Way of Transmigration Chapter 149

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter one four nine – Talk about it later

“Why would Huan Tian want to kill you?”

Yin Suye did not realise that Shui Ruoshan was very entangled by Huang Beichen’s answer, and continued to ask his questions.

“In fact, I am also puzzled by this.”

This time, Huang Beichen answered with some helplessness in his voice. He doesn’t think he offended Huan Tian before, and he did not do anything that harmed Huan Tian’s interest. However, the moment Huan Tian appeared, it was like he(HT) zeroed on him which gave Huang Beichen a feeling like he(HT) will not stop as long as he(HBC) is not dead. This caused Huang Beichen to feel quite wronged. But one thing he can be sure is Huan Tian definitely killed him with a purpose. Otherwise, he will not do so many things that Huang Beichen cannot understand and doesn’t benefit Huan Tian himself. Huan Tian’s real intention was the only thing that he cannot understand even at the moment of his death.

“Why are you dealing with Huan Tian now?”

Yin Suye quickly asked another question, which is also a question he is quite concerned about now. As far as he knows, Huang Beichen is not an impulsive person, but even when Huang Beichen knows that he can’t win over Huan Tian now, he still chooses to take action now. Plus he also actively seeks help from his arch-enemy. The reason why he did that is worth pondering.

“First, I want to avenge my own death!”

Huang Beichen did not want to hide his intentions and slowly explained his reasons. While talking, he gestured with his finger to make it more convincing.

“Second, even if I don’t take the initiative to deal with Huan Tian, Huan Tian will deal with me in the days to come!”

After all, he was inexplicably killed by Huan Tian in the past, even when he did nothing. So Huan Tian most probably will do the same this time in order to achieve his purpose. Since it is useless to sit still, he naturally has to take the initiative in his own hands.

“Third, and most importantly, Huan Tian may have a way of getting me back to Earth.”

That’s why if he wants to go back to his modern era, he can only start from Huan Tian. Although he used the word ‘may’, his tone was very positive because this was what Huan Tian specifically told him before he died. He didn’t know why Huan Tian didn’t explain the reason for killing him before he died. Instead, Huan Tian only contemptuously threw out this piece of shocking news to him. Unfortunately, he died immediately, so there was no chance to ask more from Huan Tian, and he could only die with regret.

But since God gave him a chance to be born again, this time, he naturally has to grasp the opportunity. Although the continent [Mowu Dalu] did bring him endless glory, it also brought him endless pain, while on Earth he has his loved ones and friends, but also all kinds of things that he couldn’t let go…
This is one of the reasons why Huang Beichen still challenged Huan Tian without fear when knowing that success is very far. The highest strength one could achieve in the continent is Supreme King, so however powerful Huan Tian can be, he can only still be a Supreme King.

In his past life, although he died indirectly in Huan Tian’s hands, it does not mean that his strength is really strong. After all, he did not really fight with Huan Tian, he died in Yan Ruya’s hands. Now, with Yin Suye who is also a Supreme King, and he might cooperate with him for Shui Ruoshan’s sake, Huang Beichen’s chances of winning is undoubtedly higher. Anyway, if his plan fails, he will only end up with the same fate and die again. But he is successful, maybe he can return to his original world. So in order to be able to return to his hometown, Huang Beichen is willing to let go of all inhibitions!

“What did you just say?”

Shui Ruoshan suddenly opened his eyes in disbelief and doubted whether he had just heard it wrongly. Otherwise, why did he hear something unbelievable from Huang Beichen like Huan Tian knew the way to return to Earth?!

“I said…” Huang Beichen just wanted to repeat what he had just said but was interrupted by Yin Suye the moment he opened his mouth.

“Today’s conversation is over.” Yin Suye waved, announcing his decision with an unquestionable attitude.

“Wait a minute! I still have a lot of things I haven’t asked.”

Shui Ruoshan looked the Yin Suye who took the lead to end the conversation in dissatisfaction. What with this ending important topic in half? Especially when this topic is closely related to him, it can’t be terminated midway!

“There is nothing more to ask.” Yin Suye, who has always been responsive to Shui Ruoshan’s request, has a rare moment of being tough this time.

“You can’t be so overbearing!” No, this can’t be called overbearing anymore, but domineering a’ight?!

“I can be even more aggressive.” Yin Suye’s words gave no room for retreat.

The next moment, the little guy who was about to express his strong dissatisfaction was tightly confined in Yin Suye’s arms. His strength was strong as if he wanted to meld the little guy into himself and never separate. It was not until he confirmed that the little guy had no more room for struggle in his arms, Yin Suye turned his head and looked coldly at Huang Beichen.

