Way of Transmigration Chapter 14

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one four – Rebirth

The moment Shui Ruoshan fainted, Yin Suye who was leaning motionless against the wall instantly moved and supported the man. Although his injuries were not completely healed, majority of them recovered; it was easier for him to move now.

Looking down at the fainted little guy, all kinds of emotions flickered in Yin Suye’s heterochromia eyes…

Reaching out his hands, he touched the neck of the man in his arms. Fortunately, this person only fell into deep sleep from exhausting his spiritual power, and didn’t suffer any backlash from the Incantation. He will recover after he rested a bit more.

But after Yin Suye confirmed Shui Ruoshan’s health, he didn’t take back his hand which was on the man’s neck. Instead, he gently stroke back and forth. Seemed like by doing so, he could clearly feel the warm blood flowing slowly inside the blood vessels hidden under the skin. A bloody fierce light instantly emerged from Yin Suye’s eyes, and his body also emitted a faint dark aura…

He liked this position (of his hand) because just by exerting a bit more strength, he would be able to easily take away someone’s life. This kind of feeling, that one could hold a complete control of someone’s life was very addictive. He doesn’t want to let go, and not willing to let go either!

After a moment though, Yin Suye regained control of his emotions. The blood red light faded from his eyes, so did the black aura from his body. However, his gaze looking at Shui Ruoshan didn’t calm down and became more and more complicated instead. The emotions contained in his eyes were so strong that it was scary.

What he need to do, the most important thing that he need to do was to contemplate properly.
Actually he was not the original Yin Suye, but still Yin Suye; contradictory yet correct. Because he was reborn from the future, the Hell that doesn’t have any bright light in it. The original him has perished in the future.

He doesn’t understand why he would suddenly returned to the past after death; reborn back to the changing point of his fate. To be specific, it was that point where a disagreement erupted between ‘him’ and Huang Beichen and they parted ways.

He reborn and came back from the future.

Although it was a pity that he didn’t manage to encounter the Huang Beichen who was relatively weak right now; strangling the danger in its cradle, but to be able to get one more chance to come back, he had the higher advantage already. This time, the him who has already mastered the skills of the next few decades, he won’t repeat the tragic mistakes from his past life.

Also because he was just reborn, he haven’t have the time to figure things out. That was why he didn’t instantly notice there was someone hiding inside a cave.

If Shui Ruoshan heard this name of Huang Beichen, he will surely tell you that Huang Beichen is the protagonist of this story and at the same time, the destined Son of this world.

Unfortunately, Yin Suye doesn’t know about this. He was still recalling his experiences from his past life. He remembered that he killed those people who framed him in the past. After angering Huang Beichen away, he met with the same pack of wolves which came out (from the forest) to feed. Only after a difficult battle, he managed to break open the barrier and found the treasures inside the cave.

There was absolutely no other people appearing in the middle of this scene.

As for this person Shui Ruoshan, no matter from his past life, current life or in the future, he has never heard of this name before.

This random person that he has never contacted before, who should not even appear in his life, why would he suddenly appear out of nowhere from the cave that he was about to get the treasures? Was it all a coincidence? Or conspiracy?

Because this person has too many mysteries and uncertainties, Yin Suye did not hesitate to release an unrelenting destruction upon Shui Ruoshan the first moment they met.

To him, Shui Ruoshan was a variable; he doesn’t know whether he’s a good one or bad one!

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