Way of Transmigration Chapter 15

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这穿越方式绝逼不对!Chapter zero one five – Believe once again

Afterwards, Yin Suye felt glad that he didn’t get destroyed right after he was reborn by this variable called Shui Ruoshan.

Because this person was really out of his expectation.

From the outside, Shui Ruoshan looked like a very naive and fragile child. Then it turned out that Shui Ruoshan doesn’t really have any caution towards other people. Otherwise, he(SRS) won’t so easily agreed to form a contract with him.

Unfortunately, his plan did not succeed, as Shui Ruoshan used Incantation instead; reversing the master-servant contract and instantly turned the ‘attack’ back to him.

However, he immediately reacted by testing Shui Ruoshan with the master-servant contract.

He believed that when the other person thought that he had full control of his(YSY) life, he(SRS) will definitely reveal his true motive. He(YSY) only needs to wait and see what will happen.

In the end, what happened was somewhat unexpected. Not only Shui Ruoshan didn’t request anything of him when given absolute control, he keep giving in (in their disagreements). When the pack of wolves appeared, Shui Ruoshan didn’t use the power of the contract to forcefully order him to obey. Instead, for his sake Shui Ruoshan rushed out from safety to save him regardless of the imminent danger.

Other than that, when faced with his(YSY) lack of cooperation, all Shui Ruoshan did was to ask him(YSY) to believe him!

There was one fact that cannot be denied. In the future, Yin Suye would keep suffering betrayals and no one will believe in him. So when he heard someone swearing an oath to him in such a firm tone, his long silenced heart still inevitably beats rapidly. Yin Suye admitted that his stubbornness has wavered at that moment; he wanted to try and trust once more. Even though he got betrayed countless times, he wouldn’t deny that he did yearned for one person who he could place an unconditional trust in.

Alas, his past life told him that even if he placed all his trust in other people, they don’t necessarily give the same trust to him. People always betrayed him for a variety of reasons, then left.

Even when he managed to stand at the highest point, had the whole world under him, and no one could let him trust or betray him, this solemn still life was too meaningless. This is probably the real reason why he lost so easily to Huang Beichen ba.

But since he reborn and came back, and encountered a variable like Shui Ruoshan, perhaps he could be greedy and hope for more. Worst come to worst, it would be another experience of being betrayed. He got used to it anyway.

Apart from that, in the face of many trials ahead, Shui Ruoshan could be said has met his requirements so he could temporarily trust him(SRS). Now that Yin Suye decided to trust others again, it doesn’t mean that he won’t continue testing Shui Ruoshan from time to time.
That was why when Shui Ruoshan suggested to seek refuge in the cave, Yin Suye didn’t immediately follow him.

When Shui Ruoshan didn’t pay attention to him, he purposely stopped escaping; acting like his strength couldn’t support himself and fainted to the ground. He really wanted to know this time if Shui Ruoshan would once again risk his own life to save him(YSY).

From what he could see, Shui Ruoshan was obviously afraid of the wolves to death but he(SRS) didn’t abandon him. When Shui Ruoshan insisted in saving him, Yin Suye’s mood became very good without a doubt.

On the other hand, he would never thought that Shui Ruoshan who possessed a self-defense skill would be scared stiff when facing the giant wolves. All of a sudden, Yin Suye felt nervous. Especially when a giant wolf was about to bite Shui Ruoshan, Yin Suye couldn’t help ‘suddenly’ woke up. Revealing such a flaw would let other people to find out that he was pretending to be fainted just now. But he only know that he must first save people first, otherwise he(YSY) will absolutely regret it!

Yin Suye didn’t try to fight seriously with the giant wolf and directly took Shui Ruoshan with him to seek refuge in the cave. He never thought that Shui Ruoshan would noticed his injuries right away, so he purposely said that he doesn’t have any medicines on him just to see what would the other person do.

Unexpectedly, Shui Ruoshan actually offered to use Incantation on him. What more unexpected was the other person actually tried to use an Incantation that he(SRS) has insufficient ability to support just to heal his wounds.

At that moment, Yin Suye couldn’t tell what kind of feeling he(YSY) was feeling inside his heart.
Seeing the person fainting in front of him, he reacted without thinking and went to support him, to prevent him getting hurt from falling on the ground. He looked at the person who fainted in his arm due to exhaustion and felt grateful. Fortunately there were no lasting effect(backlash) on him.

Even though this person was full of suspicious points, he(YSY) shouldn’t be so unbelieving and used so many ways to test him in order to let himself be at ease.

This person, maybe he would really be different(from the rest)? If so, Shui Ruoshan, you must remember what you have said and the guarantee you made! As long as you keep believing in me, I will be willing to give my all to believe in you!

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