“You can leave.”

Yin Suye ordered Huang Beichen, and he did not hide his killing intent. Whether it’s his past life or this current life, Yin Suye will not encounter good things whenever Huang Beichen appears in front of him. Just like now, he finally managed to hold the little guy firmly in his hands. As a result, Huang Beichen actually said that Huan Tian knows how to return to Earth when he knew that the little guy is a transmigrator as well. Isn’t this indirectly telling the little guy that there’s an opportunity to return to his hometown; making the little guy leave him?!

At the very least, the little guy reacted to this news. It means the information is also very attractive to the little guy, which gave Yin Suye a sense of crisis. He doesn’t dare to take a risk when it comes to the little guy! Therefore, no matter Huang Beichen is clear about the way back to Earth or not, he can’t let Huang Beichen continue to speak in front of the little guy. Because once they get into this topic, the little guy and Huang Beichen as transmigrators will certainly have many common languages. Once they talked more, it is easy for them to feel the impulse to return to Earth. In the unlikely event that the little guy felt like returning to Earth like Huang Beichen, it would be a disaster for him(YSY). Anyone who could make the little guy leave his side, he cannot ignore.

Therefore, towards the Huang Beichen who raised this topic, one can imagine how deep is the negative emotions in Yin Suye’s heart.


Huang Beichen didn’t know what he did to offend Yin Suye, causing Yin Suye to turn 180 degrees in an instant. But this time he mainly wanted to talk about his cooperation with Yin Suye. He didn’t want to leave so easily, not until he achieved his goal. However, Huang Beichen did not know how to continue with a hostile Yin Suye and suddenly fell into a dilemma.

“Talk about it later.”

Although Yin Suye hated Huang Beichen, he held back his emotions and did not immediately attack Huang Beichen. After all, they have a strong common enemy called Huan Tian. Huang Beichen wants to use his power to deal with Huan Tian. And he(YSY) also needs Huang Beichen’s power to restrain Huan Tian. Therefore, before removing away this hidden danger called Huan Tian, he would not start going against Huang Beichen or reject his proposal. Because in this world, nothing compares to the existence of the little guy, including himself! But now he doesn’t want to discuss this with Huang Beichen in front of Shui Ruoshan, he does not want to let anything that Huang Beichen said that will affect the little guy’s mood. It seems that he needs to find the time in private to talk about their cooperation with Huang Beichen, plus he needs to return the ‘thanks’ for Huang Beichen’s selfless message.

“Well, I will be staying at Rujia Inn, you can come to me at any time.”

Although Huang Beichen didn’t know why Yin Suye suddenly didn’t want to continue talking, but as long as Yin Suye doesn’t reject his proposal for cooperation, he is very satisfied. For this reason, he does not mind waiting for a while. Therefore, after accepting Yin Suye’s eye signal to go away, Huang Beichen left the box without hesitation, leaving the space to Yin Suye and Shui Ruoshan. Huang Beichen feels that since Huan Tian’s body is now occupied by a transmigrator named Shui Ruoshan, Huan Tian should still be sealed away in a slumber as long as nothing unexpected happens. In a short time, there will be no harm so he can rest assured for the time being.

Actually, Huang Beichen was quite surprised that Shui Ruoshan was able to occupy Huan Tian’s body. It was unbelievable. How can someone be powerful enough to occupy a godlike body like that? No, he should say how can the strong and almost invincible Huan Tian allows other people to occupy his body? However, from what he heard from Shui Ruoshan and Yin Suye’s conversation, Huang Beichen felt that it was because Huan Tian was still sealed away, and his soul did not really wake up. This gave Shui Ruoshan a space to take up Huan Tian’s body. After all, a soul in the state of being sealed is undetectable, as if the body had no soul.


Shui Ruoshan felt helpless when he saw Huang Beichen left so easily under Yin Suye’s order. Huang Beichen just left like this. Is he really a dignified man? He hasn’t even finished asking his question. And doesn’t this place they are sitting in belongs to Huang Beichen? So what with this guest-acting-like-the-owner?

“Let’s leave too!” Yin Suye picked Shui Ruoshan up and leapt down from the window of the box. Then he flew back to the Imperial City (with martial skills).

“…” Shui Ruoshan originally thought that Yin Suye drove Huang Beichen out to occupy the place, but the result was he just wanted to jump from the window.

What with this godly logic?

Shui Ruoshan is starting to doubt that Yin Suye is actually playing with Huang Beichen?

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