Way of Transmigration Chapter 150

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one five zero – Apart than you

Location: Imperial City.
Character: Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan.
Props: Bed.

Yin Suye brought Shui Ruoshan out from Rujia Inn straight to his chamber room, and when he arrived, he threw Shui Ruoshan on the big bed in the room. But Yin Suye made sure that his movements are very gentle so Shui Ruoshan won’t feel the slightest pain.

“What are you doing?”

Unfortunately, Shui Ruoshan did not notice Yin Suye’s good intentions. He only knows that Yin Suye is bullying him for no reason. So, Shui Ruoshan nimbly sat up on the bed the moment he was thrown down, staring at Yin Suye with a look of dissatisfaction, trying to use his eyes to express his strong feelings

“I think we need to talk about it.” Seeing that the little guy is obediently staying on the bed, Yin Suye didn’t move any further. He stood by the bed and looked at the little guy who was glaring at him.

“I don’t want to talk to you right now!”

Shui Ruoshan’s tone was not good. Yin Suye brought him back without saying anything, he had every reason to be angry. Therefore, Shui Ruoshan revealed a prideful expression; he also has his own temper, so he won’t forgive Yin Suye so easily! Yin Suye dared to bully him, he can also bully Yin Suye back!

Humph humph!

See who is afraid of who!

On the other hand, they are trying to make a discussion on Yin Suye’s bed, which is so easy for other people to think the other way! So one just can’t feel any interest to talk or whatnot!

“Do you want to go back?”

Yin Suye didn’t expect the angry little guy to cooperate with him, so he took the initiative to ask what he wanted to know.


Shui Ruoshan was still inside his own world, planning how to make Yin Suye admit his loss, so he couldn’t understand this random question that came out of nowhere from Yin Suye.

If don’t understand, then ask. That’s good manners1.

“If there is a way to go back to Earth, would you choose to go back?”

Although right now the little guy has a little silly look that is very cute, Yin Suye has no spare attention to appreciate it this time. Because all he wanted to know right away is what the little guy thinks in his heart.


Being asked abruptly, Shui Ruoshan really doesn’t know how to answer it. In the end, he could only honestly say what he felt in his heart.

“I don’t know.”

In fact, his heart has long become chaotic the moment he heard Huang Beichen said that he might be able to return to Earth. And because he can’t make a decision, it frustrated him. He was not like Huang Beichen who don’t care much for the continent anymore due to his experience from his previous life that his(HBC) heart was dead set on going back. Here, Shui Ruoshan has Yin Suye, someone he couldn’t bear to let go.

However, there are also people and things that he cares about on Earth. In the past, he did not mention the things on Earth because he knew that he could not go back, so he never entertains the thoughts. But now, right when he decided to live well in the continent with Yin Suye, when he has prepared to fall in love, Huang Beichen suddenly told him that he might be able to go back. How can he not hesitate? At that moment, Shui Ruoshan felt that he hated Huang Beichen very very much. If Huang Beichen didn’t mention anything about this, he could do nothing and get together with Yin Suye.

It was also because he didn’t know how to choose it at the time, so when Yin Suye forcefully brought him back to the Imperial City, Shui Ruoshan didn’t have much resistance and even heaved a sigh of relief. At the very least, he could temporarily stop thinking about the matter of going back to Earth. Only he didn’t expect that after Yin Suye brought him back to the Imperial City, he still harped on this matter!

“Not allowed!”

Seeing the little guy with his head down, like he wanted to escape his question, Yin Suye held Shui Ruoshan’s head with his hand so that he can’t evade him; strongly requesting him to give his answer. Yin Suye didn’t know if he should be glad that the little guy didn’t state it right away that he wanted to go back, or he should be frustrated that he is not important enough in the little guy’s heart to not hesitate to choose to stay back. But one thing for sure that Yin Suye knows very well, he definitely won’t allow the little guy to have any chance to escape from him! Maybe he should talk to Huang Beichen as soon as possible, let the little guy completely give up on going back!


