced. Over time, he has no longer expecting anything from anyone, because without expectation, there will be no disappointment. But because he can’t get what he wants, the dark emotions in Yin Suye’s heart started to grow. He feels that since those people can betray him without hesitation, he does not need to be merciful, so his means also become more and more extreme. And the darker Yin Suye gets, the more the people around him wanted to leave him…

This is a vicious circle.

Therefore, Yin Suye began to blacken gradually under the constant stimulation, until he became the big villain who rejected human, society and the world!

“Sometimes, living is a burden for me!”

Because there is nothing in the world that is worthy of his nostalgia. Power, status, money…
These things were never what he wants. What he really wants is a pure and sincere feeling. However, this small wish was not realised even on the day he died. But fortunately, God gave him a chance to be born again, and let him meet the little guy who belongs to him. He thought that the reason why he was so miserable in his past life is to accumulate all his luck so that he could meet the little guy in this world! Therefore, no matter what, he will not give up this warmth he has in his grip.

“It’s alright, you still have me!”

Seemed to be affected by Yin Suye’s desperate mood, Shui Ruoshan stopped being angry with Yin Suye and stood up from the bed. Stretching his hands out, he pulled Yin Suye over and hugged him into his arms…

He gently patted the depressed Yin Suye to calm him down. Actually, he always knew that Yin Suye is a very tragic villain in his pen. When he wrote the novel, he thought of giving the villain a reason to be blackened. So he arranged Yin Suye with a high enough identity, but have it destroyed in an instant, making him(YSY) constantly shift between Heaven and Hell. It was because of his whimsical thoughts at that time that he wanted to write a novel quite different from other novels, causing Yin Suye who should have an infinitely bright future to be set as the villain.

However, when he transmigrated into the continent and met his villain, his mood could not be described in words. Because in the main outline of [The Strongest King in History], he has only written about this in passing, that is to say, he only knows that Yin Suye has painful experiences in the past, but never knew about the suffering in depth. But Yin Suye’s tragic experiences were really there, and he did experience the loneliness of being abandoned by the whole world.

But now when Yin Suye slowly revealed his feelings, Shui Ruoshan suddenly felt heartbroken. Whenever he thinks of this person who regarded him as his everything in front of him, how he died in his past life, how he didn’t have even a person standing by his side, and how no one was sad for his death, Shui Ruoshan’s mood became complicated.

“Shui Ruoshan, you are my only redemption!”

Yin Suye cooperatively let himself held in Shui Ruoshan’s arms. In order to let Shui Ruoshan hug him more comfortably, he also bent down slightly. Feeling the gentle pat from behind, the dark emotions in Yin Suye’s eyes eased a bit.

“If you dare to leave me, I don’t mind destroying the world!”

The world that doesn’t have the little guy in it doesn’t have any reason to exist.


Shui Ruoshan deeply felt that Yin Suye was not asking him to stay but was threatening him instead! Even though Yin Suye is now in a rare and fragile moment, he is still the Supreme King, the only one person high up in the sky. This doesn’t change the dominance trait in his bones at all. But at this moment, not only Shui Ruoshan did not feel the slightest dissatisfaction, he also feels like agreeing with Yin Suye. Yin Suye expressed his own emotions so well that Shui Ruoshan can’t help empathising with him, so that when he faces the current Yin Suye. Not only Yin Suye caused him feel very guilty, but he(YSY) also caused him to unconsciously feel like treating Yin Suye well. Who lets the source of all the miserable to Yin Suye is this author!

“Don’t leave me!”

Sensing Shui Ruoshan’s attitude softening, Yin Suye immediately took the opportunity to state his request, and also craftily used a low tone mixed with despair in his voice. Yin Suye’s understanding of Shui Ruoshan can be said to have reached a godly level. He is too clear about what attitude to use when facing the little guy, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example, just now he first told his own experience of the past, caused the little guy to resonate with his misery. Then when the little guy felt hurt for him, he strongly requested him to stay, before repeating his request with the slightest weakening in the end. This method can definitely produce an obvious effect. However, only the little guy alone can make him plan like this, but he is willing.


Under the continuous attacks from Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan suddenly lost his stand and abandoned it. Yin Suye, acting weak to gain sympathy is a foul! But unfortunately, Shui Ruoshan is really partial to this kind of attack! Sure enough, he cannot be saved anymore! Actually, choosing between Yin Suye and returning to Earth is not as difficult as he imagined! Maybe Yin Suye’s position in his heart is more important than he imagined! However, in order to avenge himself from Yin Suye’s attack on him, Shui Ruoshan thought about it and fearlessly added a sentence without any considerations for his death.

“But I can only guarantee that I won’t take the initiative to leave you!”

As for other unexpected situations or irresistible external force, it is not within his guarantee!

“You can’t!”

Yin Suye’s expression had already returned to normal turned black again when he heard that. He is very clear that the little guy is trying to anger him. But for him, as long as the little guy is willing to stay with him, he will eliminate all other external factors that might cause the little guy leave him, so the little guy doesn’t need to add this one sentence.


Shui Ruoshan arrogantly turned and ignored Yin Suye’s dissatisfaction. Anyway, he is telling the truth, Yin Suye can’t refute it. And he is not afraid of him!

Humph Humph!


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