Way of Transmigration Chapter 13

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one three – A newbie

“Can I use Incantation to heal your injuries?” Shu Ruoshan said after some thought, when he felt both of them falling into a silence.

It was not that he wanted to be kind or anything, he offered because the man standing in front of him was covered in injuries. Some of the wounds was so deep that one could see the bone while some of the wounds were still bleeding. Shui Ruoshan could smell a thick stench of blood just by taking a step closer (to YSY), causing him to not able to handle the sight.

Even though the concerned party doesn’t seem to care about his injuries, Shui Ruoshan felt it on his behalf. Because when he thought of himself who would frown the whole day from just getting an injection, then he looked at the man whose body was covered in wounds; large and small, just a look at Yin Suye make him felt painful.

At that moment, he could imagine how much pain Yin Suye has suffered and how it hurts!


Yin Suye took a few second glances at Shui Ruoshan, he(YSY) seemed to be puzzled why the other person showed a painful expression despite not injured at all.


“A heads-up first, I’m not very proficient in using Incantation so I can’t guarantee the effect.”

What ‘not very proficient’1? He was simply nothing but a newbie ah!

Shui Ruoshan began to recall carefully of the introduction for Incantation in his novel.

As long as one possessed enough spiritual power and could understand Chinese characters, one could use Incantation without any restrictions and limit. You can defend, can attack, can heal, can assist…

Incantation could be said to be a very comprehensive ability.

However, judging from the fact that he became incredibly exhausted from just writing a four-stroke Chinese character (反) to reverse the master-servant contract, it means his spiritual powers were almost used up. On the other hand, that also means with his current spiritual powers, it is not a problem to write characters under 4 strokes.

But the same thing cannot be said to characters over 4 strokes. Even though Incantation was a powerful ‘golden finger’ he purposely created for the protagonist, there must be flaws as well.
Otherwise, which such a big golden finger, the protagonist would be invincible and he could conquer the world just like that. Then this story would be concluded directly, and this author will not be able to earn money to feed himself through writing novels!

All in all, there must be a restriction/limit in using Incantation.

If the casting failed, the backlash would bite back at the Incantation master and caused the caster’s spiritual power to suffer damage too. The consequences would be very serious if one overestimated their capabilities and used Incantation more than what their spiritual power could support. Light damage would be damaging or ruining their spiritual space2, while the heavier damage would be becoming a vegetable or be dead straight away.


That’s why when he faced the wolves earlier, it wasn’t that he doesn’t want to use Incantation to save himself, but at that critical moment he couldn’t find any Chinese characters that could help him yet contained simple strokes at the same time.

Facing a pack of wolves that doesn’t speak logic, Shui Ruoshan couldn’t help but hesitated for a moment; that led him into a life crisis. In the end, he still relied on Yin Suye to save him.

The current clear-headed Shui Ruoshan will never admit that he actually forgot to react because he was frightened by the wolves. At most, he will only admit that he couldn’t find a suitable counterattack method. Later he must explain it properly to Yin Suye to clear his own good name.

Right now, he must brainstorm a bit to decide which Chinese character he could use to heal Yin Suye.

Cure, Treat , Therapy , Recover , Heal , Whole , Healthy , Restore , Return , Good …

[Banana : Can you guys guess which one SRS will choose? 😀 ]

All these characters should have healing effect. There were a lot of words to choose from but even the simplest one required 6 strokes! He can’t find a synonym under the 4 strokes! This is the first time he realized that his literature level is so poor.

His knowledge is too narrow and his cultural knowledge is too low!

“Don’t be stubborn if you don’t have enough strength.”

Yin Suye understood very well of the restrictions of Incantation. Looking at Shui Ruoshan’s condition at the moment, he immediately understood the reason and spoke out to prevent the man from a self-torment brainstorming.

“I can try!”

Upon hearing Yin Suye saying he don’t need for his help, Shui Ruoshan felt embarrassed instead. No matter how one sees it, part of Yin Suye’s wounds came from saving him just now so he can’t justify standing by the side not doing anything and used ‘lack of ability’ as an excuse!

Actually he shouldn’t limit his choices to characters below 4 strokes, that would simply give him nothing to choose from. Though he felt exhausted after writing a character with 4 strokes, that doesn’t mean it was his limit. Perhaps he can take this opportunity to challenge characters with a bit more strokes.

Like Nike said, ‘Just do it’. Shui Ruoshan browsed for the most suitable word in his mind, finally picking one with the least amount of strokes and also the simplest one to write. Then using his finger, he started writing in the air with utmost concentration…

When he reached the 4th stroke, Shui Ruoshan could feel that his spiritual power dropping and doesn’t have much left but it was not really empty yet, so he pushed forward to continue to the 5th stroke.

As he was writing the 6th stroke, Shui Ruoshan’s hand began to tremble and fine sweat started to gather at his forehead. This was a sign that his spiritual power is about to finish.

However, Shui Ruoshan’s action doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Clenching his teeth, he stretched his nerves taut and mobilized the last of his spiritual power to complete the last stroke.

“Whole! (合)”

After confirming that the Incantation has been successfully written, Shui Ruoshan doesn’t have any extra energy to see if it worked. With his last effort, he threw the Incantation towards Yin Suye. Then his eyes shut down, and fainted dead away….

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