Shui Ruoshan can only remain silent at this time, because his heart is very chaotic, and he doesn’t know how to refute Yin Suye’s words.

“You promised me that you won’t leave me as long as you haven’t dissolved the contract!”

Yin Suye took a step forward and completely shrouded Shui Ruoshan under his figure. Since the little guy belongs to him, he will naturally hold him tightly in his hands and will never let go!


If it weren’t for Yin Suye taking the initiative to mention this, he would have forgotten the part where he got pitted by Yin Suye. Is it really alright to change concepts randomly like that, Yin Suye? At that time after he signed a master-servant contract with Yin Suye, Shui Ruoshan was worried that Yin Suye would be affected by the contract’s effect, so he promised that he would not leave Yin Suye before dissolving the master-servant contract. As a result, it was not Yin Suye, but a magical beast signed the master-servant contract with him. Shui Ruoshan naturally will not put that contract in the eyes anymore. But obviously, Yin Suye doesn’t think so. He unilaterally felt that Shui Ruoshan mustn’t leave his side as long as the master-servant contract is not dissolved.

He has to say, Yin Suye really used all kinds of methods, cheating, swindling, manipulating, in order to prevent him from leaving; he made use of his entire life to do that! In this regard, Shui Ruoshan can only say that the man Yin Suye is really stubbornly scary and arbitrary! But strangely, Shui Ruoshan didn’t feel the slightly rejection or dissatisfaction from this!

“Actually, you don’t have to worry so much. Huang Beichen only said that there might be a way to go back.”

But considering Yin Suye’s current feeling of uneasiness, Shui Ruoshan also knows now is not the time to settle accounts with him. They can only discuss this next time.

“And even if there is a way back, we don’t know if that method is feasible or workable right?”

Shui Ruoshan himself understand most of the gap between theory and practice. So Shui Ruoshan feels that they shouldn’t harp on the matter whether to go back or not, it can be discussed slowly. In a way, Shui Ruoshan has instantly decided to be a patient of procrastination!

“But it might be true.”

Towards Shui Ruoshan’s reasoning, Yin Suye obviously doesn’t buy it. The news that Huang Beichen said is very credible to a great extent, so there is still a risk that the little guy will leave him!

“It’s not too late to discuss this issue again when the time comes!”

Shui Ruoshan has decided to delay the time because he felt that he needs time to think.

“I don’t trust that, so you must give me an assurance now!” Yin Suye refused to take a step back in this matter.

“Don’t be so unreasonable!” Shui Ruoshan rolled his eyes at Yin Suye.

Even execution for death penalty has buffer time! Why does he only have seconds to answer a question?

*falls down*

Must give bad reviews ah!

“I will never allow you to leave me!” Yin Suye once again emphasised his stand.

“Are you afraid of me leaving?”

At this moment, Shui Ruoshan finally understood why Yin Suye forced him to make a choice and keep stressing that he was not allowed to leave. In fact, the person most affected by Huang Beichen’s news was not him, but Yin Suye! Yin Suye was deeply scared compared to his inability to choose a side. Just because he is very important in Yin Suye’s heart, Yin Suye was afraid that he will leave when he(YSY) is not paying attention. That’s why he was so eager to make him provide a clear answer for his peace of mind! This understanding caused Shui Ruoshan’s heart to feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

“Yes, I am afraid that you will leave me!” Yin Suye confessed.

Then he lowered his head and looked straight at Shui Ruoshan’s eyes, trying to convey his feelings clearly into the other’s eyes.

“Apart from you, I don’t have anything else!”

As if what he said earlier was not enough to express his emotions that it has to be the little guy, Yin Suye thought about it and expressed the true feelings from his heart.


After hearing this sentence, Shui Ruoshan didn’t know why he suddenly felt that his heartbeat was a little faster, his face unconsciously turned red, and his thoughts drifted into the distant sky. Actually, can he think this sentence as Yin Suye’s love talk to him? However, probably only Yin Suye in this world would use such a serious tone to say things that can make people blush; a confession that doesn’t sound like a confession at all!


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